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I saw the Vimu player go the task well.. But anybody to know a free app the plays the MKV documents with AC3 audio top top Vizio Co-star 430?
HI, I"m a noob in ~ this...... I have had actually the very same issues. Many times i acquire a snapshot with no sound. Most apps are paid apps and also I don"t want to walk out and also purchase one more piece of hardware to perform the job.
Avidemux will very quickly changevideo and audio containers without all of the recoding. I"m functioning on number of hundred videos, and also it just takes about 7 minutes per video. Freemake and also Handbrake space two various other options, but takes a lot much more time recoding then whole rip. My LG phone, Sony blueray, and also Vizio co-star space all peculiar, but it looks favor Xvid/MPG work throughout all the them.
 Looks choose Avidemux isn"t always compatible in AC3 conversion, and I so i dug around and also found earlier DvdFab trial version come either convert or re-rip  Some side-load APK sites would be here:
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