When you space in the sector for a Fitbit, one of the things to consider is that, to obtain the most out of her Fitbit, you should wear it every day.

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It can be tough to discover a band the is stylish and also classic sufficient to stay every work that will match any kind of outfit and can go with any style depending on whether you space at work, at the gym, or all over else her day might take you.

Enter the Tory Burch Fitbit collaboration, which features bands that room timeless and also will be easy to pair with any outfit daily.

We will certainly share several of the functions of this collaboration, features on the Fitbit Alta itself, as well as how to change out her Fitbit bands.


The Tory Burch because that Fitbit collaboration is compatible with the Fitbit Alta and also the bracelets in the arsenal are designed come transform your Fitbit right into an everyday accessory.

The Fitbit Alta tracker need to be purchased separately, however the wristbands have the right to be interchanged follow to your plans.

The two alternatives you deserve to purchase right now on the website are the Gold/Black unique Edition ($$$) and also the metal Hinged Bracelet ($$).

The Gold/Black editionis a timeless item that can be combine with any type of outfit. The exterior is a matte black color, when the inside has actually a small hint of yellow for simply a subtle wink that color.The steel Hinged Bracelet is much more colorful and also can assist to spruce up a more neutral outfit or carry a popular music of color to her style. It has shades that pink, green, gold, and black and will bring a touch of funny to her outfits.

The collection is update every for this reason often, so check back on the Tory Burch Fitbit website to discover out if there room any new styles or additions to the collection.

She generally updates the collection approximately the holidays, which would certainly make because that a perfect autumn stuffer for your friends or household members that love your Fibit and are interested in updating your bands.


To swap out your bracelet on your Fitbit Atla Tracker, push down ~ above the interior buttons and clip in the tracker, then press down on the clasp to pop it into place.

The Fitbit Atla Tracker item is little and quickly fits into the bracelet designs.

Some world prefer to usage the classic wristband for day-to-day use because they choose the rubber material, as it is basic to clean and keep dry. However the Tory Burch collection bands are likewise easy come clean and also will include a note of style and flair to your tracker.


​MobileRun– This attribute will assist enhance your runs, walks, and hikes through tracking your pace, time, and also distance every time girlfriend take part in one of these activities.Track Exercise– The monitor Exercise function will record your calories burned during specific workouts and permits you to go into your workouts manually, and also monitor exactly how you are enhancing in power over time. This way, you deserve to avoid having actually to carry a notebook or exercise log through you.Exercise Sharing– This feature permits you to share your workout stats v your friends and family via email, text, or on society media.Motivational Notifications– This feature will send notifications to your phone that will certainly nudge friend in the best direction and keep you moving towards the purposes you collection for yourself. You can additionally compete in Fitbit obstacles with other friends and also family members who have Fitbit trackers and also want to stay motivated.Weight and Nutrition Tracking – You have the right to use the Fitbit app to track your weight end time, and measuring her water intake levels, and nutrition trends over time and also how these trends can be positively or negative impacting weight. Specific scales are compatible with your Fitbit and will immediately sync your weight to her Fitbit tracker, therefore you execute not need to worry around manually get in anything.​

The Fitbit Atla is a great tracking tool for people who are energetic and want to make measures to improve their as whole health and also lifestyle.

There are functions for everyone, even if it is you want to track her sleep, your activity, or your water intake, and also you can additionally use it together a motivational device to offer yourself a kick in the target every now and then.

The Tory Burch Fitbit Atla collection is good for Fitbit owner who desire to dress up their Fitbit v fun and colorful designs to enhance their outfit.

It will offer your Fitbit a timeless flair that you have the right to swap out relying on your mood and could also give you a an increase of motivation to get to the gym ~ above a day wherein you require an extra explode of energy.

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We highly recommend exploring the Tory Burch Fitbit line because that the fashionista top top the go, who requirements a hints of style on the functional Fitbit.

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