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Our school’s motto—Ask What You can Do—has never felt moreurgent. Together future leaders in publicly service, your talent, energy, experiences,and principles are important to reinvent exactly how we elevator up and support every members ofour communities.

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Joinus in ~ Harvard Kennedy school for the 2022-2023 academic year. Increase yourskills and also network and also be component of a neighborhood committed to doing this importantwork together.

Submit your admission application to among our master’sdegree programs and also all required documentation through 3 p.m. ET on Wednesday,December 1, 2021. Over there is one admission application deadline and one startdate because that each level program every year.

And consider joining us for ourvirtual information and also Q&A sessions this loss where our admissions and degree programteams and our students and also alumni will certainly talk around the applicationprocess, curriculum, jobs and also internships, and also the HKS college student experience. Moresessions will be included in the coming weeks.

Answer the contact to windy service. Questioning what you can do. Applyto HKS.

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Oct 1st, 2021
Aalok Pandey MPA/ID 2019 come tothe MPA/ID regimen after examining economics and also mathematics at Trinity Collegeand functioning in the element Minister’s Office in Nepal, his home country. He iscurrently working at the asian Infrastructure Investment financial institution (AIIB) in Beijing,China as an associate in the business economics Unit specializing in infrastructure. Hewas very first introduced come the AIIB as soon as he completed hisMPA/ID regime summerinternshipthere throughout his time together a student.

In the following interview, Aalok talks about thehighlights and challenges the his HKS experience.


Aalok Pandey MPA/ID 2019 denote Nepali food throughout a three-starred global night.

Prospectiveapplicants room often really nervous about how they will money their graduatestudies. Many also believe they need to have a funding arrangement in location beforethey submit your admissions application. What advice do you have actually for peoplewho space concerned around funding? 

TheMPA/ID regime is a competitive regime with restricted funding. Most of myclassmates come with external funding and only a couple of got scholarships from theschool, however that go not mean prospective applicants have to not consider the program.One have to view the MPA/ID regimen as one investment. The technical an abilities youlearn in the program, the methods you will certainly find, and the network girlfriend willbe linked to are second to none.

Ibelonged come the student group that had actually no funding, and I had consideredrejecting the MPA/ID market of admission. My boss at the time, household members,and job-related colleagues persuaded me right into going to HKS and also I to be happy i did so.Although the expense of attendance appears really high, you will have actually tons the time topay the off. In addition, the school has actually programs favor theHKS Loan aid Repayment Programto assist make your education and learning less financiallystressful.

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1 keep in mind Jun 21st, 2021
Themaster’s degree programs at Harvard Kennedy Schoolare rigorous, i m sorry iswhystandardizedtest scoresare vital part ofouradmissions process.

Buttheunique challenges lugged on by the COVID-19 pandemicand itslingering affect onstandardized testing access around theworldhave prompted us totemporarilyrevise our standardization testpolicyforthosewho willapplythis December 2021 forthe 2022-2023academic year.

Ourtest score requirements vary bydegreeprogramandlanguageability, soread more about ours updatedstandardized test policyandimportanttest information and logistics.

PublicPolicy management Conference(PPLC) applications deadline extended

Callingall applications!

ThePublic PolicyLeadership Conferenceapplication deadline has actually been prolonged toMonday,June 21st at 5 p.m. ET.Considerapplyingto this empowering experience if you room eligible or encourage your friends, colleagues, or loved ones whoare eligible come apply.The PPLC will certainly be heldOctober 8-10,2021and will certainly bevirtual, yet participants deserve to still intend to have actually alife-changing experience. 

ThePPLC mission is to inspireundergraduatestudent leaders—particularlythose indigenous historically underrepresented and also underserved communities—to pursuecareers in public service. Participants will certainly learn about what it method tostudy public policy in a graduate institution environment and will haveopportunities to affix with existing HKS students, faculty, and also staff together wellas various other dynamic undergraduate students. 

Learn more about the PPLC.Apply.

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Jun 18th, 2021
Juneteenth commemorates the finish of slavery across the country and is often celebrated in african American areas with storytelling, cooking special recipes, and also reflection on history and fellowship. 

Harvard ar events space being held this week to celebrate Juneteenth. We invite girlfriend to listen in—watch or register below.

One Night in Boston

Friday, June 18 in ~ 6:30 p.m. ET |Tune in come watch

The night features musical performances, a film premier, and a tribute to black Music Month. Events run through the weekend and also are made possible by regional organizations, including the Harvard clinical School.

On Juneteenth with Annette Gordon-Reed

Annette Gordon-Reed, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and also Harvard Carl M. Loeb university Professor,discussed her latest bookOn Juneteenth, which explores the complexities of the past and also how us think of them.


