Time 100: The most Important civilization of the Century is a compilation the the 20th century"s 100 most prominent people, published in time magazine in 1999.

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The idea for such a list started on February 1, 1998, through a conflict at a symposium in Ha Noi, Vietnam. The dashboard participants were former CBS evening News anchor Dan Rather, chronicler Doris Kearns Goodwin, former brand-new York branch Mario Cuomo, then–Stanford Provost Dr. Condoleezza Rice, publisher Irving Kristol, and Time managing editor Walter Isaacson.

In a separate concern on December 31, 1999, Time well-known Albert Einstein as the human of the Century.

perform categories

The list contains a full of 100 people, v 20 every in five wide categories: leaders & Revolutionaries, scientists & Thinkers, contractors & Titans, artists & Entertainers, and Heroes & Icons.

person of the Century

Of the 100 chosen, Albert Einstein was favored the human being of the Century, ~ above the grounds the he to be the preeminent scientist in a century conquered by science. The editor of Time believed the 20th century "will be remembered foremost for its science and also technology", and Einstein "serves together a prize of all the scientists—such as Heisenberg, Bohr, Richard Feynman, ...who built upon his work".<1>

The sheathe of the magazine featured the well known image that Einstein bring away in 1947 by American portrait photographer Philippe Halsman.



It was debated whether Adolf Hitler, German Chancellor and Führer responsible for people War II and The Holocaust, should have been made person of the Century for his affect on the twenty century. The dispute was based on Time"s clearly criterion that the human chosen should have actually the greatest affect on this century, for much better or worse. In the very same December 31, 1999 issue of Time, essayist Nancy Gibbs handle the topic v the write-up The essential Evil?. In the article, she says that Hitler "was simply the recent in a long line the murderous figures, stretching ago to before Genghis Khan. The only difference was technology: Hitler went about his downhearted carnage v all the effectiveness that modern-day industry had perfected" and presents several rhetorical inquiries such together "Evil might be a an effective force, a seductive idea, yet is it much more powerful than genius, creativity, vessel or generosity?"<2>

The only people to form both the 20th century and also the early on 21st

Of Time magazine"s 100 many influential people of the 20th century, just the following four had the distinction of being honored again as soon as in 2004, Time started publishing an yearly list the the 100 human being who proceed to readjust the world:


Nelson Mandela


Oprah Winfrey

Gates was thought about influential in the 20th century for his role in the computer revolution, and also then later known in the 21st century because that his philanthropic influence. Pope john Paul II was well-known in component for his function in ending communism in east Europe, then leading the roman Catholic Church into the modern-day age in the Twenty-First century. Nelson Mandela was well-known for his role in finishing South african apartheid in the 20th century, and as a symbol of forgiveness in the 21st. Winfrey was thought about influential in the 20th for creating a more intimate confessional form of media communication, unleashing confession culture, and also popularizing and also revolutionizing<3><4><5> the tabloid talk display genre pioneered through Phil Donahue, i beg your pardon a Yale study claimed damaged 20th century taboos and allowed gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender civilization to enter the mainstream.<6> In the 21st century she was thought about influential as an inspirational duty model, because that the impact of her book club in make literature available to the masses, and also for help to selected the an initial African-American chairman of the joined States.<7>


The perform of the height 20 Artists and also Entertainers, in particular, was criticized because that not consisting of Elvis Presley, a decision handy initially safeguarded in the adhering to way:

One of the many important, put in order things about rock is the whole notion the songwriters to sing their own works, of the immediacy of expression. Due to the fact that Elvis didn"t compose his very own material, unlike The Beatles or Bob Dylan or Robert Johnson, who"s likewise someone who might have to be included, probably that cut versus him… ns think the Beatles driven the envelope a lot of further. Elvis" most original recordings were his first. The Beatles began out together imitators, then continued to thrive throughout their years together.<8>

Handy was additionally asked to safeguard Time’s decision to include the fictitious character Bart Simpson native The Simpsons television series among the 100 most influential civilization of the 20th century, and also he go so as follows:

I don"t see exactly how you can look in ~ this century and also not encompass cartoons. They"re one of our great contributions, along with jazz and also film. (I know, i know. The movies to be a 19th-century invention. However we 20th century people really placed them to great use.)… To some extent, too, we wanted people who likewise represented essential 20th century fads or developments. That would aid account for the Barts and Oprahs<8>... What Bart, or really the Simpsons, have done is unify social satire v popular computer animation in a method that hasn"t yes, really been excellent before.

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The list additionally received criticism for its consists of lucky Luciano who was chosen in part because “he modernized the Mafia, shaping it right into a clear run nationwide crime syndicate concentrated on the bottom line”. Brand-new York market Rudy Giuliani accused Time the "romanticizing" gangsters and also stated, "The idea the he polite the Mafia is absurd. That murdered in order to obtain the place that the had, and then he authorized hundreds and also hundreds the murders." The selection was dubbed an “outrage” by Philip Cannistraro, a emperors College professor the Italian-American studies, and Thomas Vitale, the brand-new York State vice president of Fieri, one Italian-American charity organization, criticized Time for "perpetuating myths" around Italian-Americans. Yet Time service editor bill Saporito protected the an option by phone call Luciano together "kind of an evil genius" who had a deep impact on the underground economy. "We"re not out there to heap glory on these people," that explained. "We"re the end to say this are human being who influenced our lives." Saporito further provided that "every item of merchandise that come out the the Garment District had a little extra price in it since of arranged crime."<9>

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The Time 100. TIME magazine"s list of currently influential people, published annually start in 2004, complying with the success the 1999"s "20th century" list.


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