I uncovered a lunchbox when scavenging. When I picked it increase it make a sound, suggesting it could be important. Is it valuable beyond merely being a item of scrap?


Picking up a Vault-Tec lunchbox will open it and also spawn a random item, i beg your pardon will fall out of the lunchbox and be top top the floor somewhere close to by. You obtain to save the lunchbox after opened it and it deserve to be provided in crafting.

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From endure it"s mainly junk items the you have the right to use in crafting. It"s possible to save your game before opening the lunchbox and also reload it to try for an additional item as the items is spawned at the point you open the lunchbox.


When girlfriend activate a Vault-Tec lunch box, an item may pop the end for girlfriend to choose up. My experience indicates that this counts on your character"s Luck.

This web page at autumn Wiki perform some possible items you can find. I don"t think it"s a complete list. That web page makes it sound together if something always pops out. This may be the case, but I remember having nothing pop the end before. Perhaps I just didn"t an alert it.

The item is generally some junk, choose a spatula. You deserve to still choose up the having lunch box, even if it is you choose up the items or not.

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The lunch box can be offered to do bottlecap mines.


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