After how good the last three years were, it’s kinda disappointed to view that 2014 injured up being an average year overall. Many of the fads from 2013 continued on below with more EDM, retro tracks, indie songs, bro country, etc. Together for hip-hop? Funny enough, also though 2014 was pretty poor for mainstream hip-hop, secret hip-hop was yes, really damn strong. I’d argue that run The Jewels 2 is the best album the 2014 (seriously, if you desire some hard-hitting beats and rhymes, listen to run The Jewels and thank me later). We likewise saw much more songs watch charting success thanks to Vine videos and they weren’t every good. Together you have the right to see, it’s kinda hard to talk about 2014 since compared to the rest of the 2010s, that doesn’t stand out as much in hindsight. Don’t gain me wrong, there’s still an excellent songs and bad song that came out and we’re gonna talk around the last with this list. For this reason let’s obtain started through some dishonorable mentions.

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It’s amazing how we together a collective have agreed on Meghan Trainor being a mistake. I openly admit that ns didn’t initially record on to it through her first hit All about That Bass, i beg your pardon I assumed was an admirable attempt at body positivity through a 50’s doo-wop throwback. But as time pass by and also I listened an ext to it, ns realized exactly how much of a fail it was on a concept level. There’s naught wrong with wanting to make an empowering anthem for plus-sized girls on paper, yet All around That base trips end itself through gloating how better big girls room than the “skinny bitches” because, together Meghan’s mom said, “boys choose a little an ext booty to organize at night.” What I’m trying come say is that if you have to tear who else down in order to empower you yourself or a group, you’re doing a bad job in ~ it. And it’s made worse by Meghan trying come hide she unlikability in a cutesy attitude. There’s also the cringey white girl rapping that taints this. BTW, get used come seeing more white girl rapping on this list. This is far from the worst point that Meghan Trainor would certainly release. Oh, no. That would certainly come later. Still, this song is a quite bad first impression.


The minute I first heard Shake that Off, it to be an prompt “nope” because that me because it was Taylor Swift when again diving head-first right into obnoxious territory. Shower It turn off is a kiss turn off to the haters, i m sorry is currently a negative sign because these form of songs are inconsistent in nature. If friend constantly speak you don’t treatment what the haters think, you obviously treatment what lock think. That uses to the rappers, that uses here and also Taylor Swift sounds like the insecure head cheerleader. And speaking the cheerleaders, there’s that dreadful Mickey-esque leg that contains much more white girl rapping wherein Taylor Swift unironically talks about “hella an excellent hair” and “this ailing beat.” Oh, yeah. There’s naught sicker than corny practice tutorial music. Acquire this conceited caramel pumpkin spice latte shit out of here.


Iggy Azalea had an exciting rise-and-fall the end of any kind of artist in the 2010s. Because that one whole year, she to be the talk of the town and then she fell into obscurity afterwards. I guess people caught onto the fact that this white Australian woman is rapping like she’s black and also from Atlanta. I still despise fancy to this day, however it was at least memorable. Black Widow, ~ above the other hand, has actually nothing going because that it. The to win is limp and also cold, attempting to walk for bombast, yet not having sufficient power to stick the landing. It’s choose a lesser variation of the Katy Perry struggle Dark steed (which funny enough, the was initially meant to it is in a Katy Perry song, who co-wrote it). Black Widow attempts to framework a dangerous love dynamic, however it doesn’t occupational thanks to the lifeless music and the cliched lyrics delivered by Iggy Azalea and also Rita Ora, who exists together a blander variation of Rihanna, which provides England’s attempts in ~ making her a point in the US more hilarious. Yeah, this spider doesn’t have actually much venom to it. There’s a reason no one remembers it.


Here’s a surname you should get familiar with going right into the list: DJ Mustard. He’s become a much more prominent producer in 2014 with six songs make the Year end list and I’ll be talk about an ext of lock on this list, beginning with YG’s mine Nigga (or my Hitta because that the edited version). It’s a great representation the rap in ~ its laziest many thanks to a barebones beat and also some horrendous writing whereby YG, affluent Homie Quan, and also Jeezy rap around their ride-or-die homies when rhyming nigga with itself number of times and also interpolating a C-Murder song and a Lil Wayne song. Jeezy is the best component of this song and even the can’t conserve it from rising over mediocrity. Be prepared to see an ext shitty DJ Mustard-produced songs.


