it had all of my favourite recipes and thinspo on the i never encouraged any type of unhealthy behaviors and also deleted asks questioning for advice on exactly how to lose weight. I guess it versus the rule to have actually a blog with skinny women on it now fellas


Yea I’ve viewed them deleting thinspo articles recently. Tumblr is garbage currently esp after the nsfw ban and the ugly brand-new color pallet (that shit burns my fucking retinas)

that shit taken place to me and also I've had actually it because 2014. BUT great NEWS MAYBE? castle reactivated me out of the blue. When I obtained terminated I was in the mood to key a fit so I sent out in an very nice or something (totally expecting the to be ignored due to the fact that they have actually so little tolerance for thinspo blogs)

I never gained a solution but someday I decides to go to my old url because that shits and giggles and also it actually checked out my blog. And I had the ability to log ago in and also everything.

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so maybe try to pick a fight through tumblr staff and also send an appeal because I think that can have operated for me. I was for this reason shocked. Ns thought as soon as blogs were terminated everything was deleted yet I assumption: v not

edit: btw to be terminated in early on december and also logged earlier in so late January

I understand that loosing all that info is annoying... However even simply thinspo and also those recepies can readjust someones life (it gave me ed). Please, its not okay to have actually that kinda content.

Way to assault OP and also make lock feel poor for a blog girlfriend never also saw. How do you recognize OP didn't have actually "fitspo" over timeless thinspo. Maybe simply photos the models. Probably they had unique recipes save there. OPs blog didn't provide anyone an ED because that is not exactly how mental disease work. Girlfriend may have been predisposed come a dissorder, however coming across thinspo blogs is not normally an accident choose the Anorexia After college Specials depict. Chances are girlfriend were looking for it and that is just how you discovered it. The gas station selling cigarettes did not make everyone addicted to nicotine.

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A windy for mentioning the battles of having an eat disorder. Much like one Alcoholics cotton or Narcotics cotton group, we market emotional support and harm reduction yet no encouragement of furthering ED behaviors. This is not officially connected with the support group Eating disorders Anonymous. We room not exclusive come or trying to “force” restore on anyone.