If you are looking at buying a little, adventure form video camera that can shoot high top quality video and also possibly time lapse, I could have the solution for you, the Adventure Cam 10 by UltraProX. UltraProX"s line of three cameras sport either a 5 megapixel or a 12 megapixel sensor and are able to capture video all over from 4k dvery own to 640 x 480 and resolutions in in between.

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The primary attract to this video camera over the GoPro is price. You have the right to inspect the existing price of this cam on Amazon (affiliate link opens up in brand-new tab).

The camages have the right to additionally take stills and perform time lapse either in hand-operated or automatic mode. For the functions of this post, I am reviewing the Adundertaking Cam 10.

Shooting a time lapse through the Adundertaking Cam 10 while placed on my tripod

You can view the moment lapse below.



Cost. At a price of $136 for the cam, waterproof (umm yeah) situation,, remote, numerous different mounts, spare battery, bit tripod and windshield mount, you will certainly not lose a totality lot of money by picking one of these little bit cameras up.

Accessories. The company sells numerous different accessories to permit you to mount the cam in a whole lot of different locations. Even then, you might be searching for somepoint that the firm can not have actually such as a warm shoe mount. Yes, a hot shoe mount and I will certainly lay all the blame on Nick Page for this one. I ended up buying a warm shoe mount for my Iphone after watching among Nick"s Periscope broadcasts. Now here is where it gets weird and I will take the blame for this. Throughout a recent trip to a bronc riding institution, I determined to perform some live video over Facebook, so I took that warm shoe mount through me and used it for a few minutes. I then had actually the bideal concept of “what if I mounted the Adendeavor Cam 10 to the warm shoe?” Funny point is through the electronic camera in the situation, it would certainly occupational via the phone mount, however then a quick search on Amazon revealed that I might gain a devoted hot shoe mount for this action video camera. Yes, I am that guy but I have actually not ordered it yet.

Quality. So much, the electronic camera is pretty solid and I have not had actually any type of significant concerns.

Flexibilty. Stills, Time Lapse, video and also sluggish movement. This camera can carry out a number of different points and through the capability to shoot 1080p 60fps, it produces some decent high quality video as lengthy as you have the right to live via the distortion.


The waterproof instance is not.

Battery life. Like I stated prior to, I have gained all over from approximately 25 minutes (1080p 60fps) up to about 50 minutes (1080p 30 fps) out of a totally charged battery, depending on the settings. From looking at a chart gave by Go Pro in addition to cam settings, they get a lot more life out of their batteries. I contacted the firm around battery life and what type of times I must mean, yet the reply was somewhat vague through “depends on the settings” and also “we gain about 60-90 minutes.” Not a totality lot of aid tbelow.

Windshield mount. The windshield mount, even after tighttening whatever down, still transmitted some vibration to the electronic camera resulting in some shaky video.


Tbelow are many sellers online that sell the UltraProX line of camperiods. You have the right to purchase one for yourself from Amazon. You can additionally examine out the entire line of UltraProX cameras below.

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The Adendeavor Cam 10 by UltraProX is a low expense alternate to some of the even more expensive activity cams on the market. I am happy via the product and also I think it will fit my wants and needs simply fine. I execute think that UltraProX could have actually a bigger selection of memory cards.