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There are countless different components that will affect your breast augmentation results. Your selection of implant type, size, shape and also profile will certainly all beat a far-ranging role in achieving your desired outcome. Throughout the planning phase of your procedure, Dr. Jean will comment on these alternatives with girlfriend in information to ensure you make the ideal decisions because that your unique needs and goals.

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For countless women considering breast augmentation, the chest implant file is a characteristic that isn’t as easily understood as choices related to the size, form or implant material. The profile of a breast implant determines how far it will project forward from the chest. The level of projection achieved is determined by the width of the implant. In general, the smaller sized the base broad of a chest implant, the farther the will project off the chest.

There space several various breast implant profiles that Dr. Jean offers for augmentation:

Moderate plus profile implantsHigh file implantsUltra high profile implants

Each the these choices can achieve beautiful results for the ideal patient.

Moderate to add Profile breast Implants

Moderate add to profile breast implants have actually the widest base width and an outcome in the the very least amount of projection from the chest. Lock provide much more natural looking outcomes than other alternatives and space often wonderful choice for ladies with wider chests.

You may want to take into consideration moderate to add profile chest implants if you:

Want come achieve really natural resultsDesire significant cleavagePrefer a reasonably flat chest appearance

High Profile breast Implants

High profile chest implants provide an ext projection than moderate plus profile implants, but less estimate than ultra high file implants. This alternative also produces natural looking results yet with fuller breasts for women through narrower chests.

You may acquire the best result from high profile breast implants if you:

Prefer a balance the volume and cleavageDesire a natural looking resultWould favor a both larger breast size and also slightly more prominent cleavage

Ultra High Profile chest Implants

Ultra high profile chest implants have a very narrow basic width, permitting them to administer the most projection native the chest. This choice tends to administer a an extremely full and more rounded chest appearance. Ultra high implants are often most efficient for petite women v a narrow framework or those desiring a an ext rounded appearance to your breast.

Dr. Jean may recommend ultra high profile breast implants if you:

Prefer a much more dramatic chest appearance instead of a subtle, herbal looking resultDesire much more fullness in the upper breast regionWould favor to accomplish the greatest amount of forecast from the chest

Which chest Implant Profile should I Choose?

Choosing the appropriate breast implant file is an essential decision that will play a far-reaching role in your breast augmentation outcome. The best implant profile for you will depend on a selection of factors, including:

Your human body typeYour selected implant sizeThe final breast appearance friend would favor to achieve

The proportions of your body will affect the ideal implant profile because that you since the exact same breast implant will certainly look very different on two women with different body types. When determining the appropriate implant profile because that you, Dr. Jean will evaluate your frame size, the width of your chest, and also the amount of organic breast organization you possess.

Dr. Jean will additionally consider your aesthetic goals. Are you searching for subtle, herbal looking outcomes or a more dramatic outcome? Is prominent cleavage vital goal because that you? do you favor a fuller, rounder breast appearance? her answer come these concerns will aid determine the best breast implant profile for you.

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