Jeremy test the Bentley continental Supersports.James cd driver up an icelandic volcano in a Toyota Hilux.Richard farewells the Chevrolet Lacetti and also introduces the Kia Cee’d.Jeremy cd driver a Reliant Robin.

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Star in a sensibly Priced Car: Nick Robinson, Al Murray, Peter Jones, Peta Todd, Johnny Vaughan, invoice Bailey, Louie Spence, Amy Williams.

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The first episode of series 15 start out v Jeremy looking in ~ the brand-new Bentley continent Supersports out on the track. The Supersports is the fastest, most outlandish car Bentley has ever before made – it’s a lighter, sportier and also dramatically much more powerful variation of the Continental. The same 6 Litre twin turbo W12 engine has been retained, however now the produces 621hp – which results in a 0-60mph time that 3.7 secs – level out it will perform 204mph and about 6mpg. The Supersports can likewise run top top bio-ethanol, i m sorry doesn’t boost the power but it will develop less c02. Jeremy call the Supersports “Spooky” and tries to rest it down for the viewers – “This auto is favor an Elephant through the reflexes of a water boatman, and if you’re watching in Poland and you don’t understand what a water boatman is, it’s like an Evo 10, it yes, really is. And if you’re watching in Ethiopia and you don’t understand what one Evo 10 is, what I average is that does things fairly well.”

The carbon ceramic brakes traction the Supersports up face rippingly quick and also the revised four wheel drive system continuously keeps the automobile in check even when applying full throttle half way around a corner, “unless friend go means too fast and then poke it through a stick.” Jeremy but does not prefer the car, and also explains “What they’ve tried come do right here is rotate an s liner right into a rate boat. And yes they have actually sort of pulled it off. Yet it tho feels very huge and really heavy.” So huge and hefty infact the the test ends v a shredded behind tyre. Jeremy sums up the testimonial – “The upshot then is simple, if I want to invest £163,000 on a rate boat, I’d purchase something the was draft to be a speed boat in the first place. In short, I’d buy an Aston boy name DBS.”

In the following piece, James is in Iceland and also is rejoined with one old girlfriend – one of the amendment Toyota Hilux’s indigenous the Top equipment Polar special. His task is to turn it into the world’s very first Volcano proof auto – it receives a corrugated steel sheet roof throughout the height of the auto to safeguard it from fallout and likewise wheel arch placed water jets to store the tyres cool once driving across the molten hot lava rocks. Top top the way to the glacier, James hooks up v a vulcanologist that is hitching a ride since of the poor weather. The weather ramps increase a little bit as they climbed the glacier and also reduces visibility to less than 10 metres – with James relying ~ above the tail lights of the automobile in former to discover his way. Upon getting to their overnight avoid over, they capture a glimpse of the erupting volcano, at simply 1.5 kilometers away. In the morning, James set off toward the volcano to finish his mission – to gain close to the crater and scoop increase a fresh item of lava utilizing a garden trowel and also a bucket. Together James it s okay closer, pieces of molten rock start to shower the car. A nice big piece lands best by his chauffeurs side, and he effectively scoops the up and places it in the bucket. Due to James staying still too lengthy on the superheated lava rocks, the tyres begin to catch on fire together the water cooling system couldn’t cool the bottom the them. This is much more than enough to convince James to do a hasty retreat.

In the news James reflects us the piece of dried lava which the retrieved, and also Jeremy mentions that the Ferrari 599XX damaged the production car record at the Nurburgring through a time that 6 minute 58 seconds. Richard tells united state he’s looking forward to the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera 570. Jeremy claims the best automobile he drove to be the brand-new AMG SLS, and also James’ choice is the recent Porsche Boxter Spyder. James mirrors us a maker which girlfriend can connect to her exhaust pipe and also use to chef a burger and also Jeremy mirrors a video clip of a net girl fainting at the begin of a auto race. James finishes the news by stating that the new Dacia Duster is coming to the UK!

