Alison Carroll, 23, is one English actress ideal known because that her function as Lara Croft in the katifund.orgmputer game. She was born in Croydon and also originally trained together a gymnast and also actress before katifund.orgming to be a model. In august 2008, she to be announced as the new Lara Croft version for the tomb Raider: Underworld game. Dig Raider: Underworld special Lara Croft is now easily accessible on the new gaming handset Sony Ericsson W910 solely at The Carphone Warehouse .

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If i weren"t talking to you right currently I"d be…

I’d probably be going the end for a run through the woods v my iPod. I listen to every sorts of stunner stuff when I’m running.

A expression I use much too often...

I speak ‘really’ far too much.

I wish world would take an ext notice of...

When it to be announced that ns was to bekatifund.orgme Lara Croft, everyone immediately assumed ns was just a model. I’m actually a trained actress for this reason I’d really like people to be katifund.orgnscious of the reality I to be trained.

The most surprising thing that ever happened katifund.orgme me was...

In Italy last year, I had to perform a performance with Negramaro i m sorry is a big rock tape over there. Ns was asked to abseil indigenous the peak of the stadium and land in the middle of the whole audience. There to be thousands and also thousands of people watching and after the abseil, ns still had actually to carry out my Lara Croft routine. It to be a little of a challenge.

I"m great at...

Gymnastics. My party cheat is having actually the ability to balance on just one hand.

But I"m really bad at...

Is Lara Croft poor at anything? Alison can be yet Lara Croft definitely isn’t.

The best night out is...

Doing miscellaneous active. I regularly go down to the new Forest for a weekend for hill biking and camping. I choose my weekends to be action-packed.

In moment of weakness I...

I walk for a run. It fully clears mine head.

You understand me as the brand-new Lara Croft but in truer life I"d have actually been...

A cat. Because then I might roam around doing everything I want, just eating and sleeping all day. Cats are also pretty strong too.

The finest age to be is...

21. I’ll katifund.orgnstantly be 21 at heart despite the fact I’m 23 now and also will quickly be 24.

In a nutshell, my philosophy is…

Live life katifund.orgme the full and also cram in as lot as possible!

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1/1The five Minute Interview: Alison Carroll, the brand-new Lara Croft

The five Minute Interview: Alison Carroll, the brand-new Lara Croft

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