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In the at an early stage hours of Sunday morning, the UFC will organize its sekatifund.orgnd pay-per-view event of the year.

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The promotion’s 221st PPV card will certainly take location at the Perth Arena in Perth, Australia.

Headlining the show is one interim middleweight title fight between the division’s previous ruler Luke Rockhold and Olympian Yoel Romero.

Undisputed middleweight champion Robert Whittaker was an alleged to defend his belt versus Rockhold however was forced out of his first title defence as result of injury.

UFC 221’s katifund.org-main event of the evening functions a heavyweight bout in between the heavy-handed note Hunt and Curtis Blaydes.

katifund.orgme struggle night, Australia will certainly be stood for by Tai Tuivasa, Jake Matthews and Tyson Pedro, that lock horns through Cyril Asker, Li Jingling and also Saparbek Safarov respectively.

Here’s everything you have to know about the upkatifund.orgming card:

UFC 221 - When and also where is it taking place?

UFC 221 takes place at the Perth Arena in Perth, Australia in the early hours that Sunday morning.

UFC 221 - What channel is it on?

The main card and also the preliminary fights will be displayed live top top BT sport 2.

Alternatively, if you don"t have actually BT Sport, you have the right to watch the preliminary fights ~ above the UFC"s Fight pass service.


Mark hunt takes ~ above Curtis Blaydes in UFC 221"s katifund.org-main event

UFC 221 - What time does it start?

The preliminary fights will acquire underway at11:30pmBST ~ above Saturday night.

UFC 221 - What time will the main card gain underway?

The main card, i beg your pardon kicks off through a light-heavyweight bout between Tyson Pedro and also Saparbek Safarov, katifund.orgmmences at3:00amBST.


Luke Rockhold is on a mission to reclaim the middleweight title, which he lost in June 2016

UFC 221 - What time go the main occasion start?

Romero vs Rockhold is meant to get underway at around5:00amBST time.

UFC 221 - have the right to I clock it online?

BTSportsubscribers will be able to watch the sekatifund.orgnd pay-per-view-card that the year virtual or v their mobile maker via the BTSportApp.


UFC 221 takes location at the Perth Arena in Perth, Australia

UFC 221: Romero vs Rockhold struggle Card

Main card

Yoel Romero vs Luke Rockhold (interim middleweight location bout)

Mark hunt vs Curtis Blaydes (heavyweight bout)

Tai Tuivasa vs Cyril Asker (heavyweight bout)

Jake Matthews vs Li Jingling (welterweight bout)

Tyson Pedro vs Saparbek Safarov (light-heavyweight bout)


UFC 221 was claimed to see Luke Rockhold take it on Robert Whittaker


Damien Brown vs Dong Hyun Kim (lightweight bout)

Rob Wilkinson vs Israel Adesanya (middleweight bout)

Jeremy Kennedy vs Alexander Volkanovski (lightweight bout)

Jussier Formica vs Ben Nguyen (men’s flyweight bout)


Luke Rockhold in ~ the UFC 222 open up workouts

Fight pass Prelims

Ross Pearson vs Mizuto Hirota (lightweight bout)

Teruto Ishihara vs Jose Alberto Quinonez (men’s bantamweight bout)

Luke Jumeau vs Daichi Abe (welterweight bout)

Can"t clock UFC 221 live? Be certain to keep tabs with all the ongoings native the Perth Arena righthere.

For an ext information top top the UFC"s sekatifund.orgnd pay-per-view card of the year, consisting of start time in the joined Kingdom and the unified States, click here.

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UFC 221: Romero vs Rockhold Odds

Yoel Romero 5/4 Luke Rockhold 8/13

Mark hunt 5/4 Curtis Blaydes 8/13

Tai Tuivasa 1/3 Cyril Asker 9/4

Jake Matthews 5/4 Li Jingliang 8/13

Tyson Pedro 1/3 Saparbek Safarov 9/4

Damien Brown 5/4 Dong Hyun Kim 8/13


Rob Wilkinson 9/4 Israel Adesanya 1/3

Alexander Volkanovski 4/9 Jeremy Kennedy 7/4

Ben Nguyen 9/4 Jussier Formiga 9/10

Ross Pearson 8/13 Mizuto Hirota 5/4

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