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Lots of famous world died, how countless times have you cried?How flippin' damaging is 2020?All our workouts room alone, peak Gun postponedWhen's the last time friend went to check out a movie?Harvey Weinstein, yuck, racism yes, really sucksAustralia wildfires burning up your landMurder hornets killing bees, wiping out their coloniesHere's a freaking snapshot of castle in a human being handThere was a dispute one night like a kindergarten fightNext debate, every one of a suddenly they carried in a mute buttonMost of our kids stuck at home, there is zero time aloneGyms space closed, we're acquiring fat just 'cause who ate a batThis year is a dumpster fireProbably won't be sober 'til this year is overThis is a dumpster fireIt is for this reason absurd, right here are part names and also wordsZombie fires, paris snakes, Carolina earthquakesTiger King, Carole Baskin, Brexit in reality happenedLocust swarm, meth gators, Zoom weddings, mask hatersTom Hanks scared us all, Dow Jones historic fall
Yeah, we can't travel, countries hate us, record numbers of cicadasAnd a bunch of asteroids nearly hit EarthPentagon claims they recognize that there to be a UFOBut us cared more about a toilet document dearthDisney world got cancelled, Cops the display got cancelledBurning Man gained cancelled, every concert gained cancelledKenny Chesney tour cancelled, Doobie Brothers tourism cancelledGreen Day tourism cancelled, Bob Dylan tour cancelledThe year is a dumpster fireProbably won't it is in sober 'til this year is overThe year is a dumpster fireWe're not also mentioning the flippin' electionBirds picking up sharks, Broadway walk darkGiant star disappears after, like, a exchange rate yearsPrince take care of quit the fam a month before a worldwide pandemicShut the world down, none of united state will leaving our townCouldn't go to the store, mostly we just stayed indoorsSnooki left the Jersey Shore, i can't take it it anymoreThe year is a dumpster fireProbably won't it is in sober 'til this year is overThe year is a dumpster fireAnd we won't even mention this flippin' election