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General CommentPeople stop being so came to with the lyrics!!!! the the meaning that matters.Mmmkay, ns think i gain what this tune means:There"s a guy and a girl and they love each other, theyve been v a lot together "through the future and the past tense"but they believe its over"so you think we"re never ever coming back"The girl doesnt want it come end, she wants him with whatever she has."Scoring points because that passion and persistence" then "lies the danger and the safety" your hearts are inbetween, they deserve to still be mended, yet they room close come danger.The male never believed it to be going come last, as much as the girl knew the coulkd and also shoulve"you never thought the it to be going to last"She doesnt regret what happened, as much as the man wishes she would"i always new you"d never take it back""Iknow it seems that we"re never coming back, i know it feels that we"re never ever coming back, friend tried your ideal but you knew it wouldnt last, these are the words the she place on her casket"so the chorus, she feels and knows he"s never ever coming back, they arent going come be, she tried her best and gave whatever she had yet it was so might she knew the couldnt last because he wasnt going come let it. She cant live there is no him, therefore this is what she took to the grave, understanding they couldnt be, werent going to be the it was over and also she couldnt take it that, she wants to die."between the sadness and the smile" (she tries to fake it, she smiles when shes about him, cries at any time he ~ no around)lies the flicker the the fire(theres the last flicker of a flame, hope that she has that they can be)you constantly said this never hurt you(she didnt desire him come see just how much everything hurt her, exactly how he crushed her, she knew it would hurt him)"i always said you to be a liar"(he loves her too, so of food he was aware he damaged her)"with the all the towers and the wires"(their stays still go on together normal, they pretend too)"there still lies a little silence"(they cant talk around what walk on, the hurs as well much)"two hearts and one connection"(they space connected, heart mates meant to be. However the man wont let it happen, also though the girl would offer anything for it.)"one voice lacks emotion now"( the girl to be so damaged so hurt, quiet longing, the only thing she can do is shot to feel nothing.

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She knows happiness isnt feasible without him)i constantly knew (i always knew) (he never ever wanted to hurt her, yet he knew that would, and also did)"instead that flowers like words that never ever mattered" (she do the efforts to speak it out v him, but she couldnt convince him ever that they need to be together)"close it off forget about the sadness"(she wants to forget, move on, forget, protect against the saddness, the pain, however cant)"he constantly said she must of do the efforts crying"(she always bottled it up roughly him, he want her to cry come let it out so he might see what he has done come her)"blaming him together she was lying down"(she always hated herself, learning she wasnt great enough to have him, to convince him come be v her, however she knew if he would certainly just provide her a little bit it couldve been, but he wouldnt and still wont, she blames him for doing this come her since she knows she will never ever be better, never ever feel anything yet nothingness, ache or saddness.Thats my interpitation that the song, this song i connected it to what has just taken place to me, therefore it might not make sense to anyone else, however it does for me. This is precisely what has actually happened accept the man in this track doesnt have actually a girlfriend, the one in my life is through someone else also though he claims he loves me and also wants me yet wont let it happen....nothingness is where i hide.