Jenna Hussein MPP 2022

I involved the Harvard Kennedy institution with three main goalsin mind.

First, I want to discover how to finest leverage modern technology as acatalyst for global social impact. Second, ns aspired to develop aframework the can assist me to understand and attend to complex, entangled, andseemingly intangible political and societal problems. And third, ns hoped tobuild meaningful and supportive relationships v classmates by pushing eachother to pursue our passions.

I’m dazzling to share the in mine first couple of months at theKennedy School, I’ve already made tangible strides in the direction of these goals. I’vebeen able to approach my an initial two purposes from an academic lens with courseslike PolicyDesign and Delivery with Professor Eric Rosenbachand DigitalGovernment v Professor David Eaves, andthrough a real-world applications by working to identify top internationalinitiatives in technology and public objective as a research Assistant at theHarvard Belfer Center.

With regards to my third goal, I have been blown far by myclassmates’ society activism and also willingness to take it on several of the world’s mostchallenging, pressing, and facility problems that most people would shy awayfrom. Their optimism and resilience have motivated me to continue to seek mycareergoal of building compelling an innovation products that have actually the potential todrastically improve lives and also livelihoods throughout the globe.

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6 notes Apr 29th, 2021
HKS captures a selection of theschool’s activities and scholarship. There, you’ll discover a overview to existing HKScourses ~ above climate, file of faculty members who are environmental andsustainability plan experts, and a catalog ofclimate research study programs, projects, and initiatives.

You will likewise find a list of seminars,conversations, and event series where you have the right to register come attend, includingthe Conversations ~ above ClimateChange and also Energy plan series.

ThePath Ahead for Climate adjust Policy

A Conversation v NatKeohane, eco-friendly Defense FundFriday, April 30, 2021, 9 a.m. ET | it is registered to attend

Harvard job on Climate Agreements (HPCA) manager ProfessorRobert Stavinswill comment on what comes following forclimate plan in the unified States and abroad through Nat Keohane, senior Vice chairman forClimate at the environmental Defense Fund. This webinar is a component of the HPCA:Conversations ~ above Climate change and power Policy series.

harvard kennedy school climate activity climate justice climate readjust policy publicly policy management
4 note Apr 26th, 2021
After 3+ months of applications processing, admissionscommittee and also financial assist award meetings, and discussions too many to count, weare happy to notice our admission decisions were released today, Thursday,March 18, because that our MPP, MPA/ID, MPA, and MC/MPA programs. Ours financial aidaward decisions room being released this particular day as well.

If you submitted a complete admission application this admissionscycle, girlfriend will uncover a messagein your inbox with the subject line: “Harvard Kennedy college Application StatusUpdate.” The post was sent out to the email address you contained in your applicationform. Please click on the attach included in the email to proceed reading aboutyour decision.

We are very gratefulto everyone who used to Harvard Kennedy college this year in particular, onethat has actually been rife through deep and also pervasive challenges. It to be a delight to readeach and also every among the applications we received and also see widespreaddedication come live a life of publicly service.

Congratulations to our freshly admittedstudents—you dazzle us—and welcome come our HKS community! store an eye the end forthe launch of ours admitted student microsite where we’ll administer updates onadmitted student programming transparent April.

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4 note Mar 18th, 2021
In her current book, not for the pass out of Heart, Ambassador Wendy R. Sherman brings her readers within the people of worldwide diplomacy and also into the mind of among our most effective negotiators—often the just woman in the room. She reflects why great work in her ar is so hard to do, and how we have the right to learn to apply core skills of diplomacy to the obstacles in our very own lives.

Ambassador Sherman is at this time a professor the the practice of windy leadership and also director of the center for Public leadership at HKS, and also a an elderly fellow at the Belfer center for Science and also International Affairs. She is senior counselor at Albright Stonebridge Group and also former U.S. Under Secretary the State for Political Affairs.

Watch as Ambassador Sherman talks around courage, power, and persistence.

Photo that Ambassador Wendy Sherman

harvard kennedy college public plan leadership facility for Public management diplomacy women's background month females in public policy
Mar 14th, 2021
The Women and also Public plan Program (WAPPP) at HKS advances women and gender equity in economic opportunity, politics participation, and education by developing knowledge, maintain leaders, and informing windy policy and organizational practices.

Its mission is to administer leaders and also changemakers through evidence-based methods to development women and also gender equity. And also its research gives evidence-based understanding on the duty of sex in shaping economic, political, and social opportunities.


