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Some year seem to build themes and also it turns out the for me, Bluetooth speakers were huge this year. In between katifund.org and also other outlets, i must have reviewed several dozen. Music and an innovation are two of my favorite things, so that functions out… given the popular of wireless speakers as gifts, I thought it could be helpful to look ago at every the models I’ve reviewed end the past 12 months and also pick a few standouts.

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Best Sound Overall: RIVA Turbo X


When i reviewed the RIVA Turbo X for katifund.org in September, ns felt the audio top quality was terrific for a portable speaker. The Turbo X isn’t small, yet that extra size compared to an ext compact models is put to great use real estate three custom ADX full selection drivers, four ADX custom dual piston base radiators and also a 45-Watt amp. The an outcome is well balanced sound giving a much much more authoritative presence than smaller sized speakers, v plenty that bass and also the alternative of boosting it into booming “Turbo mode.” Vinyl fans will appreciate the capacity to plug in a turntable — a rarity in Bluetooth speakers. The size additionally houses a considerable battery an excellent for 26+ hours of wireless music and the ability to recharge her mobile devices. You have the right to buy the RIVA Turbo X on Amazon for $299.99.

The Do every little thing Bluetooth Speaker: creative Sound Blaster Roar 2


Looking for much more than simply Bluetooth streaming in a wireless speaker? once I the evaluation the an imaginative Sound Blaster Roar 2, I referred to as it the Swiss army Knife the Bluetooth speakers. Two devices can attach simultaneously (and madness pair utilizing NFC) and also its Sound Blaster heritage reflects in the ability to be connected to a Mac, computer or game stations 4 by USB and used as an exterior speaker. It have the right to be securely positioned vertically or horizontally, depending upon whether you want to task sound or disperse it. There’s a microSD card slot with support for playback of MP3 or WMV papers if girlfriend don’t want to go wireless. You can record audio v the Roar 2, consisting of conversations as soon as you use it in speakerphone mode. The contained DC adapter makes for quick recharges, or you deserve to plug it into USB because that a slow charge.

The MSRP is $199, yet the Roar 2 is currently easily accessible on Amazon because that $145. And an innovative is providing special vacation discount pricing top top its website.

Rugged Performer: Fugoo difficult XL


There to be no competition once it pertained to tough speakers that additionally offered good performance. The Fugoo tough XL is a monster the a Bluetooth speaker, through eight drivers, a 38-Watt amp and also a big battery concealed within a main point speaker that’s chin housed in ~ a removable aluminum and also fiber-reinforced resin jacket. Sound is high high quality with plenty of volume and the battery is rated for as much as 35 hours of use at 50 percent volume — you can additionally use the challenging XL to recharge a mobile device. The best part of this speak is the fact that you have the right to lug this high top quality audio anywhere. The Fugoo challenging XL is water proof, mud proof, snow proof and shock proof.

Best inexpensive Speaker choice for Kids: Monster SuperStar


At its sleeve price, the Monster SuperStar doesn’t yes, really qualify as inexpensive, but with Amazon selling it for $59.99, that’s no an insignificant price to pay for a portable speaker because that kids. For the price, you obtain a an extremely compact Bluetooth speaker that weighs just 8 ounces. It functions two full-range drivers and two bass radiators for decent sound with more powerful bass than typical ultra portables (Monster calls it the “world’s the smallest audiophile speaker”). The Monster SuperStar also has a resilient silicon shell that offers shock protection as well as IP4-X splash protection, if bright neon-colored trim adds visual appeal. The just downside is a five-hour battery life. For an ext details, you can read mine katifund.org testimonial here.

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Best in its entirety Value: an imaginative Sound Blaster Roar 2


I spent plenty of hours trial and error wireless speakers in all sorts the conditions and also I think the an imaginative Sound Blaster Roar 2 delivers the best overall value. Sound isn’t quite up to the an ext powerful RIVA Turbo X or Fugoo challenging XL, but the Roar 2 is capable of pumping out part pretty decent audio, specifically with the ROAR rise on. To add there’s all those extras. And it has actually a nicely premium look come it, with several metal, subtle LED indicators and also premium machine-finished radiators. At that $145 price suggest on Amazon, the an innovative Sound Blaster Roar 2’s worth proposition is pretty challenging to beat.