In the next segment, Richard farewells a one-of-a-kind member of the TopGear family – the sensibly priced Chevrolet Lacetti. The Lacetti has had such a hard life the the BBC will not allow TopGear to market it, so Richard must find a way to send it turn off to avoid it from gift scrapped. The Lacetti was inserted beside a 550ft, 7,185 tonne concrete chimney which was due because that demolition. The chimney was then laced v explosives and also detonated, happen the tower down throughout the height of the Lacetti, crushing it completely. Back in the studio, Richard introduces the brand-new reasonably priced auto for collection 15 – a brown Kia Cee’d. The Cee’d is the only vehicle in the people to function an apostrophe in that name. It has actually a 1.6 Litre engine and also can perform 0-60mph in 10.4 seconds and also go on come a top speed that 119mph. The Celebrity lapboard is climate reset and TopGear invite a bunch of new celebrities come the track to gain some laps increase on the brand-new board.

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In the next segment, Jeremy moves on come the Reliant Robin – a car which was exceptionally popular even though it was made native plastic and cost an ext than a Mini when new. The reliant had a solitary wheel in ~ the front, quite than in ~ the rear like many other 3 wheelers. Jeremy has constantly been worried around this and also is even much more worried the his challenge today is to journey it from Sheffield to Rotherham, a distance of 14 miles. Jeremy to adjust off and also straight away rolls the Robin ~ above its next coming the end of the parking garage driveway. Phillip Oakey native the person League help Jeremy by advertise the car ago onto that is wheels. The isn’t long prior to Jeremy nearly rolls again, rojo the Robin onto it’s next on 45 degrees. Yet this time he discovers a valuable feature that the vehicle – opening the door can aid lever the car back onto every 3 wheel – and he was on his way. Jeremy’s Robin is a 1975 model and has one 850cc engine – which boosted the height speed (from much less than 60mph) come an incredibly scary 85mph. Jeremy rolls the automobile at speed throughout an intersection and also is rescued through Peter Stringfellow, the owner of miscellaneous lap to dance clubs. Jeremy rolfes (literally) into a Reliant Robin automobile club meeting to chat with some enthusiasts about how to drive a Robin best, and also why they to be so popular. Afterwards, Jeremy door crashes a news broadcast, gets stuck in a mechanic’s inspection pit and interrupts a cricket match before ending the illustration by crashing the Robin into a canal.

Some say…

“Some say that his discharge is luminous, and that also as we speak the is appearing on the key stage in ~ Glastonbury performing his most renowned hit “Superstition”. All we understand is he’s dubbed the Stig.”

Stig power Laps

Bentley continental Supersports1:24.90

Star in a fairly Priced Car

Nick Robinson1:49.90Al Murray1:48.10Peter Jones1:45.90Peta Todd1:49.90Johnny Vaughan1:53.30 (wet)Bill Bailey1:50.80 (wet)Louie Spence1:53.60 (wet)Amy Williams1:50.90 (wet)


Bentley continental Supersport:01:01 – 01:49 – Pete Tong & Paul Rogers – Drug’s Den01:56 – 02:15 – Hildur Guðnadóttir – Opaque02:15 – 02:59 – Ramin Djawadi – Scorpiox03:20 – 03:52 – Ramin Djawadi – Scorpiox03:54 – 04:05 – U.N.K.L.E – The Runaway04:05 – 04:24 – Marc Streitenfeld – Caskets04:28 – 04:47 – K-OS – Fun!04:44 – 04:58 – ?05:01 – 05:17 – Ramin Djawadi – Djinn05:16 – 05:43 – Alfredo Catalani – Ebben? Ne andrò lontana05:43 – 05:58 – john Ottman – conserving the World06:05 – 06:20 – Ramin Djawadi – release the Kraken06:23 – 06:56 – Ramin Djawadi – relax the Kraken06:56 – 07:33 – Ramin Djawadi – Djinn07:47 – 08:39 – Hans Zimmer – The last Interview

