Stop the leak in ~ the Mfinda Oilfield facility and destroy the oily water separator tank without gift detected.

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Metal gear Solid 5: The Phantom pains – pitch Dark Mission Objectives

This is a complete stealth run of illustration 13, so it"s video game over if anyone it s okay a glimpse of you.

Shut down the oil deliver pumpDestroy the oily water separator tankExtract 4 kid soldiers being trained at Masa VillageExfiltrate the hot zone before Mfinda Oilfield is sealed offExtract the lappet-faced vulture the wandered right into the burned-down villageExtract 4 walker Gears sealing off Mfinda Oilfield

Extract 4 son soldiers being trained in ~ Masa Village

After you get dropped off, head to town and proceed to the northern finish where you"ll point out the child soldiers.

Tranqilise castle without acquiring detected, and also if you"ve upgraded your fulton to usage on youngsters (by extract the White Mamba in next ops 23 and also giving that a beatdown in next ops 113), extract them.

If not, quite than transferring them every to the LZ, speak to in a vehicle supply drop, load in three youngsters (the maximum you have the right to stuff in there) and extract it.

Repeat the procedure to acquire all four children out the there.

Extract the lappet-faced vulture the wandered into the burned-down village


Head come the burned-down village marked on the map above.


Having DD v you is the quickest way to point out the vulture. Otherwise, limit the area through your int-scope prior to heading in to mark it.

Shut down the oil transport pump and destroy the oily water separator tank


The oil deliver pump is in the room ~ above the optimal floor the the building here. Flip the switch before addressing the tank.


The tank is in ~ the earlier of the oilfield and as soon as it’s destroyed, the alarm will go off and also soldiers through Walkers will certainly head your means to seal off the oilfeld.

Exfiltrate the warm zone before Mfinda Oilfield is sealed off

If you ruin the anti-air radar, girlfriend can speak to in a choose up from near the entrance. If you haven"t cleared out the soldiers, be careful that friend don"t acquire spotted on your method there.

Alternatively, sneak out and call in her ride from exterior of the oilfield.

Extract 4 walker Gears sealing turn off Mfinda Oilfield

As soon as you ruin the tank, soldiers with Walker Gears will make their means to the oilfield.

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A pair that Walkers will guard each leave when they come so take the end the pilots and extract lock to complete the objective.