I mean, the reason for this track being below should be obvious, yet Trumpets has other flaws going versus it. The music sounds favor something chewed up and spat out by Radio Disney with several of the fakest horns you could have ever before gotten. There’s also Jason Derulo’s nails-to-the-chalkboard falsetto. Yet that’s nothing contrasted to why this tune really sucks. It’s the writing. Jason Derulo is for this reason in love through this girl that music starts play in his head and it’s the many cornball thing ever before on the charts in 2014. And also he offered us these gems.

Is it weird the your assRemind me the a Kanye West song?Is that weird the your braRemind me of a Katy Perry song?Is that weird that your ass reminds me that a Kanye West song? Is the weird the your bra reminds me that a Katy Perry song? I can maybe view the logic behind the Katy Perry line, but Kanye West? last time ns remember, Kanye isn’t recognized for make ass anthems. Also, I’m pretty certain no woman desires her rack come be compared to another woman’s rack. I’m simply saying the if you involved her with that, you blew your chances of gaining some action. Speaking of blowing, this track blows like an amateur trumpet player.

Now onto the list.

Number 10 goes to a song that attempts come recapture a time where a male would traditionally go up to the dad of his bride-to-be and also ask for her hand in marriage. It certainly stands out in a time of much more open sexuality, yet as you’ll see, standing the end isn’t constantly a great thing.


It take it a while because that me to realize exactly how awful Rude through MAGIC! was, however yeah, it’s quite bad. Musically, it’s that watered-down, white-washed reggae sound the emulates the worst song from UB-40 in addition to a weaksauce guitar solo. Nasri Atweh has actually no presence as a frontman and also his shipment makes the writing even worse. Speak of, the composing is the greatest reason why this track is insufferable. Choose I mentioned, the dude is asking for his girl’s hand in marriage, which i think is unnecessary in this day and age, however I digress. The dad rejects his request and he throws a temper tantrum in the chorus, saying, “why friend gotta it is in so rude” and proclaiming the he’ll marry this girl anyway. The dad wasn’t even that rude, all he said was “no,” i m sorry isn’t surprising due to the fact that fathers are generally overprotective of their daughters. Friend wanna recognize something even worse? that keeps going back to this father and still it s okay rejected. Dude, take a hint. The doesn’t think you’re an excellent enough for his daughter and also I don’t reprimand him. If he to be trying to acquire with mine daughter, i would have actually kicked his ass come the curb and file a restraining order versus him. Hell, we don’t also know anything around the girl and how she feels. Thankfully, this was MAGIC!’s just hit in the U.S., though they’re still effective in your home country of Canada. Good. We’re much better off there is no them.

Katy Perry was never going to recreate the peaks she had in she Teenage Dream era, though she to be still scoring hits and also one the those hits is the number 9 tune on the list. And also it’s among the biggest misfires ever before in Katy Perry’s career, i m sorry is saying a lot considering her other misfires.


Sweet buttery Jesus, this song is a clusterfuck of bad ideas and also sounds. And this to be the 2nd biggest struggle of the whole year. Dark steed doesn’t work in every fundamental way you have the right to think of. First, the production. It seems to be going because that an eerie sound thanks to the pitch-shifted vocals and also a laden catch beat and also it winds up gift dull and unfitting because that someone like Katy Perry, who is fully phoning in her performance. She attempts come portray herself together a malevolent number who destroys any kind of man who drops in love with her and also I’m not buying it because that one second. Also, a dark equine usually refers to an underdog, i m sorry is the last summary anyone would certainly make that Katy Perry, who has actually 9 number one singles. Climate there’s Juicy J, the recent rapper to provide mediocre lab verses to mediocre pop songs in ~ the time, who provided one the his laziest verses to date where he botches a sleeping Beauty an allegory where he’s the one that puts the princess in a coma, which is what the villain of that story does. Does no one ever do any kind of fact-checking while composing lyrics? This isn’t even the worst thing Katy Perry released the year. She likewise released This Is exactly how We Do, which if it had actually made the Year end list, not only would it take Dark Horse’s spot, it would be in the height 5. The doesn’t mean that Dark equine isn’t a disastrous song, though.

The number 8 tune reminds me that something. I simply can’t number out what the something is.


