Fairly brand-new to 3d printing, and just received and also tested my UM2+, i an alert there is room because that an extra nozzle as well as the very first one.First thing that pertains to mind is wether it`s possible to install the Extrusion upgrade kit together a 2nd nozzle.The kit contains much more than friend need, but you might get the opportunity for a second extruder, or...?Not acquainted with the motherboard flexibility, software(Cura3.6) and compatability, but should this no be reasonably straight?And has anybody done this however ?Any thoughts on this idea (Might be much out below but...) ?Geir

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Posted January 13, 2019


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Posted January 13, 2019 · UM2+ twin extruder upgrade

This is by much the best way to update to dual extrusion (link below). The original plan for the UM2 to do double extrusion doesn"t work really well at all and I don"t desire to define why.


Your biggest problem with the mark2 is the UM stopped putting a driver chip for the second extruder on many circuit boards for this reason you might want come look top top the plank to see if that is absent before going very far with the mark 2 option.


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ahoeben 1,323

Posted January 13, 2019


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Posted January 13, 2019 · UM2+ dual extruder upgrade
53 minute ago, Akselsen said:

Fairly new to 3d printing,


Miyagi dad says: first learn stand, then discover fly.


If her printhead has actually the hole for the seocnd extruder, the motherboard likely has actually the 2nd driver chip. But you additionally likely have actually an katifund.org 2, not an katifund.org 2+.


The initial plans because that the katifund.org 2 dual extrusion kit dropped through since printing v two fixed nozzles is tough to perform right. The second nozzle will certainly be rubbing or scratching over the print while printing through the first nozzle, through a decent possibility of knocking components of the publish off the buildplate. Any type of material grounding to one of two people nozzle will certainly smudge right into the print. It just does no work really well.

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UM2+ double extruder upgrade

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