Uber is a welcome different to nice taxis; much much less expensive, no threat of overcharging tourists, no money transforms hands, no should speak French, and also much friendlier and an ext professional.

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You register on-line v your payment details, and then as soon as you desire a car you can conveniently do for this reason on your smartphone in English. Shortly after, you acquire a article confirming the car and driver, and also in how many minutes the auto will arrive. The driver’s photo, name, car kind and license plate number is on her phone, and you price the driver in ~ the finish of your ride. That is more efficient 보다 a taxi, the drivers are friendly and helpful, whatever is clean from the outset (so no getting ripped off), and you don’t need must fumble for euros or worry about tipping.

Many of the chauffeurs speak English, however even if lock don’t the doesn’t matter! as soon as you stimulate the car on her phone (in English) you collection the pick up point and destination, you see the route and estimated come time, you have the right to click ‘fare estimate’ to know the approximate cost in advance, and also the final expense is debited indigenous your credit transaction card automatically with an prompt receipt by email, so there is nothing to negotiate or discuss… simply a ‘bonjour‘ and also a smile will certainly suffice!

There room two levels:

Uber-X is the most popular service. It expenses a third to fifty percent as lot as a taxi, and also you space picked increase by professionally licensed and also insured drivers. The cars are clean and well-maintained, the vehicle drivers are friendly and professional, and also they usually even offer girlfriend a bottle of water! The minimum fee for an Uber X is 6€.

Uber black Car is the much more expensive business (but still much less than a taxi) wherein you space picked up in a deluxe sedan by a skilled chauffeur wearing a suit. The minimum fee for one Uber Black automobile is 15€.

Check out the cost comparison that the Nice-Matin did because that the expedition between the Meridien Hotel and the airport:

The taxi to be 35€An Uber X expense 18€The Uber Black vehicle was a black Mercedes Viano with leather seats and also a party of water, the driver to be impeccably attired, friendly and professional, and also the cost the the expedition was 26€

If friend order one because that an airport transfer, just acquire on the free airplane wifi and also click the app. The app tells you exactly where to meet your driver at the airport and you simply look because that the driver and car (photo is on your phone). It typically takes castle 5-10 minutes to arrive.

Insider Uber at the airplane tips: The application will phone call you whereby to fulfill your driver, and also will to speak for instance ‘Meet at Door D2’ but you will only see the D markings from exterior the sidewalk; the doors room not marked inside the airport. One more tip: request the your driver take it the path along the Promenade des Anglais, i beg your pardon will price less 보다 the highway and also will it is in infinitely much more scenic!

Uber-X is especially great for getting to the Matisse and Chagall museum on Cimiez, which can be kind of a problem to obtain to by bus, particularly on Sundays. Native the Old Town, an Uber-X vehicle would cost 6-7€ to obtain to the Chagall Museum, and 8-9€ to acquire to the Matisse Museum (versus 15-20€ or much more by continuous taxi).

Unlike taxis, Ubers don’t charge much more at night or on Sundays, so that is a great way because that getting earlier after the buses/trams/trains have stopped, or after you’ve had a few.

The just caveat come Ubers is that when there is a suddenly surge in demand, castle raise the prices. This is called ‘surge pricing‘ and also is plainly communicated to you before you place the order because that the car. If you check out that surge pricing is in effect, just gain out the the app and try again in 5 or 10 minutes. The greater prices discourage customers, so the surge in demand usually ends fairly quickly.

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Deal Alert: Get 5-10€ off your first Uber ride on any Uber service Just walk to the Uber site and enter this promo code as soon as you sign up: uber-get-ten.

Wow, no wonder the quite taxis space so mad!

Taking one Uber in Monaco

If you miss the last bus, or also the critical train, rather of taking a taxi back which will collection you back around 90-100€, much better to take it an Uber which will only cost around 40€. The record is that Uber is banned in Monaco, so what you have to do is walk as much as the top of Casino Square, previous the bubble shops, and up the stairs, climate cross the street. Now you space no much longer in Monaco, however in the French city of Beausoleil, and also now Uber will certainly work!