When you are in the industry for a Fitlittle, among the things to think about is that, to obtain the most out of your Fitlittle, you need to wear it eexceptionally day.

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It deserve to be hard to uncover a band also that is stylish and also timeless enough to wear every day that will match any type of outfit and have the right to go through any kind of style relying on whether you are at work, at the gym, or everywhere else your day might take you.

Enter the Tory Burch Fitbit cooperation, which functions bands that are timemuch less and will certainly be basic to pair through any outfit daily.

We will share some of the features of this participation, attributes on the Fitlittle bit Alta itself, and exactly how to adjust out your Fitbit bands.


The Tory Burch for Fitlittle bit collaboration is compatible with the Fitlittle bit Alta and also the arm bands in the collection are designed to transcreate your Fitbit into an daily accessory.

The Fitlittle bit Alta tracker need to be purchased independently, but the wristbands can be interchanged according to your plans.

The 2 alternatives you have the right to purchase currently on the website are the Gold/Babsence Special Edition ($$$) and also the Metal Hinged Bracelet ($$).

The Gold/Black editionis a timemuch less item that have the right to be paired with any outfit. The exterior is a matte babsence color, while the inside has a tiny hint of gold for simply a subtle wink of shade.The Metal Hinged Bracelet is more vivid and also can help to spruce up a much more neutral outfit or carry a pop of shade to your style. It has actually shades of pink, green, gold, and babsence and also will lug a touch of fun to your outfits.

The repertoire is updated every so regularly, so examine ago on the Tory Burch Fitbit webwebsite to find out if tbelow are any type of new layouts or additions to the repertoire.

She frequently updates the repertoire around the holidays, which would make for a perfect stocking stuffer for your friends or family members that love their Filittle and are interested in updating their bands.


To swap out your bracelet on your Fitlittle bit Atla Tracker, push down on the inner butloads and also clip in the tracker, then press down on the clasp to pop it right into area.

The Fitbit Atla Tracker piece is tiny and also conveniently fits into the bracelet designs.

Some people prefer to usage the classic wristband for day-to-day usage given that they prefer the rubber material, as it is simple to clean and save dry. But the Tory Burch arsenal bands are additionally simple to clean and also will include a hint of style and flair to your tracker.


​MobileRun– This feature will help boost your runs, walks, and hikes by tracking your pace, time, and also distance each time you take part in one of these tasks.Track Exercise– The Track Exercise attribute will document your calories melted throughout particular workouts and permits you to enter your workouts manually, and monitor exactly how you are enhancing in performance over time. This means, you can protect against having to carry a notebook or workout log through you.Exercise Sharing– This feature enables you to share your workout stats via your friends and family members through email, message, or on social media.Motivational Notifications– This function will sfinish notifications to your phone that will nudge you in the ideal direction and also store you relocating towards the objectives you collection for yourself. You have the right to likewise contend in Fitlittle bit obstacles via various other friends and also family members members who have Fitbit trackers and want to continue to be encouraged.Weight and also Nutrition Tracking – You deserve to usage the Fitlittle app to track your weight over time, and measuring your water intake levels, and nutrition patterns over time and also how these trends might be positively or negatively impacting weight. Certain scales are compatible with your Fitbit and also will certainly automatically sync your weight to your Fitbit tracker, so you perform not have to issue about manually enter anything.​

The Fitbit Atla is a good tracking tool for human being that are active and want to make steps to improve their in its entirety health and wellness and way of life.

Tbelow are features for everyone, whether you desire to track your sleep, your activity, or your water intake, and you deserve to additionally use it as a motivational tool to give yourself a kick in the butt eexceptionally currently and then.

The Tory Burch Fitlittle bit Atla Collection is good for Fitlittle bit owners who want to dress up their Fitbit via fun and also vivid designs to complement their outfit.

It will give your Fitlittle a timeless flair that you deserve to swap out depending upon your mood and also can also give you a rise of incentive to acquire to the gym on a day wright here you need an additional burst of energy.

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We very recommend exploring the Tory Burch Fitbit line for the fashionista on the go, that needs a hint of style on the sensible Fitlittle.

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