This post provides some really practical services to Tumblr videos no playing, because that example, the video crash, black screen, and also endless loading.

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update Nov 15,2018 | by Micky

“What can I execute with the trouble of Tumblr videos not playing? It just keeps loading endlessly but my neighborhood network is fine!”

Tumblr is the world most famous social microblogging and social networking website. Users can view various original multimedia components posted by rather in their short-form blogs including photos and videos. However, sometimes when utilizing Tumblr, we’ll uncover Tumblr videos don’t play no matter how long you wait. Because that example, castle only display a black screen or the videos just load endlessly.

In this tutorial, I’ve detailed some straightforward methods come troubleshoot this issue. Hopefully, they all job-related for you.


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Tumblr Videos nothing Play ~ above Chrome

If the issue Tumblr videos not playing occurs on Chrome, there are greatly 3 solutions.

Solution 1 Clear cookies on Chrome

If the web browser is clogged up through cookies, the online video clip playback deserve to be affected. In this case, you will see Tumblr videos pack endlessly.

To resolve it, click on the 3-dot switch on the upper ideal > setups > advanced > Clear searching data > clean data. ~ this, check whether Tumblr videos work-related again.

Soluton 2 Tweak in the speculative Features

Sometimes, the worry is not brought about by Tumblr however by Chrome itself. In this case, friend can shot the adhering to method.

1. Dough “chrome://flags” on Chrome and also hit “Enter” to open Chrome speculative Features.

2. Search for “Hardware-accelerated video decode” in the list.

3. After you find it, adjust the option next to from “Disable” to “Enable”.

4. Go back to Tumblr and also check even if it is the videos have the right to be played normally.


Solution 3 Shut under Extra Tasks

There can be something wrong v online video playback if there are too many tasks to run on your computer in the background. If you have the right to close several of them, things might get better.

On home windows PC, you deserve to go to job Manager to see what jobs are running and choose come shut them down.

Right click on the taskbar at the bottom or struggle “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” come launch job Manager.


Tumblr app Videos Don’t job-related on iPhone

If the trouble Tumblr videos no working occurs in Tumblr application on iPhone, friend can try the complying with methods to settle it.

1. Make certain there is enough storage top top your maker or else, you should clean her iPhone by removing extra Apps and junk files.

2. Examine whether over there is the latest upgrade for Tumblr available in app Store since the video playback worry may be brought about by some kind of bug. If there is, patch the up.

3. Use internet browser like Google and Safari to watch Tumblr videos fairly than top top Tumblr App.

Download Tumblr Videos to PC/iPhone because that Offline Watching

If nobody of the methods above work, friend might also consider downloading and install Tumblr videos for offline watching so that you won’t accomplish those playback problems like unlimited buffering again. - the many versatile iphone phone transfer software program – enables its individuals to download lossless videos from mainstream sites choose YouTube, Vimeo, and also Tumblr and also directly carry the videos to your iOS tools if castle want. Moreover, iphone data transfer, video conversion, iphone cleaning, Instagram photograph download, and also GIF making room also available in

What to do when Tumblr videos don’t play? try the best video downloader top top the industry for free!

Free Download(video)

Download Tumblr Videos within 3 Step

Step 1

Click ~ above the share button of the Tumblr video you want to download and also select Permalink and then, copy the address. Install and also launch, connect your iphone phone to PC and wait until the maker is detected. If the an alert “Trust This Computer” pops up on your iPhone’s screen, tap on “Trust” to continue.


Tips: If you don’t desire to download the video to iPhone, you needn’t affix the an equipment to PC.

Step 2

Click on VIDEOS in the top toolbar. Then, select Downloader top top the left and also paste the Tumblr video’s link onto the blank area alongside “URL:”. Tick off the alternative “Automatically move the download videos into your iOS device” and also preset a download path.


Step 3

Click ~ above the blue switch Download to begin the Tumblr video download. In ~ a quick time, the procedure can it is in completed however you need to wait until the loop circling roughly the iPhone symbol stops. Then, you can uncover the downloaded video in both the folder friend previously collection and in the video clip App on her iPhone.

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Bottom Line

What come do once the difficulty of Tumblr videos not playing occur? Hopefully, after ~ trying any of those methods above, her Tumblr videos deserve to be play normally. If friend have any kind of further questions around, feel totally free to contact us for help.