Foreword: Well, this is what I obtain once I gain greedy and also attempt to finish a number of games at once; end up games halfway, then get bashed via exams, then someexactly how stagger back up and also finish them aacquire.

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It really doesn’t aid that this is a mediocre Whirlpool game, and also the producers opted on placing a bit even more information than they need to have actually. While this IS your stereotypical Whirlpool game via a definite theme, plot, and also also morals, I uncovered it to be rather boring despite the miscellaneous “censored” recommendations (they even censor the term “Tetris” for some reason, lol).

Overall, this is a very weak Whirlpool game, which leads me to think that games are ending up being even more and also more crappy as time goes along. I don’t understand why this is, because it’s not favor the scenario authors are retiring or anything… I also think what really adds salt to the wound is that the character personalities are also quite overprovided, but I’ll acquire to that later on.


Title: うそつき王子と悩めるお姫さま –Princess syndrome– (Usotsuki ouji to nayameru ohimesama) Producers: WhirlpoolRelease Date: October 25, 2013VNDB Link: Link:Video Game Type: Romance Novel with referrals to fairy tales.


Uhm… Seiko? I hope that’s not what I think it is…

Summary: In this people, teenage girls often have actually an annoying disease referred to as “Princess Syndrome” that causes them to have actually an inexplicable personality and occasionally come to be exceptionally dangerous. For these world, a unique island was designated to serve as a house, so this “syndrome” have the right to be cured as shortly as it shows up. It additionally appears that there’s no genuine “cure” for this illness until the girl becomes an adult (At this point, I was really reminded of the Chuunibyou, which is a emotional disorder occuring at around the age of 15, when a boy might mostly overestimate his/her own abilities or act haughty). Yuuji is one of the rare people who possess powers of a “prince”, that has actually the capacity to soptimal a princess if she goes on a rampage, and bereason of this, was invited to this island also wbelow tbelow are just females with the condition or had the disease in the previous.

From the first day, he will meet up with his mentor “Prince”, who will certainly assist him in assorted measures, and interact via four girls that are all “princesses”. They have somepoint that triggers their “princess syndrome”, and it is his goal to cure them.

Story Length: Moderately Long (20 hours)Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: EasyComments: There’s really only two selections that really issue, so just conserve at the initially “split”, sit back, and reap.



Character Deauthorize Rating: 6/10Story Rating: 3/10Game Quality: ModerateOverall Rating: 4/10Rating Comments: A pretty half-assed rating if you ask me… LOL. Jokes aside, the game isn’t somepoint I was really hoping for. Your typical tsundere osananajimi, loli-senpai, muguchi (quiet) classmate, and genki (energetic) imouto. The characters were matched so well with archekinds of Whirlpool’s games that I couldn’t even laugh, or even commend the agency for using nice CVs. Story additionally gets a huge cut because the game starts to “add” onto your typical Disney Princess movies, which really starts to make points weird.It’s not favor their logic (to the addition of the stories) make sense either, so I uncovered myself rather irritated that they chose such a theme. Are you seriously trying to damage childhoods? I think we had enough of that as soon as we saw penises deliberately drawn on the covers of some of the movie situations. LOL

Character Summary: As always, below goes the character summaries!


Izumi is initially. Despite seemingly the major heroine (given that her story appears to be the “main” within the prevalent route), Izumi’s rather… let’s say she doesn’t stand out as a lot. I guess this sort of theme must exist, yet it’s really unchoose many of the Whirlpool’s paths wright here the “main heroine” plays a vital duty also external of her route. In this game, Izumi was just there…

The game gets right into information about her past; exactly how her family members locked her up bereason she was “as well precious”. It is throughout this isolation that she met Yuuji, and also probably dropped in love as he confirmed her many type of points. The childhood friend’s relationship is progressively revealed within Izumi’s path, however frankly, it’s not interesting at all. Much of Izumi’s storyline entails her trying to repress her “curiosity”, which gets the group right into numerous trouble.

Nonethemuch less, her “Princess Syndrome” is Rapunzel, with her “trigger” being curiosity. Being an “S-ranked Princess”, which means she is exceptionally dangerous, this curiosity transdevelops the character right into a wild and frantic girl craving to meet her desire to learn, and also usually requires attacking the world that obtain in her way via her hair.