I’m surprised the this song wounded up lower than it did due to the fact that it’s a fail from the moment it started. Show Me is produced by DJ Mustard, who delivers one oily synth melody that samples the riff from display Me Love through Robin S and included snaps and also gang vocals on optimal of it. You know, the normal DJ Mustard formula. We also have kris Brown, who provided this song among the worst choruses I’ve ever before heard in the 2010s. He’s at a society hitting ~ above a girl and also he says that she reminds that of something, he simply doesn’t understand what it is and he wants her to display him. Bruh, he yes, really tried to convince this girl to have actually sex through him by gift forgetful. What rational-thinking woman would hear this clear sleazy cornball pickup line and also say “yes” come it, even if the motherfucker delivering stated pickup line is worth millions? It’d be one thing if this was played off together a joke, yet nothing in this song argues that, so the only conclusion come come out of this is the these dudes serious think this shit works to hook the ladies. And I haven’t also talked about the main rapper, kid Ink. Mainly because there’s not lot to talk about with him. He’s a bland non-presence who’s just delivering more corny pickup currently that’ll only occupational if you’re rich and also famous. He’s overshadowed by chris Brown’s obnoxiousness that leaves a set-on stain across the entire song. This steaming dog turd is ideal left forgotten.

And if we remain on the subject of DJ Mustard, here’s the number 7 tune on the list, which so happens to be by the male who helped write display Me. That defines a lot.


After releasing songs like Birthday Sex and also Down ~ above Me, you’d think that Jeremih wouldn’t get any type of worse, yet apparently, he can. I did a Target practice on Don’t call ‘Em a lengthy time back and a lot of what i said around it stands come this day. It’s a boring club tune featuring several of DJ Mustard’s laziest production that’s hefty on reverb and also an interpolation of rate Is A Dancer through Snap!. In this song, Jeremih is having sex v a girl and he doesn’t desire her to tell anyone around it. With the means he keeps pushing she to stay quiet about what they do in bed, mostly repeating the expression “don’t tell ’em” ~ above the chorus, it makes me think that he’s embarrassed of himself since his sex game was really wack. He additionally compares himself to Bobby Brown, i m sorry isn’t exactly positive this days once you know about Bobby Brown’s an individual life. Then comes YG, who’s being a giant dickhole airing out all the dirty laundry, admitting to having actually sex with an additional man’s girlfriend, that he defines as just “Twitter pussy that met top top the internet.” Charming. If ns was this girl, i wouldn’t even associate myself with these two because one is insecure and the other’s an asshole. Let’s relocate on.

There were 3 songs the I taken into consideration for this list: Sam Hunt’s leave The Night On, Brantley Gilbert’s bottom Up, and also Lee Brice’s ns Don’t Dance. The previous two are bro nation sludges that have actually aged badly and also the last was simply a snoozefest. No of them made the cut since much worse existed in the nation music scene. Case in point, the number 6 song on this list.


Bro country’s climb was like a steel-toe boot to the face for country music and This Is how We roll is simply pissing ~ above its unconscious body. It’s the following step in advancement of the Cruise remix where we have actually a so-called nation song the doesn’t desire to be country. The production is a sloppy mixing nightmare that washes out all of the country elements and also just went for maximum volume. Florida Georgia line attempts to appeal to an audience that will never listen to country music. It’s open minded kinda sad to witness. Congratulations on having a mixtape that has Hank Williams and also Drake top top it in ~ the same time. Luke Bryan is likewise on here and his braying is just as annoying as it is top top his worst songs. Yet those aren’t the only reasons why this tune sucks so much. In This Is how We Roll, Florida Georgia Line determined to rap.

Yeah, baby, this is exactly how we rollWe rollin" right into townWith nothing else to do we take another lap aroundYeah, holler in ~ your boy if you require a rideLet"s goIf friend roll with me, yeah, you understand we rollin" highUp on them 37 Nittos, home windows tinted difficult to see thoughHow new my infant is in the shotgun seat, ohDamn!Them kisses room for me though,Automatic favor a free throwThis life i live it could not be for youBut it"s because that me thoughLet"s roll!And it’s just as bad as when Jason Aldean tried the on Dirt roadway Anthem. This alone scored this tune its location on the list because it’s forced as hell and reeks of downhearted calculation. Friend wanna recognize something also worse? This song has actually a remix with Jason Derulo. I’m not even joking. And it’s worse 보다 the original. It’s criminally scary that they discover a method to do a shitty song even worse.

