Trumpeting Trumpets has actually the adhering to inventory data:

July 1: beginning inventory

30 systems at $120

July 5: Purchases

180 devices at $112

July 14: Sale

120 units

July 21: Purchases

90 systems at $115

July 30: Sale

84 units

​  Assuming that a regular inventory device is used, what is the expense of products sold ~ above a FIFO basis   $11,022$23,088\  $10,992  $23,118

Q112; The solubility product of calcium fluoride (CaF2) is 3.45 X 10^-11 in ~ 25 degrees C. Will a fluoride concentration of 1.0 mg/L be soluble in a water comprise 200mg/L the calcium?  thanks in advance!

Q113; identify the force in member CG. The pressure is positive if in tension, an adverse if in compression.  Assume F1 = 9 kips, F2 = 12 kips, F3 = 11 kips.


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