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INTRODUCTIONWhile modern technology helps ensure the speed, dependability, and also safety of our rides, human being matter most to the Uber experience. And also it"s a two-way street in between our Driver Partners and also Riders. We created these Uber Partner and also Rider requirements so that everyone in the car has a mutual standard for respect, accountability, and common courtesy.PROFESSIONALISM & RESPECTUber maintains a zero-tolerance policy about all develops of discrimination, harassment or abuse.NON-DISCRIMINATIONIt is unacceptable to refuse to carry out or accept services based upon a person"s race, religion, nationwide origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, sex identity, period or any type of other characteristic defended under applicable commonwealth or state law. This kind of habits can an outcome in long-term loss of accessibility to the Uber platform.NO wild BEHAVIORIt is disrespectful to make derogatory remarks around a human or group. Furthermore, commenting ~ above appearance, questioning overly personal questions and also making unwanted physical contact are every inappropriate. We encourage you be mindful of various other users" privacy and personal space. Violence of any kind of kind will certainly not be tolerated.HUMAN KINDNESSCalm and clear interaction is the most effective means to defuse any kind of disagreement that may arise between you and also another Uber user. Uber expects that all riders and also drivers will treat one an additional with respect and courtesy.SAFETYThe safety and security of riders and also drivers ~ above the Uber platform is the utmost concern. In bespeak to ideal protect anyone in the vehicle, we require the following:COMPLIANCE with THE LAWIllegal substances and - unless explicitly enabled by legislation - open containers the alcohol space not allowed in drivers" vehicles. This is versus the law and also a serious violation that Uber"s policy. Furthermore, Uber does no tolerate drug or alcohol by drivers while making use of the Uber app. If a driver believes a driver might be under the affect of medicine or alcohol, please request that the driver finish the pilgrimage immediately and alert Uber assistance at a driver, the is your obligation to carry riders for sure in accordance through the rule of the road in your city. As a rider, the is your responsibility to abide through the chair belt regulations in your state. However, we recommend the you always wear a seatbelt if riding in any kind of vehicle.DISABILITIESUber expects compliance with all state, federal and also local regulations governing the transportation of riders with disabilities. Violation of this laws, including with respect come the usage of service animals, constitutes a breach of the parties" licensing agreement. Service pets must be accommodated in compliance with accessibility laws. Reports that refusing to deliver a rider with a service animal will cause deactivation of the Uber account.FOLLOWING THE RULESWe call for partners to keep records up to date to remain active. Riders, likewise, need to maintain active payment information.Riders space responsible because that guests traveling v them or anyone they request a ride for. The is your responsibility to ensure everyone adheres to Uber"s code of Conduct.Violations of this password of conduct could an outcome in lose of your Uber Account. You re welcome report any kind of violations to Uber, we desire to hear your feedback! alarm us and we"ll take it action!EMERGENCIESIf at any kind of time girlfriend feel the you are confronted with a instance that requires instant emergency attention, please speak to the emergency company number in her area. As soon as all parties are safe and also the case has been handled by the authorities, you re welcome then inform Uber. We will certainly assist and also take appropriate action as needed, consisting of cooperating with law enforcement.

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