Russian streamer, Mira, has actually been banned native Twitch after ~ she allegedly confirmed sexually suggestive contents from she Instagram page on her stream.

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Popular Russian Twitch streamer, Mira, has actually been banned native the Amazon-owned streaming communication after she allegedly confirmed sexually suggestive content from her Instagram web page live on her stream. The Twitch star typically streams under the "Just Chatting" category and also boasts end 322,000 followers.

According come the StreamerBans bot, this is the first time the Mira has been banned indigenous the streaming platform. While the specific reason for her half was not indicated, the StreamerBans bot noted that she is tho a partner, which says that the half is not permanent.

mira_twitch) has been banned! ❌ 💾

— StreamerBans (
StreamerBans) October 4, 2021

Mira consequently posted on Twitter, wherein she featured the picture that obtained her banned. In her short article on 4th October, she said: "My poor Twitch for reflecting dis (sic) pic ~ above stream. psychic to include a thong next time come qualify for hot bath tub | swimming pool | beach streams."

Why was Twitch streamer Mira banned?

Although Mira walk not explicitly indicate that she was banned for showing nudity or sexually explicit content (which is clearly not permitted on Twitch), the photograph that she attached to the Twitter article certainly insinuated this. In the photo, we deserve to see that Mira to be unclothed and surrounded by trees, v a partial see of she buttocks. The picture did no show any type of other sexualized features.

Twitch for mirroring dis pic top top stream. Will remember to include a thong next time come qualify because that hot bathtub | swimming pool | beach streams

— mira (
mira_twitch) October 4, 2021

Mira did no indicate just how long she suspension will certainly last, however given that this is her an initial offence and considering former suspensions for comparable reasons with other streamers, we doubt that she will have actually her channel reinstated before the main is out.

Naturally, the ban motivated several Twitch community members to criticize the Amazon-owned streaming service for their apparent double standards.

Mira banned for allegedly reflecting nudity ~ above Twitch. (Picture: Twitter / Mira)

"They provide you indefinite half for a mistake once other streamers have actually softcore makeout sessions and also striptease shows and it’s embraced or they get 3 days," one Twitter user said.

They offer you indefinite half for a mistake when other streamers have soft core makeout sessions and also striptease shows and it’s embraced or they get 3 days..🙄It renders you wonder what is going on at the twitch office & who is making these strange decisions.

— Swebliss (
swebliss) October 5, 2021

Mira later on responded come the comment, and also said the she received a "timeout." Mira additional added, "I wouldn"t call it a failure on my part. Ns deliberately showed dat (sic) picture together it"s not intended to be sexual specifically in the light of what"s already enabled on Twitch" prior to calling for Twitch"s rule to it is in revised.

Popular ASMR and also hot tub streamers, Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa and also Jenelle "Indiefoxx" Dagres, to be both previously hit with numerous bans because that sexually suggestive content, the last of whom eventually got permabanned for recurring offences ~ above the platform.

Indiefoxx departnered and permabanned indigenous Twitch for repetitive offenses about sexualized content. (Picture: Twitch / Indiefoxx)

Although Twitch has actually not shied far from slamming the half hammer top top infringing streamers sexualizing their content, it has actually been criticized for its unfair moderation in the past, specifically regarding the controversial hot tub streams. This at some point prompted Twitch come launch a dedicated "hot tub" section, whereby they stated: "Being discovered to it is in sexy by rather is not versus our rules."

We"ll leave it come you to decide whether or not the ban was warranted, or even if it is Twitch"s rules indeed require some revision. Be certain to allow us know what your opinions are on Twitter.

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