Before we continue, here are the last dishonorable mentions.


I had actually a hard time picking which Maroon 5 song was walking to do this spot, Maps or Animals. Both songs suck, however I at some point went with animals because i think it’s worse. It’s Maroon 5 do the efforts to be dangerous and it doesn’t work. If anything, it’s much more laughable than anything. You have actually Adam Levine hunting you down favor a predator metaphorically and while that have to sound creepy and also stalker-ish, his screeching doesn’t provide off any sense that menace, simply hilarity. And you additionally have the production, where the drums space overbearing the etc riffs. It practically sounds prefer it to be made through a band, however not really. Just another enhancement to Maroon 5’s mediocrity.

Boy, walk this obtain close to making the height 10. If I expanded this perform to 20, Burnin’ that Down would certainly have conveniently been number eleven. It’s Jason Aldean’s effort at do a pseudo-R&B sex jam. Yet the problem is that not just is this tune not sexy thanks to the slimy north machines and also muddy guitars that consist of the gutless production, but the lyrics space nothing much more than sex jam cliches while Aldean croons favor a drunk Kermit The Frog do the efforts to acquire it ~ above with miss out on Piggy. It’s just a sloppy passionless dreck. Oh, and also it was additionally co-written by the men of Florida Georgia Line. That explains way too much. Allow this one burn till it’s nothing however ashes.

About a month ago, Todd In The Shadows asked human being on Twitter how great T.I. Was. I replied that he had actually a great streak in the mid-to-late 2000s and after that, he simply existed. The music T.I. To be releasing in the 2010s simply didn’t have actually the same fire as his best work and also No Mediocre verified that he lost it. It’s an additional DJ Mustard-produced sludge the relies means too hefty on repetitive steel drums. Yet that’s no the main problem with this song. No, that goes come T.I., who cases to not want a mediocre woman, just bad bitches. And also he sets out a tip of what provides a negative bitch, native the method they look come the sort of automobile they drive. It’s T.I. Phoning the in through lackluster lines and we obtain a guest verse from Iggy Azalea since she to be signed come T.I.’s grand Hustle Records. For this reason you have T.I. To say thanks to for Iggy Azalea being a thing. Ironic that a song dubbed No mediocre wound increase being, well, mediocre.

I mean, look. The American Apparel underwear line alone is enough reason because that this track to be discussed here. Ns hope American Apparel were satisfied v that product placement. Top top a severe note, She Looks so Perfect is the breakout single from 5 secs Of Summer and it’s basically a Kidz Bop variation of a popular music punk song. Basic-at-best instrumentation, identical vocals, a bunch of hey’s gift chanted throughout, and also generic teenage love lyrics that go v a checklist the cliches. The doesn’t yes, really rock, it’s a pale imitation of much far better pop punk that’s out there, but generated because that a teenage mrs audience. There’s no factor to go ago to this track besides to laugh at it. Next.

In December the 2013, Beyonce dropped her self-titled album to the surprised of everyone and critics walk gaga over it. Me, personally? While ns respect what it was trying to do, I believed it was simply okay and also it didn’t constantly stick the landing. While civilization have stated that Drunk In Love is one of the weaker song on the album (which is correct), i think Partition is the worse single. It’s the type of sex song that mistakes explicit raunchiness because that sensual whereby Beyonce takes 45 minute to acquire dressed up and also then her and also Jay execute the business where he “Monica Lewinski’d every on she gown.” Yeah. Add to that the manufacturing that attempts to create a sensual atmosphere, but ends up being dull and boring, add to Beyonce in ~ her many checked out and you have one of her worst songs. This is straightforward skip.

For those that you that are exhausted of me talking about Chris Brown on these lists, so am I. There’s only so numerous ways to say “Chris Brown is awful” before it gain monotonous and I was glad the he didn’t make the Year end list because that 2013. Unfortunately, the did make the Year end list for 2014 and I need to talk around one that his songs again. So mine number 5 pick should be a surprise to no one.


