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Vizio TVs might be one of the an ext affordable TVs top top the market, but this still doesn’t do them conveniently replaceable if something walk wrong. One issue people have found is the the screen will go black, whether completely or simply partly. If this is your experience, this guide intends to administer solutions that do not involve i have lot of money repairs or replacements for your TV.

A Vizio TV display may walk black because of features such as ‘Screen Mute’ or ‘Sleep Timer’. The may also be a result of a loose/faulty connection, strength issues, software error/bug or broken hardware. Most worries can be solved by to update or resetting the TV, securing every cable or an altering the TV settings.


I will describe these concerns in more detail transparent this article. Friend can also find exactly how to reset her TV when the display screen is no working.

What causes a Vizio TV screen to go Black


There space several feasible causes because that a black display on a Vizio TV. Below is a compilation of every the possible causes you will find throughout this article. Girlfriend can find the services to each of these below.

If your display is black color intermittently, it may be due to the fact that of the following.

· mute screen

· Sleep timer

· Faulty or not compatible cable

· Faulty port

If the screen is always black, whether totally or simply partly, it may be among the following causes instead.

· Firmware bug

· handling error

· strength issues

· damaged circuit board

· damaged LCD screen

If you deserve to still accessibility the menu over the black screen, this is a different cause. For example, you might be top top the not correct input channel or have a faulty cable for her device.

Vizio TV screen Going Black


If her TV keeps walking black, girlfriend may have the ‘Sleep Timer’ activated. This generally puts the TV into standby mode after a set amount that time. If friend would choose to disable this feature, girlfriend can uncover it in the settings below.

Menu > Timers > Sleep Timer

If the sleep timer is activated, it will rotate the display screen off after 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 minutes, depending on which that these has actually been selected. This is simply one that many causes of a black screen, yet one of the simplest things come fix.

If this black display only occurs as soon as you pat audio, watch the details below.

Vizio TV Black display with Audio


Vizio TVs have actually an in-built feature where the screen can it is in ‘Muted’ once audio is playing. For example, if you have an application such together Spotify on your TV, this allows the music to be play in the background there is no the distraction that the display. This feature is permitted and disabled by holding under the ‘Mute’ button for roughly five seconds.

Vizio TV grounding on black color Screen


If your display seems to be permanently black, there may be a more serious problem with her TV. First, friend should inspect that the TV has actually power. You need to see the small LED at the front on the TV irradiate up as soon as the TV is receiving power.

If the LED does not light up, try plugging her TV into a different wall surface socket and check that your power outlets room working. There may have been an electric overload or power outage in her area.

Another possibility is the the hardware is broken. This can incorporate the backlight, the display screen itself, or the circuit board.

If it is the backlight that has broken, you should still see picture when girlfriend shine a flashlight over the screen. Make certain that there is some kind of image displaying in the background as soon as you execute this (not simply a blank input screen). For example, girlfriend can carry up the TV menu and shot to check out this v the flashlight.

If her TV has a damaged display or circuit board, you will not have the ability to see any type of image and also your TV will need to be repaired or replaced. Some people have tried purchasing provided circuit boards and replacing that themselves, but this will certainly void her warranty. If her TV is still in ~ the vouch period, there need to be no hassle having the entire TV replaced.

Vizio TV Keeps Going black for a couple of Seconds


An intermittent black screen usually pertained to a connection problem with her device. If this is the case, you should notice that it only occurs ~ above one input channel.

This deserve to be the an outcome of a faulty or incompatible cable, or a faulty port. You should try plugging your cable into a various port or using a new, higher-quality cable.

It additionally might be caused by an error or pest in the TV’s firmware. If it is one error, this have the right to be addressed by resetting the TV, which friend can discover at the end of this article.

If the is a firmware bug, Vizio each new firmware upgrade will resolve the bugs of the previous update. Therefore, if your firmware is out of date, you deserve to update v the complying with settings.

Menu > device > check for Updates

If your TV is currently up to date, you might need to reset to factory settings to restore an older variation of the firmware that does not have the bug. You can uncover out just how to carry out this below.

Black line on Vizio TV Screen


If you are experiencing a constant black heat on her TV, it is most likely a faulty LCD screen. Unfortunately, this method the entire display needs to it is in replaced, which deserve to be simply as costly as a instead of TV. If her TV is in ~ warranty, this will certainly be a totally free replacement.

However, it may additionally be an worry with the TV’s processor. If this is the case, performing a tough reset, comprehensive below, will clear the TV of the error and also fix the issue. One more possibility is that it is the result of a faulty connection with one of your devices. If this is the case, you must only view the line on one entry channel.

How do You resolve a fifty percent Black screen on a Vizio TV


If her TV display screen is fifty percent black, this is the same worry as above. The pixels on the display screen are oriented in vertical lines throughout the screen.

Therefore, if it is only one collection of pixels, you will check out a solitary line ~ above the screen. If that is a large group of pixels, girlfriend will view a thick band or fifty percent the display will it is in black.

Vizio TV Black screen after Update


A black screen that occurs after a firmware upgrade is most likely a bug. Unfortunately, you should wait for one more update to be exit to fix the bug. However, you can perform a factory reset to restore an earlier version of the firmware till a more recent version is exit by Vizio.

How to Reset Vizio TV with Black Screen


Resetting your TV is difficult if you do not have actually a display screen to navigate v the settings. However, you can still perform both a hard reset and also factory reset there is no the screen.

Hard Reset

This will not clear your saved preferences or downloaded content, but will erase any type of short-term errors the have occurred within the TV.

Step 1: rotate off the TV and unplug every devices.

Step 2: Unplug the TV indigenous the strength outlet.

Step 3: hold the power switch on the TV for 30 seconds.

Step 4: permit another 10 minutes before plugging the TV earlier in.

Step 5: Reconnect all devices and also turn the TV back on.

Factory Reset

This will certainly erase every preferences and downloaded content, therefore be all set to set up your TV native scratch when you have defaulted to factory settings. This is very effective if there is a firmware an insect or a an ext serious error in the software.

Step 1: Press and hold the ‘Volume Down’ and also ‘Input’ buttons top top the earlier of the TV.

Step 2: relax both buttons after ~ 10 seconds.

Step 3: Press and also hold the ‘Input’ button on the ago of the TV for one more 10 seconds.

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Step 4: Wait because that the TV to restart.

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