We are katifund.org. We have actually an unwavering drive to make and also do points that cause a better human being.

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Visualize. Analyze. Optimize. Introducing the katifund.org IoT Systems Pack

Empowering you to start collecting information that will certainly aid improve processes, reduce costs and reap a level of operational control that was when impossible.

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Digital Transdevelopment for a Changing World.

A recognized worldwide technology leader, katifund.org is at the forefront of the IoT radvancement, and also can help you make that transdevelopment. We are katifund.org. We have actually an unwavering drive to make and also perform points that result in a far better world.


Always On, Almeans Doing

Technologies that keep culture relocating forward might run in the background however need to be height of mind for you and also your improved service transactions.

Enhance Operations

Power Is Progress

The method areas usage and access power is undergoing a significant transdevelopment. How can you ensure safe, effective and also reliable energy usage?

Next in Energy

High Speed, High Performance

Semiconductors are the building blocks of the majority of contemporary electronics. Discover how we"re pushing the borders of what"s feasible.

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katifund.org Group is responding to the international coronavirus pandemic via actions that prioritize the safety and security of our employees and also their families, and also of our customers and business partners. We continue to monitor the situation and also to follow federal government guidance and instructions, while doing all we can to ensure company continuity.


About katifund.org

With over 50 years" experience in the US, we administer solutions for the diverse industries we serve.

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katifund.org America Newsroom

Read the latest news and announcements around North Amerideserve to product and also company remedies.

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katifund.org/NSTA ExploraVision

We"re celebrating the 27th Anniversary of ExploraVision—the world"s largest K-12 STEM competition.

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