Andrew Torba, founder of conservative social network, has been removed from Y Combinator’s alumni network-related.

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To be clear, isn’t a part of YC — rather, Torba participated in the incubator via his previous startup, Kuhcoon (now known as Automate Ads). However before, his login to YC’s personal social network-related, Bookface, has actually now been disabled.

“Once you’re purged from the network-related, you’ve shed all the capacity to interact and also netoccupational and short article task listings and also attach via various founders,” Torba said.

While Torba paints this as a complimentary speech concern, YC told BuzzFeed that he was kicked out for “for speaking in a threatening, harassing method toward various other YC founders” — particularly in this Facebook comment:

All of you: fuck off. Take your ethically exceptional, elitist, virtue signaling bullshit and shove it.

I call it like I check out it, and also I helped meme a President right into office, cucks.

In Torba’s telling, this was simply the culmination of a longer procedure of disenchantment via Silicon Valley liberalism in general and also YC in specific. He explained himself as a lifelengthy “conservative Republican Christian,” a truth he shelp he hid at initially bereason he worried “it would certainly be a hindrance to my career — which confirmed to be true.”

Torba came to be even more open around his ideas six months earlier, which he shelp immediately led various other YC founders to “all start piling on” and “contact me a racist, a biacquired.” Torba additionally began to tweet at YC President Sam Altmale (who endorsed Hillary Clinton), eventually prompting Altmale to block him this past week — after that, in Torba’s watch, Altguy was in search of “any type of method to purge me from the Y Combinator netoccupational.”

“Y Combinator clearly has actually liked their side,” he sassist. “They’re pandering to immigrants  American entrepreneurs. They clearly perform not welcome Trump supporters.”

Sure, YC stood by Trump supporter Peter Thiel, but Torba shelp the distinction is that he’s not well-off and powerful prefer Thiel.

Torba had additionally tweeted a screenswarm of an additional founder’s Facebook comment (the founder’s name was removed) that “being a black, Muslim or woman in the USA is going to be extremely scary” with his own comment: “Build the wall.” Then, in an additional threview, a YC alum alluded to Torba’s habits without pointing out him by name, prompting him to jump in: “Say my name once you talk around me, coward. Build the wall.”

Now all of that might make it sound choose Torba was working pretty aggressively to burn bridges at YC, however he insisted that’s not the instance.

“Here’s what it was: Tright here were the two or 3 founders that jumped in harassing me on my posts trying to acquire me in a gotcha moment, trying to test my knowledge of immigration legislation, trying to make me look choose an idiot,” he shelp. So by saying “fuck off,” in his check out, he was just informing them, “I don’t owe you anypoint, I’m done through this.”

“I wasn’t trying to burn the bridge or anypoint,” he added.

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Update: In an email, YC Partner Kat Manalac emphasized that Torba was rerelocated bereason of his habits, not bereason he supports Trump:

The primary thing I want to gain across right here is: we believe that everyone is entitbrought about their political beliefs and also they are welconcerned support the political candidates of their selecting. Having an hoswarm, rational dialogue between all parts of the political spectrum is going to be important for us as a country relocating forward. But under no scenarios perform we tolerate harassing or threatening other founders (or anyone for that matter). Regardmuch less of what you believe, if you act in a hostile way that provides the neighborhood feel unsafe, you will be ejected from the YC neighborhood.

Manalac added tbelow have been “exceptionally few instances” wright here someone has been rerelocated in the past, and YC hasn’t commented publicly, “But this time we’re saying something bereason Anattracted has actually been exceptionally vocal, and also he’s been spanalysis lies about why he’s been rerelocated.”