1. Count in groups of TEN. Count ten dots, and also circle them. Write just how many“ten-groups”that you get. Write just how many kind of ones are left over.

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6. Say the number names from ten to a hundred aloud a couple of times, while likewise making them through the 100-bead abacus. It practically sounds favor a rhyme!

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2. Counting game 1. (Optional - to offer even more exercise for making groups of ten.) Placed some beans or other objects onto a table. Ask the boy to make groups of ten.Then ask the kid to count the teams of ten and the individual ones, utilizing “four-tens and also six” or “seven-tens and also one”, and so on Repeat as important via a various amount of objects, taking transforms.

3. Counting game 2. You need: Counting items, such as sticks, beads, or beans. Small bags or bowls, OR rubber bands if making use of sticks.

Before the game: Place 10 of the items in the middle, and the remainder in a pile on the side.

Play: At his rotate, each player adds one more item to the middle pile on the table, and also names the number that is formed. Whenever before a whole ten is fulfilled, those ten items are grouped in addition to a rubber band or by placing them in a little bag or bowl.

ONLY use words one to ten as soon as counting in this game.Words choose elalso, thirteenager, twenty, fifty etc. are not permitted. For example, eleven is shelp as “ten and also one”, twelve is “ten and also two”, twenty is “two tens”, twenty-five is “2 10s and five”, etc.

Variation: Each player adds 2 (or some various other quantity) matches to the pile instead of one.

4. Introduce the 100-bead abacus to the student. Make these numbers through the 100-bead abacus.

a. 6 10s, 5 ones

b. 2 10s, 7 ones

c. 7 tens

d. 1 ten, 5 ones

e. 2 10s, 1 one

f. 8 10s, 9 ones

g. 9 10s, 3 ones

h. 1 ten, 1 one

i. 4 10s, 6 ones

j. 6 tens

k. 7 tens, 1 one


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1 ten, 8 ones

5. Take turns telling each other what number to make on the abacus, such as “7 10s and 9” or “1 ten and also 7”. Do not proceed further till the student has mastered this! This is essential.

The names of the numbers via entirety tens are:


2 tens

3 tens







four tens

five tenssix 10s






seven tens

eight tens

nine tens







ten tens =one hundred

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