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Fortnite Week 8 Storm Racers objectives ask players to complete Time Trials at certain locations. In this guide, we"ll tell you where to go near Pleasant Park, braided Springs, happy Landing or Snobby Shores.

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To complete these Time Trials, you"re ideal off making use of a Hoverboard. Some of the locations will have them nearby, yet you might need to carry one the your own if every the spawns are taken. Like various other Time Trial challenges of the past, you"re looking for a glow clock the looks choose this. Pass v it, and also you"ll be directed v the difficulty course. If you"re also slow, you"ll have to start over.


"Fortnite" main 8 obstacles ask players to finish Time Trials. You"ll see this clock at each of the 4 locations. "Fortnite" is obtainable on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and also mobile.Epic Games

Complete a Time Trial eastern of satisfied Park or southwest of salty Springs

For this base-tier challenge, every you have to do is pick among these 2 locations and also complete the trial. In most instances you should find Hoverboard spawns nearby.

This is where the time trial east of pleasant Park is located.



The ar of the time trial southwest of salty SpringsEpic Games

Complete a Time Trial north of happy Landing or east of Snobby Shores

The call variation is just an ext of the same. Here"s the time Trial north of lucky Landing. Us recommend law this one instead of Snobby Shores simply because car spawns are closer.


The place of the moment Trial phibìc of happy LandingEpic GamesIf friend must, however, here"s the moment Trial eastern of Snobby Shores. That"s all you require to know to finish this week 8 Storm Racers Challenge.


The ar of the time Trial eastern of Snobby ShoresEpic GamesThis week 8 an obstacle is component of a larger collection of brand-new Fortnite missions that went live Thursday morning. The complete list of Strom Racers difficulties is below.

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Fortnite Storm Racers Missions

Gain health and wellness in the Storm (100)Complete a lap of a gyeongju trackSurvive Storm phases (10)Visit the center of a storm circleLand top top Polar Peak, a Volcano, and a hill top with a circle of treesComplete a time trial east of satisfied Park or south West of salty SpringsDance at different telescopes (three)

Prestige Storm Racers Missions

Damage an foe in the StormDamage gliding adversaries (100)Deal damage to opponents after the first circle closes (500)Visit the center of storm circles in a solitary match (three)Deal any amount that fall damage to an opponentComplete a time trial phibìc of happy Landing or east of Snobby ShoresDance at different telescopes in a solitary match (two)

Fortnite is available now top top PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and also mobile. The main 8 Storm Racers missions are live on every platforms.

Were girlfriend fast sufficient to finish two the the four required Time Trials? i m sorry of the main 8 challenges is your favorite? Tell united state in the comment section!