Photo of Gender activity Portal homepage

WAPPP’s Gender activity Portal (GAP) is a arsenal of research assessing the affect of certain policies, strategies, and organizational practices to breakthrough gender equity. The portal focuses on speculative approaches to evaluate policies—in the field and also laboratory—and draws indigenous multiple disciplines, including economics, psychology, and also organizational behavior. Read more about the portal here.


Group picture of Harvard graduate students in the native Harvard Square come the Oval Office initiative

WAPPP helps students to develop a sharp gender lens and also policy toolkit with a variety of ways— experiential learning and also summer internship funding among them.

And its nonpartisan political campaign practicum, From Harvard Square to the Oval Office, teaches student to run for office through manual trainings, by farming their professional and personal network, and also connecting them v women leaders who have actually shattered the glass ceiling in the public sector. For this reason far, the program has trained end 700 Harvard graduate students and also affiliates from over 64 nations to operation for politics office. Read around some Oval Office graduates.

harvard kennedy institution public plan leadership gender equity ladies in public plan wappp
3 note Mar 12th, 2021
Harvard KennedySchool continues to be hard at work-related reviewing admission and also financial assist applications.But we’re in the last stretch—decisions will certainly be exit in late March. Wewill keep you updated here.

It’s Women’s background Month and eventsand discussions have gotten underway in our HKS and also Harvard areas to recognizethe achievements and historic contributions of ladies in the United claims andaround the world—and speak through challenges that persist. Some of these eventsand discussions are provided below. Watch, read, and also register for those coming upso you deserve to join the conversation.

For another great read, learn about women’s heritage atHarvard and also how it shaped the universitytoday as well as its facility history. And also whileyou’re at it, take into consideration taking a free, virtual,student-led tourism that share thestories and sights the women’s challenges and triumphs transparent theuniversity’s history.

Photo of her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah that Jordan

A Conversation v Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan

In the first of two John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum occasions to celebrateInternationalWomen’s Day, she Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan mutual herthoughts top top COVID-19 inequality, the future the work, the state that education,climate change, and the divisiveness resulted in by the an international pandemic. Watch.

Photo of previous Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

Madame Secretary

During this week’s man F. Kennedy Jr. Forum event, The Future of diplomacy IsFemale, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright talked about her careerand said sexism was a larger hurdle at residence than abroad. Watch.


Violence versus Women in Politics

Women in Public policy ProgramSeminar SeriesThursday, march 11 (12-1 p.m.) |Register

Women have made far-ranging inroads into politics in recentyears, but in many parts of the world, their increased engagement has spurredphysical attacks, intimidation, and harassment. In the an initial comprehensive accountof this phenomenon, Professor Mona Lena Krook exploreshow women pertained to givethese experiences a name: violence versus women in politics.

MoreThan Ready: lessons from females of shade in Public technology Leadership

Shorenstein center on Media, Politics and also Public PolicyThursday, march 11 (4-5 p.m.) |Register

Women of color today space contributing to an unprecedentedwave that “firsts”—whether they room the first in a family to to visit college, first to offer as CEO of a fortune 500 company, or the very first in public office,women of shade are reaching new heights the influence.Join united state for aconversation withCecilia Muñoz, a nationwide leader in public policy andpublic attention technology,and Shorenstein center FellowKathy Pham to discussCecilia’s current book,More 보다 Ready: Be strong and it is in You … andOther great for women of shade on the Rise.

IndigenousWomen Convening for Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation

Carr center for human Rights PolicyFriday, march 19 (10-11 a.m. EDT) |Register

The aboriginal Women Convening ~ above Peace, Justice, andReconciliation brings together indigenous scholars and also women leader from sevenindigenous socio-cultural zones of the civilization to share stories of battle andconflicts in their territories and find cumulative ways of ideating indigenousconflict resolution and also peace-making processes.

SisterStyle: The politics of Appearance because that Black women Political Elites

Women in Public policy ProgramSeminar SeriesThursday, march 25 (12-1 p.m. EDT) |Register

Although the joined States has actually witnessed boost in thenumber of black women elected officials, small is known about the influence of these candidates’ race-gender identification on theircampaigns and elections. Black women’s appearances influence electoral politicsand the political experiences of Black females office seekers. In this talk, ProfessorNadia E. Brown discusses the everyday politicization of black women’s bodiesand its implications for politics.

HowWomen success the (Latin American) Presidency

Women in Public policy ProgramSeminar SeriesThursday, April 1 (12-1 p.m. EDT) |Register

The presidency stands the end as one of the most powerful andmale-dominated political offices in the world. Exactly how do females democratically winpresidential elections? females in Latin America triumphed 7 times from2006-14 by running as candidates that incumbent next or to run forre-election themselves, feats that defy standard wisdom on gender and executivepolitics.

