Hello! New-time follower, but I’m already in love with your work. About your question around how to write a scene as soon as you’re not sure what to do: what information would the reader miss out on out on if the scene wasn’t included? This doesn’t need to be something that’s pivotal to the plot, either. It might be a little bit of characterization, or it can be a advancement of Aster’s or Kornelia’s perspective.

So, you an initial identify precisely what you need that scene to accomplish. Then you have the right to come up with different ways to fulfill that goal that make feeling in the paper definition of the plot and also characterization. If you’re especially struggling with the dialogue, a tip that I’ve heard is to simply write the conversation without any description, first.

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Sorry because that going on favor that; I’m a an innovative Writing major, so i love going on around this stuff. Anyway, i hope the helps.

Oh, an innovative writing! for this reason cool! and by every means, i love come listen about this stuff, for this reason it’s perfect :)

But yeah, i think I’m just not sure what I desire to attain with this scene and also that’s why I’m stuck. I usually know precisely what I desire to take place or what should readjust and climate I just need to write in the direction of it, but this time… no idea.

And yup, composing raw dialogues is the best :)

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I got stuck on one of the chapters :/ I have this step that’s rather crucial for the plot and also character breakthrough but I have to start with a construct up first and I’m not sure what that construct up have to include, I simply don’t check out it, have no idea for it, I just know it has to be there. Other writers, how do you deal with it? periodically I don’t have an idea because that the scene however it appears when i sit and also write but now I just don’t check out the route at all, and I’m afraid every little thing I come up through will be exceptionally boring. Like, I understand where the whole thing beginning (a summary of one event), then there’s a black hole (?) and also then the thing happens (action scene). Ns can’t skip the event and also ? component and go directly to the action scene so… What do?

I normally will begin with three paragraphs. And also whatever one I prefer the most is the one Ill will then proceed writing on. I discover that when I create normally, I always start a scene in a similar way. Favor I always start by discribing one area, or placing in dialog. However if ns am struggling I have actually to strategy it a different way.

The first thing i will try is Ill compose a paragraph of the start of a scene. (Ex. I want to talk through my brother. The tries to death me. I end up killing him.)

The next, I’ll begin the next paragraph as if I started the step in the middle of the whatever dispute or plot line i am focusing on. (Ex. My brother just tried to death me and I just wanted come talk with him. He dies by mine hand.)

The last paragraph is the the end of the scene, and the results of the conflict. (Ex. I eliminated my brother. The tried to kill me an initial when ns was talk to him.)

Change up the order of sequences. You have the right to throw in some mystery/angst that’ll hook a leader till the finish of the chapter.

And the doesnt need to just be the succession that can be changed. Over I mentioned that I have tendency to begin things by discribing the surroundings, and also that I’ll move to dialog as well. Another idea is to throw in what the personality is feeling, your thoughts, what your senses are telling them, ect.

If that likewise doesnt assist then I’ll employ the ‘what if’ technique. What if the worst thing happened to my character? What will take place then? What if I provided them a sword rather of a gun? What if ns make them autumn off a building? What if I offered them a hug?

I ask myself these things, and also it will offer me part inspiration. And also 8 times out of 10 I might still follow the synopsis of mine fic if I associated it good enough.

All in all, whenever I discover a gap in between my plots, I try to use different tools. That like when an artist switches mediums, making use of a watercolor paint instead of fancy pencils. At some point you’ll get inspired by an altering things around.

I expect you have fun! :)

Using your example I would certainly say my scene looks more like: I saw my brother’s room come talk and also then a truck hit our house. And I know whatever except for what the comversation’s about xD

Anyway, many thanks for the advice. Probably I’ll shot to check out with various directions, like you execute with her paragraphs, and choose one the sounds the best. I’ll likewise ask much more questions :)


I do listen come music sometimes but it’s tough to uncover something that would fit in this case. Ns usually choose something the I in reality don’t hear during writing, favor it’s just in the background and doesn’t influence my mood much. But I favor some ambience only. Yet thank you because that the suggestion!