The first line of the tune is “You believed it to be over?” and my response to that is, “No, i WISH it was over.” Loyal is just one of those songs where every person connected deserves a nice beat to the face due to the fact that they’re huge dickholes that thrives on inflicting misery to anyone they meet. Chris Brown rants about how “these hoes ain’t loyal.” however this is contradicted through the fact that he’s stealing other dudes’ girlfriends. Bro, just how are you gonna inquiry the commitment of this women when you’re the one tempting them right into cheating? That’s part supervillain shit right there. There’s likewise the stupidity of him claiming the he have the right to make a broke girl rich, yet he doesn’t fuck with damaged girls. Allude is that chris Brown is a hypocrite. Lil Wayne comes the end the best out the anyone through a couple of solid lines despite the truth that he’s tho talking about not trusting women and also Tyga it is intended a forgettable run-of-the-mill flexing verse that you can remove from the song and not miss out on anything. What’s no helping is the production, which has a simple video game synth heat that’s wash by the swampy bass and slow beat. That generates an environment that’s not funny to it is in in and also adds come the misery the lyrics deliver. Who wants to relate come a bunch of jackasses who ruin relationships because that fun and also then shame women for gift disloyal, also though they (not the women) to be the ones who instigated and encouraged that behavior? Seriously, fuck this song and everyone who allowed it.

So I discussed in the preamble that there to be songs that got huge off the Vine and also my number 4 pick is one of those songs. It began with civilization making fun of it, but then the starts charting and also people were calling it one of the ideal songs ever. Ns mean, opinions space opinions and all, yet have we listened come the very same song?


So countless things wrong, ns don’t even know wherein to begin. Also though Lifestyle comes from Rich Gang, the entire collective of Young Money and also Cash Money, the just member the that team who’s on this track is Birdman, who only contributes an outro. Really, this song have to be attributed to Young Thug and also Rich Homie Quan. Let’s talk about Young Thug. He’s to be praised because that his unorthodox vocal inflictions, i m sorry I discover annoying and also tedious, especially when he’s buried in Auto-Tune and slurs his words to incoherence choose he to be drunk turn off his ass if he was recording this song. Hell, every Vine video I witnessed of this tune was making fun of the incoherent chorus whereby Young Thug says he “did a most shit come live this here lifestyle.” speaking of lifestyle, the composing of this tune is pretty negative since Young Thug does a shitty job at explaining the points he did do to live the life he’s at this time living. He mentions law it because that his family, yet that’s no enough. Many of the track is just empty bragging and also gross sex references choose where he gets ED and blames it on the girl, he has actually 40 females in his bed (which is mathematically impossible), and also he’s pissing all over them. Lover imagery. Affluent Homie Quan it is provided a forgettable city that’s even an ext empty wherein he compares self to Lupe Fiasco, which is insulting considering that Lupe would certainly dick-slap everyone involved with this song lyrically. Even if I can forgive the shitty lyrics and also the irritating performances (which I’m not), the beat falls short to offer this song any kind of energy while wasting a kind piano. This is no a lifestyle I desire any component of. Next.

I didn’t think civilization would make what would end up being my number 3 choose a hit song. I thought world would view this as a joke and also let the sink. Yet the the opposite occurred and this is what happens as soon as you have actually expectations. You’re tied to topic yourself to disappointment.


Over several years of Billboard history, us let a lot of stupid shit pass and also Wiggle is one of those stupid songs that shouldn’t have actually been a thing. Just… holy shit. What also is this disaster? Let’s start with the obvious: the manufacturing to this track is horrendous. That starts v an intro that sounds choose something right out the a western movie until it devolves into one more overbearing bass-heavy beat v a melody thrust by a recorder a.k.a. One of the worst-sounding musical tools in the civilization that’s normally played by kids. Oh, and also the native “wiggle” is recurring ad-nauseum. That’s what makes up the fall of this song. We room in trouble. The rest of the track isn’t any much better as Jason Derulo goes crazy end women’s asses in the many juvenile way possible, speak their target cheeks are favor two planets and also telling them to go ham sandwich if twerking. Snoop Dogg makes an appearance and he’s just end up being a self-parody of himself. This track is so ridiculous that i don’t even know if the was intended to be a hoax or not. That doesn’t walk far sufficient to totally register as a joke because the distribution doesn’t suggest any kind of satirical tones. Even if it is supposed to be a joke, it’s no a funny one either because all Derulo is law is gift hyperbolic around his love that asses. This is annoying and useless. There’s no great reason to come earlier to this song at all. Next.

