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a game by Fenoxo
Platform: COMPUTER
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 testimonial is presented
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 9 votes
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Trials in Tainted Gap or if you desire to call it, TITS is an erotic text-based game from the people that carried to us the extremely naughty Corruption of Champions. For a lot of human being, Trials in Tainted Gap is a game that they will certainly fire up, play for around 5 minutes and also just shut off. Then there are others that will certainly go dvery own a rabbit hole of debauchery that they might not have actually even imagined in their wildest dreams! It need to go without saying that this game is 100, no 200 percent NSFW and also if you are conveniently offfinished walk amethod now!

Who To Be? Who To Be Indeed?

The initially job that you need to obtain to in Trials in Tainted Gap is that you should develop your character. This game is deep and also I expect super deep through its character production and you have the right to meld together characters from all kinds of walks of intergalactic life. You execute not have to be just a humale tbelow are a ton of various other races that you deserve to be and tbelow is a detailed earlier story and also fact file for each of them.


The game is all text-based so it is all left approximately your creativity. What is interesting is that the text does actually begin to paint some pretty damn graphic images in your head!

Explore And Do It All!

The game has many kind of RPG mechanics to it and also once you develop your character you set off on your adundertaking. The game has actually a grid to the left of where the message is and this is your “map” each area you go in will have people to talk to, do and of course fight, yet tright here are other locations on the grid wright here nopoint happens except a summary of the location you are in.

Combat in the game is I guess ok. I can see some finding it rather boring, but there is at least a small little of distinction between each of the races/classes. You can just use melee or ranged weapons, not both which is a bit annoying if I am hoswarm with you. The game is funded on Patreon and also they do allow access to the existing builds of the game so I am sure it will just keep on improving and also they carry out seem to be listening to what fans are saying.


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To tell you the reality, Trials in Tainted Space is not a game for me. It is not the sex or the debauchery of it at all, far from it. I am just not a perboy that is right into heavily texted based games. I gain that the game deserve to paint a photo in your head, however I guess I just need more than that. On the flip side of this, I have the right to see why so many civilization shed so many hours to this game! Just be warned, it deserve to be exceptionally filthy!

Final Score: 6/10 (yet to be fair it is simply not for me)


Lots of personalities to createThe universe in the game is hugeI favor the way there is kind of a map to help you progressIt does have actually combatIt is exceptionally, extremely naughty!


I wish I could really see what is going onMany certainly not a game that is for everyone