Tom Werner net Worth: Tom Werner is one American tv producer, screenwriter, director, and businessman who has actually a network worth of $700 million. His earn a luck in the tv industry producing such series as The Cosby Show, Roseanne, third Rock native the Son and also That 70s Show. From there he invested in sports teams. He is at this time an owner the the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool football Club.

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Tom Werner was born in brand-new York City, brand-new York in April 1950. He i graduated from Harvard University with a level in English. He joined ABC-TV in 1973 and also became director of East coastline Prime Time development in 1975. In 1979 that became an elderly Vice chairman of the element time department. He and also partner Marcy Carsey saw Robin Williams perform in a comedy club and also launched the display Mork & Mindy. The was also responsible for starting Tom Hanks" career in Bosom Buddies, Billy crystal in Soap, and also Danny DeVito in Taxi.

Marcy and Tom co-founded The Carsey-Werner company in 1980 and executive created The Cosby Show, 3rd Rock indigenous the Sun, Roseanne, and also That 70s Show. He made $600 million selling The Cosby present into syndication. Werner was inducted right into the tv Hall of call in 1996. He and Carsey were close friends and also advisors for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Werner and Casey helped start Oxygen network in 2000. He was part of a team that owned the mountain Diego Padres and also was responsible for invited Roseanne Barr to song The Star-Spangled Banner. He marketed his bulk share to john Moores because that $80 million in 1994 and sold his 10% share to Moores in 2007. He is a co-founder that Fenway Sports team which payment $660 million for the Boston Red Sox in 2002 when he presume office together the team"s Chairman. Tom Werner ended up being Chairman of Liverpool in 2010 after it to be purchased through FSG.

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Tom Werner

Net Worth:$700 Million
Date of Birth:Apr 12, 1950 (71 years old)
Profession:Businessperson, tv Producer, Screenwriter
Nationality:United says of America

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