“Tired of gift Alone” was written by Al Green and produced through Willie Mitchell in ~ Hi records in Memphis, Tenn. It to be released in 1971. It reached #11 top top the Billboard warm 100,… review More 

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Sweet babyI'm so exhausted of being aloneI'm so tired of on-my-ownWon't you help me girlJust as soon as friend canPeople say that I've uncovered a wayTo make you say the you love meHey baby, girlfriend didn't go for thatIt's a natural factThat i wanna come backShow me wherein it's at, babyI'm so worn down of being aloneI'm so exhausted of on-my-ownWon't you assist me girlSoon together you canI guess you recognize that I, uh, i love you soEven though you don't desire me no moreHey hey hey hey, I'm cryin' tearsAll with the yearsI'll phone call ya choose it isHoney, love me if friend will
Yeah babyTired of gift alone right here by myself, nowI phone call ya, I'm worn down babyI'm worn down of being every wrapped up late at nightIn my dreams, nobody however you, babySometimes ns wonder (Oooooh)If girlfriend love me favor you speak you doYou view baby, ns been thinkin' around it, yeahI been, ns been wantin' to obtain next to you babyYa see, sometimes I organize my arms, ns say mmmm hmmm hmmm (Oooh)Yeah babyMeeting you has actually proven to meTo be my best dream, yeahTired, babyYeah, girlfriend don't know what I'm talkin' aboutSometimes late at night I obtain to wonderin' about you babyOh baby, babyI'm so worn down of being aloneI'm so tired of being aloneI'm so worn down of being alone…
“Tired of being Alone” was written by Al Green and produced through Willie Mitchell at Hi documents in Memphis, Tenn. It was released in 1971. It reached #11 on the Billboard warm 100, and also was called as one of Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest Songs of all Time.

Green insisted that his producer, Willie Mitchell, will record the song regardless of his (Mitchell’s) objections

I was toting mine song about in my pocket because that days top top end, saying, ‘Hey, I got a song. Finally, at the end of the session, i said, "Well, i still obtained a song.’


Tired of being Alone by Texas, exhausted of being Alone (from Chicago in the Rockies) by Chicago (Ft. Al Green), exhausted of being Alone by Michael Bolton & exhausted of being Alone by Tom Jones

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