You know what’s worse than a culture vulture? world within the culture who allow these culture vultures due to the fact that they want to make money turn off of them. That’s capitalism because that you, stabbing your own principles in the ago for some cheddar. The number 2 tune on this list features a culture vulture who stood the end in 2013 in the worst ways possible, two rappers who stopped caring a lengthy time ago, and one the the many prominent and also tedious producers of the time not named DJ Mustard.


From the very first time ns heard around this song to when I for sure listened to it, this to be my reaction.

All the the wrong ingredients came together and also formed 23, a Michael Jordan tribute spearheaded through Mike will certainly Made-It. He was so proud the this tune that that made himself the key headliner. I watch nothing to it is in proud the here due to the fact that this shit is atrocious. First, the production. It’s an ext of the swampy sludge finish with annoying beeping synths and also gang vocals. It’s several of Mike will certainly Made-It’s worst manufacturing to date. Then there’s the rappers. Both Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J supply generic verses that are interchangeable v their very own songs the are full of referrals to weed and also shoes. And also not among them has actually made a basketball referral at least once, i beg your pardon is weird considering that this tune is named after the jersey variety of Michael freaking Jordan. Yet we haven’t also gotten to the worst part of the song: Miley Cyrus. Outside of financial and also marketing reasons, why the paris hell is Miley Cyrus ~ above this song? She sounds means out of ar here and also sticks out prefer a sore thumb. Even worse is that she decides come rap here and sweet mother of Mary, she have to be banned indigenous rapping forever. Her circulation is stilted, she voice is choose a ailing cat, and also she’s forcing the totality party girl thing difficult here and it’s also much. She provides Vanilla ice cream look favor Eminem. This is one embarrassment that shows badly on anyone involved and it practically topped this list.

For longtime readers, my number one shouldn’t be the surprising. When I very first did this list, it to be at the top and as you have the right to see, that hasn’t changed at all. It’s not just that it’s bad, it’s infuriating since I know what the artist in concern is qualified of and also for them come go as low as they did and also become the biggest disappointment the the whole decade tho pisses me turn off to this day. So let’s just gain it over with.


I’ve ranted around this failed abortion numerous times on this site, even if it is it’d be v a optimal 40 Review, a Target Practice, or a list prefer this. Just when I believed that I had exhausted everything I necessary to say about it by now, ns go back to it and also find myself upset again. Once Nicki Minaj was obtaining ready to release her 3rd album The Pinkprint, she made it seem choose the album to be gonna be an ext personal. I thought Pills N Potions to be a little boring, yet it was inoffensive enough and also it did lean towards the intended direction. Then came Anaconda, which do me look in ~ Nicki Minaj and also go, “you room dead come me.” This song was the breaking suggest for me where I just offered up on her. Let’s start with the production, which relies means too lot on the infant Got back sample. The chorus loops the heat “my anaconda don’t desire none unless you acquired buns, hun” line before delving right into a bass-heavy autumn with one more pitch-shifted sample. It’s some of the laziest offers of sampling outside of J.R. Rotem. Then you gain to the lyrics where Nicki Minaj paints herself together a bimbo who has actually sex through drug dealers the buy she expensive presents while she it s okay high off she mind. Plus, there’s the long-as-fuck outro whereby Nicki Minaj rambles favor an escaped asylum patience that includes some skinny-shaming because why no burn an ext bridges. What pisses me of about this is the there’s world who look at this and also view the track as an empowering feminist piece. Ns would inquiry the sanity of anyone that thinks being a criminal’s sex toy is as empowering together being your very own boss and also buying your very own shit. They’re more than likely the same world who don’t realize that the Joker and also Harley Quinn relationship is one abusive one. Nicki supported this tune with heavy sexual provocation in both the artwork and the music video (which only obtained the views it did because most of the viewers were men looking for softcore erotic to jack turn off to). It’s not also that provocative, it’s simply tiring and a sign of artistic rot coming from one artist who’s qualified of doing much much better than this, however chooses not to. At the finish of the day, if you take it away every the gimmicks and looked at the track alone together its own thing, it’s a cheap and shallow covering that at some point has nothing come say. Anaconda, the worst hit track of 2014. Nicki, you might have to be not simply the greatest female rapper of all time, but the best rapper of every time period. The truth that you came to be a shadow of what you might have been harms as someone who was rooting because that you in ~ the beginning. Ns hope you’re happy through yourself.

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And those to be the worst song of 2014. In two weeks, i wrap up my revisions through the worst songs of 2015.