Two years back today I uncovered Vega Conflict. To several of you, that renders me a location newcomer. Come others, ns am one of the Old an excellent Ones™. Now is a day for me to stop and also reflect top top how much the game has come in those 2 years.

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When i started, the pre-eminent ship in the video game was the Dread Battleship; a an effective and feared beast that lived as much as its name, took 2 weeks come build, and was well-nigh unstoppable. Currently it is simply average; the center of a line-up of seven battleships that selection from the humble Rancor come the mighty Hellfire, and also it bring away only five days to develop one. Because then we have actually seen the introduction of Carriers, Blood Amber, Cutters, The black color Market, stole Star Company, Demon Corps, and also Strange eco-friendly Creatures indigenous Alpha Centauri… ohhh, the screams, the screams..!

Where was I? oh yes… once upon a time, projectile tools were the bees knees. Then, with the advent of impulse Beam and also Aurora Ray, Beam weapons came to the fore. Present Flavor the the month room explosive weapons, v the Manifold Missile occupying the optimal spot. Yet watch this space…

One would certainly think that ns am insanity happy v the method that things have turned out, but I to be not. Ns love this game. If ns didn’t, ns wouldn’t still it is in here. I love it enough to have actually written a book around it. Yet a combination of negative decisions through Kixeye – and great ones deliberately no made – have turned this wonderful game into something that an ext and much more resembles one abusive relationship with a capricious companion who punishes swiftly, rewards rarely, vanishes unpredictably, shows up unexpectedly, promises much, however never appears to quite provide the happiness that the relationship once had.

My greatest gripe is the the video game has end up being totally pay-to-win. Coiners have the right to steamroll the opposition v two-hundred-dollar fleets that Mk V ships that take the remainder of us mere mortals weeks or month to build. The idea that world will invest what is essentially a modest auto payment because that what is essentially a box of bits is, come me, laughable. I say this not as one envious child who wishes he had a credit transaction Card, but as a middle-aged IT skilled with a higher-than-average income. I have actually spent around $50 on this game over the previous two year – mostly in the an initial six months. I do not begrudge Kixeye the money; an excellent work deserves money. However these coin provides are ridiculous.

There are plenty of other gripes that involved mind:

The decline and fall of the black color Market: The space Station-in-orbit-of-a-random-planet thing was a most fun before that Scar-faced-Barstud crash-landed ~ above a planet close to you and collection up shop in what is now more of a “Coin Market” then a “Black Market”.The devaluing of Blood Amber: want a Valkyrie sample Box? girlfriend will need some Blood Amber, part VSec Parts… oh, and also Twelve incredibly-hard to acquire T4 carrier Cores. Or… hey! You can just COIN IT!The pure refusal come implement a Coin confirm button (this is the reason that I will not purchase huge amounts of coins; too straightforward to accidentally spend them).The absence of a Refit Bay: i remember LXC saying the a refit bay would “unbalance the game”… right before Kixeye rebalanced/unbalanced the crap the end of the game, robbing ships prefer the Rapture, Nexus and Eagle of their unique and also enjoyable idiosyncrasies… and also still no Refit Bay. Bah.Crappy support: once a supply run that ended with the adversary dying through the clock in ~ 0:00 caused no strongbox being dropped, ns shot turn off a post to support. Castle asked for proof, lectured me, and generally do it clear that i wasn’t getting anything off of them. Willingness to shed a customer over a single strongbox: Zero out of ten.Power Creep: If i was starting the video game now, I would certainly look in ~ the year-plus structure curve that a non-coiner would have to endure to reach Tier 5… and also quit.#I can go on, but you’ve heard it all before; when confronted with the an option between making points right and also putting the fun ago into the game or presenting a brand-new hundred-dollar coin offer. Kixeye would apparently favor to obtain to work on the latter.Kixeye has likewise had a nasty habit that changing the actions of opponent fleets in the middle of one event – and never to the players’ advantage. Comparison this v Star Trek: Timelines, which consistently apologizes by offering out tranches of sources to players when things go wrong.We messed up. We’re sorry. Here’s totally free stuff.

The reality is the the game is no longer as fun as it once was, and it’s no a game that I have the right to recommend to others. Since the an excellent Rebalance, I have actually been:

Doing events and grabbing every one of the tech that i canKilling aliens (perhaps the just truly fun component left in the game)Killing supply run fleets (or you could wait for the appropriate “Materials” industry event and COIN IT!).Avoiding Civil battles (the prizes space crap and also I have actually never used any kind of of the “extended” weapons).The weird fight: five minutes of combat, five hours that repair… or hey, you have the right to COIN IT!

At this point, I’m stop on, hanging in there, farming and grinding, hope for things to change, however too plenty of disappointments have actually made me cynical. But in the interest of helpfulness, I have actually a couple of suggestions for Kixeye to proceed ignoring:

Create one exchange to convert useless parts (Scythe parts, anyone?) into valuable stuff.Offer other worthwhile for Blood Amber that isn’t bloody useless or bloody expensive.Coin Confirmation switch (unless you really don’t want my money).Quit placing lower-class cores in Strongboxes! over there are couple of bigger annoyances in the game than engaging a 65 Demon Corps random or Harasser Supply operation fleet, bringing house a damaged or half-dead fleet, opened the strongbox and finding a Tier-4 main point for your trouble. The very same core the you can gain from an pho 37 making use of an insta-rep fleet. Together Dilbert would put it: “Gaaaah”.An hour’s work. Six battles. 1xT4 Core. 5xT3 Cores. No Patterns. Gaaah.Either equalize sample drop chances (so the likelihood of a Mk II sample is the very same as the Mk V), or administer a system to fuse patterns into far better ones. Or drop share upgrade patterns that have the right to be supplied to mark-upgrade any kind of level of that ship. Anything is far better than seventeen Mk II tokens and also no Mk IV or V. (Or hey, you deserve to coin it!!)Concentrate top top $5/$10/$20 coin deals that actually market something precious having; I think that that is less complicated to get $10 the end of fifty players than to get $200 the end of one high-roller.Design a monthly subscription setup that offers bonuses every month.

I know that Kixeye needs to make money, but one life lesson that I have learned is that when you seek joy, money frequently follows. But when you seek money, delight is rare.

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Bottom Line: Concentrate on delighting the players, and they will lug their friends. Concentration on coins and they will sign up with their friends.