A$AP Fergcollects his third Hot 100 struggle withStill Strivingmixtape track "Plain Jane," i beg your pardon peaks at No. 54 for the chart date Nov. 18. Below, the Harlem rapper recounts just how he chose to sample a standard Three 6 Mafia beat for the new track, his tourism packing essentials and also how a family surprise do his 30th birthday one to remember.

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You sample three 6 Mafia’s signature “Slob on my Knob” beat because that “Plain Jane.” What made friend rework the track?

People send me beats, but this time I was in the auto with mine uncle, and also we to be going difficult to “Slob on my Knob.” ns was like, “Hold up, nobody walk this song over yet?” That track meant so much to me. Juicy J was one of the an initial guys to take me ~ above tour. I want to do him proud.

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Recently, you hit the studio through Dr. Dre and also Pharrell Williams. Was the for your next LP?

I’ve never functioned with Dr. Dre. We simply kicked it, and also that’s what the was. Through Pharrell, we’ve been cooking up some tracks because that my brand-new album. Hopefully, everything works the end the way it’s an alleged to.

A$AP Ferg & DJ Premier speak First-Time teamwork "Our Streets"

You turned 30 in October. How did youcelebrate?

We had a show , and mid-performance A$AP Rocky carried my mom out through a cake. She doesn"tcome come a most shows; she private and she does her thing. For she to come every the means out -- ns don’t think she’s ever to Houston or wanted to walk to Houston -- ns wasn"t expecting that.

Because you"re a fashion savant, whatthree things execute you constantly pack as soon as you’re heading on the road?

My jewelry crate with every one of my jewelry and stuff in it. I would have to say I fill an extra bag -- a duffel bag -- simply in case I walk shopping. And I fill my computer.

What’s been your favorite stop on the A$AP Mob too Cozy tour so far?

New York was lit since I to be home. Ns was seeing a lot of of human being sad that they couldn"tget in, but they somehow found a way to sneak in. The was just wild. It reminded me of very early on A$AP show. And it wasn"t too big to whereby it didn"t feel personal -- that felt actual personal.

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