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Does everyone have any kind of experience in getting replacement components from Union? The straps on my pressure bindings are pretty much shot at this point after around 25 - 30 work of riding. The straps room all ripped/torn up underneath the buckles i m sorry is leading to them to destruction their way into mine boots and mess those increase too. I"m assuming that straps aren"t a vouch item? perform I simply need to email them and request straps?Come to think of it, shouldn"t straps hold up for an ext than 25-30 days of riding? ns mean, I"ve got a pair of at sight old institution LTD bindings that have actually 50+ work on them and also the straps look nearly brand new...
Wow. For this reason it"s going to cost me $80 to change the straps ~ above the Unions...So currently I"m wonder if I must spend the $80, or if ns should simply buy a brand-new (not Union) pair that bindings?

I"ve got over 20 days on mine Union pressure DLX"s and also I am using them on a splitboard which way I carry out a many things snowboard binders weren"t necessarily designed with that use in mind. Anyhow, the straps looked well last i checked. Actually fairly good. Girlfriend might shot speaking with Union about it. In ~ the very least probably they"ll reduced you a deal on new straps and also you can get them for something more reasonable choose $40 vs $80. I am v you ~ above the greater price tag. I would certainly probably just go get a brand-new pair the bindings.
I"ve gained over 20 days on my Union force DLX"s and I am using them on a splitboard which way I carry out a lot of things snowboard binders weren"t have to designed v that usage in mind. Anyhow, the straps looked fine last ns checked. Actually rather good. You might try speaking through Union about it. In ~ the really least maybe they"ll reduced you a transaction on new straps and you can gain them for something much more reasonable prefer $40 vs $80. I am through you on the greater price tag. I would probably simply go get a new pair that bindings.
I emailed Union about the straps since they"ve gained so couple of days ~ above them and the guy gave me a 1 sentence reply."Replacement straps are accessible at"No, "thank you". No "glad you like our bindings". No, "sorry the straps only lasted 25-30 work etc"...No nothing.I assumption: v it"s brand-new binding time! ns am really, yes, really leaning toward Rome Targas. Riding format is 75% every mtn and also 25% park I number they must be just about perfect because that what i do. Plus, ns keep analysis on how an excellent Rome is in ~ standing behind their stuff.
This is the 3rd year on my force and my straps space holding up just fine. What do you ride with razor knives on her boots?

EIGHTY FUCKING DOLLARS for A FUCKING STRAP?!My neighborhood hill only charged $2, and even that was also much.Well this isn"t bad, yet still a damn ripoff.
EIGHTY FUCKING DOLLARS because that A FUCKING STRAP?!My neighborhood hill just charged $2, and also even the was as well much.Well this isn"t bad, but still a cursed ripoff.
$80 is because I need all 4. The toe straps are absolutely shot. I can see the steel buckle with the underside of the toes straps. The hoe straps will certainly be in the exact same shape after another couple of days of riding and also the stitching is starting to come personally on the best heel strap.

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This is the third year on mine force and also my straps space holding up simply fine. What carry out you ride v razor knives on your boots?
They started ripping and also tearing after just a few times riding. I figured that probably it was normal for goat skin leather and didn"t think something of it till this season once it started to acquire really bad.I carry out ride very hard and an unified with weighing 215lbs, I just figured perhaps it to be par for the course. It wasn"t till critical night as soon as I looked at my POS LTD bindings and noticed they to be in an excellent shape that ns really started to wonder.I seem come have very bad luck with bindings. Broke Flow teams last season...And this season the Inverter (Force) bindndings bit the dust too. I just bought a pair the 2009 Rome Targas because that $150! I never did favor the pink Pteradactyls top top the one highback (one is pink, one is light brown) top top the Inverters...So ns figured that instead of spending $80 add to shipping, I"d just spend one more $70 and get a new pair of bindings.