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Song MeaningAn amazing song. Ns cry nearly every time ns hear it. Like plenty of of you, ns was crushed once I experienced the track title on the brand-new album. One point that was left to imagination in "Plea" to be whether or no Virtute ever before got v to her owner and also whether or no his life improved. The crushing fact is the it did not. I"ve viewed some civilization saying that "Virtute left since she was no longer needed", however the text don"t support this. Near the finish of Virtute"s time through her owner, he never ever talked to her, and also she tried whatever she might to just hear her name (a ide unnatural come cats, thus she think of it as the "sound the you discovered for me"), scratching beer can be ~ etc. Even a scolding would certainly be better than the quiet she endures. This is why Virtute leaves. For the an initial time since she was lugged home (either from a shelter or off the street), she is tempted by the outdoors. The people seems exciting, and also the advantages of an owner no much longer outweigh the entice of the turning dirt and the glowing moon. The saddest thing is the it is inevitable. Virtute tried, however the owner is not going to change, and he"s simply bringing Virtute down through him. She had actually to leave for herself.Now she stays in a what is most most likely a building site (it"s noisy, the voices that the employees die once they walk home, and also construction vehicles always seem abandoned after the work-related is done, just left over there till the next day). She is tho living there at the time of the song, therefore her speak she "found THIS loud home" (you just refer come something together "this" if the is present). The tips of her ears have actually fallen turn off from a ahead winter"s frostbite. (I should point out right here that it"s the advice of her ears that fell off, for this reason she can still hear-- obviously, since she phone call the website her "noisy home" and also knows when the "voices die".) She remembers the good times often-- the cat fights, the brushing, and also the sleeping, yet she doesn"t go ago because she"s grown remote from that life due to the fact that the one point that was consistent through all the good times is gone from her memory.

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She can"t mental the name her owner offered to her-- the sound that Virtute interpreted as she own and also that bound cat and also owner together.And currently I"m crying. Great.