Toyota Hilux Volcano Driving:11:23 – 11:34 – U.N.K.L.E. – ever before Rest11:33 – 11:45 – east Conference champion – A Million mile An Hour11:57 – 12:54 – eastern Conference champions – A Million miles An Hour13:18 – 13:33 – ?13:33 – 13:40 – U.N.K.L.E – When when It Was13:40 – 14:19 – Clinton much shorter – harvest Material14:19 – 14:36 – Carter Burwell – setup B14:36 – 15:10 – Alex Heffes – The Storm15:10 – 15:37 – boy name Phipps & Ruth Barrett – Riot15:37 – 16:25 – Clinton much shorter – ago to D916:41 – 17:18 – Lalo Schifrin – City Hall17:32 – 17:51 – ?17:51 – 18:07 – Ilan Eshkeri – Lamia’s Inn18:07 – 18:46 – Clinton much shorter – ago to D918:48 – 19:16 – man Powell – Helicopter19:16 – 19:33 – Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders – Oil Tanker Aftermath19:33 – 20:08 – Hans Zimmer – barbaric Horde20:08 – 20:21 – Elliot Goldenthal – Ill-Fated Plot20:21 – 21:12 – Elliot Goldenthal – Finale

Chevrolet Lacetti Send-Off:28:11 – 28:40 – ?28:52 – 29:39 – David Holmes – Bedroom29:39 – 29:54 – ?29:54 – 30:40 – Abel Korzeniowski – Swimming30:47 – 32:18 – Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard – The Ferries

Reasonably Priced auto Party:35:04 – 35:13 – Lightspeed Champion – evil one Tricks because that a Bitch (Instrumental)35:19 – 35:23 – David Holmes – i Love Art…Really!35:39 – 35:50 – KC & the Sunshine band – Boogie Man35:56 – 36:13 – broken Bells – The Ghost Inside36:19 – 36:44 – White Lies – E.S.T. (Instrumental)36:50 – 36:59 – White Lies – E.S.T. (Instrumental)37:09 – 37:19 – Arctic chimpanzees – The Jeweller’s Hands37:32 – 37:46 – Arctic chimpanzees – mine Propeller37:48 – 38:03 – Jovanotti – Safari38:03 – 38:14 – Arctic monkeys – mine Propeller38:24 – 38:38 – The Asteroids Galaxy tourism – Satellite (Instrumental)39:06 – 39:18 – White Lies – native the Stars (Instrumental)39:18 – 39:33 – The Beach guys – It’s about Time39:41 – 39:56 – The Beach boys – It’s about Time40:24 – 40:36 – Caribou – Barnowl40:43 – 40:49 – Paul Haslinger – details Ambiguity41:03 – 41:07 – Gorillaz – youngsters With Guns41:07 – 41:14 – The Beach guys – It’s about Time41:36 – 41:48 – ?42:18 – 42:28 – Sinitta – so Macho42:32 – 42:43 – Caribou – lord Leopard43:03 – 43:20 – Trellis – Jolly Scarface43:35 – 43:43 – Trellis – Jolly Scarface44:05 – 44:13 – David Holmes – ns Love Art…Really!44:23 – 44:40 – The All-American Rejects – actual World44:54 – 45:16 – Trellis – Ouch45:35 – 45:48 – The All-American Rejects – actual World46:00 – 46:13 – Donna Summer – ns Feel Love46:18 – 46:33 – Blondie – Atomic46:55 – 47:07 – Jet – She’s a Genius47:25 – 47:44 – Jet – She’s a Genius48:20 – 48:37 – Ludovico Einaudi – Monday

Reliant Robin Retrospective:49:22 – 49:58 – harry Gregson-Williams – wall Breached50:15 – 50:32 – Abel Korzeniowski – Clock Tick50:51 – 51:23 – harry Gregson-Williams – wall surface Breached51:23 – 51:30 – Michael Giacchino – Enterprising Young Men52:55 – 53:47 – The Time and also Space device – Zeitghost54:27 – 54:39 – David Holmes – getting the Gold55:56 – 56:29 – ?56:32 – 56:54 – 100 boy – Casino56:59 – 57:53 – Antonín Dvořák – Symphony No. 9 in E young “From the new World”, Op. 95, B. 178, movement 2-Largo58:51 – 59:18 – harry Gregson-Williams – wall surface Breached59:21 – 59:29 – ?59:59 – 60:16 – Mike article & Pete Carpenter – theme from ‘The A-Team’60:21 – 60:43 – Mike post & Pete Carpenter – design template from ‘The A-Team’61:11 – 61:16 – take care of Gregson-Williams- wall Breached61:24 – 61:50 – Michael Kamen – Jill Brazil