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Carrier: unlocked GSM, unlocked CDMA Manufacturer: Motorola

What"s Hot: Affordable, has 4G LTE, unlocked for usage with any carrier (except Verizon), lots of shade options, clean Android and an excellent support.

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What"s Not: It"s a budget-priced phone, girlfriend won"t acquire the ideal of noþeles here.


Reviewed respectable 3, 2015 by Lisa Gade, Editor in cook (twitter:


The Moto G third generation is through no way the ideal Android phone you deserve to buy, however it may be the cheapest great phone you have the right to buy. And also I median really cheap-- $179 full retail because that a name brand phone call with great warranty and support and also 4G LTE? Wow. No monthly payments because that the phone and no carrier ties; simply $179 and also you"re good to go. The specs aren"t scraping below your knee either: it has a quad main point 1.4 GHz Snapdragon CPU, a quite decent 13MP camera v two-tone LED flash, a sharp 5MP former camera and a generously sized 2470 mAh battery. Litter in a nice looking 5" HD display, IPX7 water resistance, an SD card slot and also a variety of ago cover colors to add the alternative to develop your own look top top the Moto an equipment website, and you"re getting a many for her money.

Yes, 2015 is the year of affordable Android phones, an especially unlocked GSM models favor the Moto G. However none are rather as cheap, make the Moto a go-to phone once every disagreement is too ~ or if you just need something unlocked and also dependably decent for human being travel. Throw an ext money at it and you can get slimmer, bigger display phones with complete HD resolution like the $249 Alcatel One Touch Idol 3. Invest $299 and also you can acquire the higher end model of the Asus ZenFone 2 through a full HD display and also a quick CPU. It"s great to have options! the gets exciting when you consider the lower end model the the us ZenFone 2--it"s $199 and has a greater resolution full HD screen and an ext storage and RAM 보다 the Moto G third gen because that $20 more. The ZenFone 2 deserves to perform well, yet Motorola"s developed name and retail existence at shop like best Buy mean it will likely outsell the Asus. It also helps that Moto has wonderful track record for transporting clean Android OS phones v no bloat, and they acquire updates quickly.


The Moto G 3rd generation is an unlocked GSM phone call (model XT1540) and also there"s a CDMA model for Sprint, us Cellular and also Virgin mobile (XT1548). Sorry, there"s right now no Verizon compatible version. We look in ~ the GSM unlocked variation for our review, which has 4G LTE that works on AT&T and also T-Mobile (with T-Mobile"s tape 12 support) and also smaller local carriers. The phone runs clean Android 5.1.1 Lollipop ~ above the 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 CPU. That"s a 64 little bit CPU through Adreno 306 graphics that sits in the lower-middle that Qualcomm"s lineup. The $179 model has 1 gig the RAM and 8 gigs that storage. There"s a $219 design that doubles RAM and also storage come 2 gigs and 16 gigs respectively. Many thanks to the near stock Android suffer with no UI overlays or hefty customizations, the phone feeling quick regardless of the lower end specs. We used the 1 gig lamb version, and it didn"t bog down and it even handled games like Asphalt 8 fine.

The phone has actually a 5", 720 x 1280 HD IPS display with Gorilla Glass. It"s bright sufficient for at home use yet it"s not bright enough to combat direct sunlight well. Colors room pleasing and decently saturated, contrast is an excellent and city hall angles are mediocre for an IPS display but adequate unless you favor to re-publishing your display with pals. The speaker is loud and fairly full and the 294 PPI has adequate pixel thickness to watch sharp once playing Netflix and YouTube videos.


Call quality is excellent on AT&T and T-Mobile, the twin mic setup functions nicely because that outgoing voice through noise cancelling the doesn"t rotate you into a bad imitation of a robot when calling indigenous a according to location. Agree is as great as any kind of carrier-branded phone call on those networks, and data speeds to be a tad slower than carrier-branded offerings top top AT&T, likely since AT&T tunes your network to recognize and also prioritize their very own phones. However we"re talking 16 Mbps download speed on the Moto G vs. 21 Mbps on among AT&T"s own phones--speeds are still good.


Moto gets it: camera quality and also battery life room widely necessary features, and if you"re going come skimp, don"t perform it here. Sure, it"s a budget phone so friend don"t get dual band WiFi or 802.11ac support, there"s no NFC and the display screen resolution won"t win a PR contest, however both the front and also rear cameras ~ above the Moto G 3rd generation are rather good. This is doubly pleasing and surprising since Motorola has controlled to disappoint us with cameras so often in the past.


The phone has a 5MP former camera that"s perfectly suited to today"s selfie-mania. It"s additionally quite great for video clip chat and also you won"t look at hideously pixelated or washed out when catching up with far-off friends and also family. The front camera has an f/2.2 lens and also it have the right to shoot 1080p video.

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The rear 13MP camera v two-tone LED flash and also f/2.0 lens is the same camera module offered on the an ext expensive yet older Nexus 6. The takes very great photos with balanced exposure, little whiteout in sunny settings, well-controlled noise in dim settings and pleasing sharpness the doesn"t watch artificial. Camera controls and UI room standard Google stuff, and also you won"t uncover the riches of options available on deluxe photo-centric phones favor the LG G4 and also Samsung Galaxy S6. Since most folks often tend to stick with automatic mode, that"s fine v us, particularly on together a low priced phone. The rear camera can likewise take 1080p video, and also the camera has actually auto HDR mode and panorama.