Mikan is following. Affectionately well-known as manjuu (dumpling) senpai, this loli character is actually older than Yuuji, and also is rather of a maternal figure to the remainder of the characters. Being the just individual capable of food preparation, she takes on the role of the chef in the family and also manperiods all the meals. Yuuji relieves her of this role somewhat, which renders the upperclassmale feel incredibly secure and comfortable around the protagonist.

All of Whirlpool’s games constantly seem to have actually that one character that is considered “loli”, yet has actually a huge breast dimension. Mikan happens to fill in that role, and also via her nice CV and personality, Mikan actually felt more prefer an underclassman than anything else. Nonethemuch less, if you favor loli personalities, you’re really in it for a treat.

Mikan’s Princess Syndrome entails “regret” about giving up on music when she was younger. The story is revealed slowly, however as with Izumi’s, this is largely unamazing. The outcomes of her syndrome is rather weird, that she “cries” out tons of milk, which isn’t the ideal smelling as soon as it’s left for a while.


Let’s now go to Riina, who fills in the potion as the soft-spoken character role of our story. Typically not interacting through any of the personalities, it’s partially bereason of her that the table at their dormitory is so quiet. Despite this, Riina is a character that would certainly a lot rather carry out somepoint while she’s eating or also walking because it’s “productive”. Riina is additionally the leader of a team dubbed “Caliber” (Spelled as “Council of the Wind”) in game whose project is to patrol the island and stop any kind of “Princess Awakenings”.

This strange and stubborn character is also an S-ranked Princess, and also her powers are just as dangerous as Izumi’s; she has actually the power to make anything take place for simply one hour.

However, it appears that Riina is very skilled at controlling her “syndrome”, and also regulated to not let it get over her in any kind of create. She will certainly shortly realize, however, that her interaction via Yuuji will lower her guard more than she expects.


Last is our energetic imouto, Seiko. Originally not a resident on this island, Seiko is shortly sent out to her older brvarious other as the story progresses, and allows the awakening of her very own “Princess Syndrome”. The cinjury allude about Seiko is that she’s exceptionally cheerful, and also it’s many thanks to her that both Izumi and also Riina initially open up up more to Yuuji.

I appreciate Seiko’s route the most within this game, bereason it presents the previous of Yuuji and also hints to how he may have actually got his “powers” as a Prince, and why Seiko soon came to be to have her own “Princess Syndrome”. In spite of being the typical blood-associated sibling romance form of story, I felt as if this path was most thorough and most correspondent to what I would certainly look for in a story, and would certainly price Seiko’s route more remarkable to various other personalities.

The fun comes in when the reader learns of Seiko’s Syndrome. With the cause being “jealousy”, Seiko’s powers actually involve the “erasing” of things. More specifically? Clothes. The moment this happens for the first time in a classroom, absolute chaos occurs considering that Yuuji is the only male within a female populace. Oh, if you think you would be envious of him in that instance, think aget.

Seiko’s path is also the only course that completely presents the “past” of the protagonist, as well as concerned the “a lot of complete” conclusion to the whole story. Other routes just seem to end abruptly, and didn’t leave an excellent impression.


… And you believed your hair was long

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: With the layout of “fairy tale”, the reader need to notice that Whirlpool adds in “sequels” to whatever story they’re basing off the personalities for. Several of it is really illogical and even unimportant, considering the “sequel” about Cinderella requires her coming to be jealous of the Prince’s background and also damaging every little thing (wtf?!). They usage simple logic to current this to the readers, but psychologically, it is invalid.

Regardless of this, Usomeru is the initially title that started the intake of external recommendations. Not only did I discover these hilarious, I loved how each personalities reacted to such referrals. Whirlpool additionally appears to have actually an excellent feeling of humor, which I took pleasure in thoroughly too.


O,,O… Uh, I think I require some tworries for my double nosebleed

But ultimately, one must constantly remember that Whirlpool constantly has actually a certain layout in their stories, which are also exceptionally thorough and also have an excellent flow. For this specific title, that “flow” was really blocked by a crappy design template and also a negative scenario, yet I guess I can’t really blame them too a lot after their big-hit title, Suzukaze (which I recommfinish everyone to try!)

Affection for the Characters: Low


You’ll soon uncover out that Izumi eats A LOT

CG Quality: HighMusic Quality: Moderate

Addictiveness: Low

Conclusion: A very inferior Whirlpool game, for which I’m quite disappointed. I really expected more, however I guess I’ll carry out that for their following title, Magicalic Sky High.


Seiko’s confront is absolutely pricemuch less on this one.

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Oh, but on the topic of Whirlpool’s next game..