Drawing top top fieldwork from fieldwork indigenous Chile, Brazil, andParaguay, Professor Catherine Reyes-Housholder sketches out a concept to accountfor first-time female presidential victories.

Complete perform ofupcoming HKS events.

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Mar 10th, 2021

Photo that Assistant Professor the Public plan Desmond Ang

Desmond Ang, assistant professor that public plan at Harvard Kennedy School, is an used economist who researches the intersection the race, education, and government. His work contains research on the results of police-involved killings—like that of George Floyd—on the educational and psychological health of children and on the political engagement the underserved communities. 

Amid recent debate over the function of media in fueling racial injustice, Ang focused his study lens top top a century-old cause of white-supremacist violence, a brutally racist movie called The birth of a Nation. He measured the wave of lynchings, gyeongju riots, and Ku Klux Klan recruitment that developed in counties wherein the movie was shown during a five-year national roadshow native 1915 come 1919. He found that the movie incited far-reaching increases in racial violence—roadshow counties were five times much more likely to have actually a lynching or race riot and three times an ext likely to have actually a Klan thing after the movie arrived—and these impacts persist in those areas even today. 

Ang thought that studying the dangerous influence of that hugely successful film could assist people understand and combat present hate crimes and also violence. His working paper, “The birth of a Nation: Media and also Racial Hate,” is under revision for the American financial Review.

Read an ext about what that learned. 

harvard kennedy school faculty public policy racial unjust fairness and justice black background month
1 note Feb 23rd, 2021
The facility for windy Leadership’s Fellowship forServing afri American areas brings together talented emerging leaders fromany race or ethnicity come lessen disparities in african American and otherunderserved areas in the United says through health care, education,economic development, publicly policy, criminal justice reform, society entrepreneurship,and other fields.

Throughthis fellowship, fellows attach with highly achieved leaders in Boston andaround the world and gain the skills to:

Fostersustainable adjust in african American and also other underserved communitiesInspirenew ideas and also innovative change in programs and also policies to serve thesecommunitiesBuildcross-sector partnerships and also collaborations

Meet numerous of the 2020-2021 FSAAC fellows:

Damarcus Bell MPP 2022 (Atlanta, Georgia)


What influenced you to seek a career inpublic service?

My catalyst for becoming a physician islargely driven by a desire to mitigate suffering and also the burden of illness. Asa medical professional in training, I have the privilege that meeting and caring for peopleat vulnerable moments in their lives. However, many socioeconomic factorsaffect patients prior to they come at the hospital, which often results insuffering and death from avoidable diseases. Far too often, I have bothwitnessed and also mourned people suffering and dying native preventable illness inmy aboriginal Nigeria, mine rural town in Tennessee, and also various lower-resourcesettings that i have functioned in across the globe. I believe that v healthadvocacy, I can both care for my patients and also empower members of mine communityto lead healthy, productive, and also prosperous lives.


COVID-19 student Response, MentalHealth Initiative: Co-FounderFulbright U.S. Student Program, Ecuador: ResearchFellowDuke worldwide Health Institute, Student research study Training Program,Guatemala: research FellowHarvard clinical School, MD Candidate, 2022DukeUniversity, BS in Biology through Distinction, minor in an international Health Studies, PhiBeta Kappa, 2012

Stephanie Fernandez MPP 2022(New York, brand-new York)


What inspired you to go after a career inpublic service?

“Look come the person to your right and then toyour left. Fifty percent of you will certainly not graduate from high school four years from now.”These to be the an initial words my biology teacher said on my an initial day of high school.I to be in disbelief that the expectation to be failure. I attended windy schoolsin new York City native kindergarten through high school. Also though i receivedstellar grades and also became extremely involved in my community, ns knew then andknow now that my individual accomplishments will not counter the low expectationsfor students who look like me or that come from comparable backgrounds. Creatingeducation equipment that affirm young world will be important in creating amore equitable culture that is cost-free of bias and also discrimination. This fuel mypassion for public service. Transparent my career, i will proceed working atthe intersection of education and racial and gender justice.

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NYC Mayor’s Office, Office that theDeputy mayor for Strategic plan Initiatives: senior Policy AnalystTheBrotherhood/Sisterhood Sol: MentorNYC urban Fellows Program: Urban other atthe NYC Mayor’s Office that Immigrant AffairsFulbright Program: English TeachingAssistant in MexicoBarnard College, BA in Urban studies with a Concentrationin Sociology, 2014

Learn much more about the FSAAC fellowship, eligibility,award, and also how to apply.

harvard kennedy school hks fellowship fsaac center for public management cpl windy policy management criminal justice revolutionary health care education economic development social entrepreneurship
Feb 22nd, 2021