The brackets of xD i have heard about this an approach and i do every little thing to not use it because I know later ns will need to rewrite everything that comes after that bracket. I try to construct my personalities with each scene and their mood relies on what happens step by scene and what interactions through other characters they have one through one. Every scene the I composed that was an alleged to fit later on I one of two people threw away or rewrote completely when the moment for it come in my story eventually. And I really desire to stop that. Though i’m glad it works for you. I simply prefer to create in chronological order.

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I acquired stuck on one of the chapters :/ I have this scene that’s rather crucial for the plot and also character advance but I have to start v a build up an initial and I’m not sure what that develop up have to include, I just don’t see it, have no idea for it, I simply know it has to be there. Other writers, just how do you resolve it? occasionally I don’t have actually an idea because that the scene but it shows up when ns sit and write however now I just don’t watch the course at all, and I’m afraid everything I come up v will be incredibly boring. Like, I know where the entirety thing starts (a summary of one event), climate there’s a black color hole (?) and then the point happens (action scene). I can’t skip the event and also ? component and go right to the action scene so… What do?




Just mine ocs :)


Are friend Polish? then powiedz coś po polskiemu.

This is a paragraph from mine story:

Cienie pełzały po kamiennych ścianach ns nurkowały w gąszczu cierniowych krzaków, błyskając czasem kocimi oczami spod liści. Część lampionów zgasła, część wciąż nęciła wielkie ćmy, które obijały się o szklane bańki z cichym brzękiem. Nie wszyscy bawili się przy ognisku. Wielu mieszkańców zostało w mieście, świętując w gronie najbliższych ns spędzając noc na rozmowach. Ich głosy odbijały się echem wzdłuż ulic, mieszając z muzyką, która niosła się tu znad jeziora.

Can I get a law now? :)


if it"s ok come ask about aster and kornelia still, what is their dynamic together a couple? thank you :)

It’s totally ok to ask around them (I can talk about them 24/7 if I had the possibility xD) I’m not certain if you’re asking about their dynamic transparent the story or just “if they to be together exactly how would their connection look like”? i don’t think I should talk about the story in too lot detail, i don’t emphasis the story approximately romance, it’s one addition, some spice, and it’s a sluggish burn… Anyway, if they to be a couple they would probably give each other a lot of of space since Kornelia is a queen and also has her own duties and also Aster theatre in an orchestra and has to practice a lot. They would be very supportive of each other and their jobs and also hobbies, and they’d help each other as much as they could. Their partnership would more than likely be super sexy and also dangerous due to the fact that let’s challenge it, what partnership with a vampire isn’t sexy and dangerous? choose idk, they would be partners in crime, soft because that each other, and they’d make each various other laugh a lot of :) he would cook (because she can’t) and she would tidy every little thing (because he’s messy) …if she weren’t a queen i guess xD


Which the the two (Aster & Cornelia) go you produce first? Or go they appear simultaneously to you?

Also: space there any other personalities in the story you’d have the ability to mention? :)

Aster to be first. I once had an idea for the story around a man who started to check out weird points in his day come day life. When I drew him it to be much later on though and I didn’t recognize that the man I drew and also the one from the magic story idea to be the same character. Once I drew Kornelia because that the an initial time the was choose a lightning bolt! I had a vampire queen and the story began to evolve. I kinda merged both story together and also that’s just how it ended. First drawing to the left (they’re plants from patreon sorry) was the best inspiration because that the story. I simply wanted come know an ext about her:


Other characters? One you’ve currently met, that the witch that is the reason of every one of Aster’s troubles (kill me ns can’t come up v the ideal name for her T-T). And also I can show you Zafre i guess? (Idk i feel the most protective about him for some reason but I think you’d like to satisfy him.) he is a knight and an amazing guy that I’m certain you’d like, he is funny and also smart and precious :)