MTV is release a full season the a series about a luckless high college football team top top its mobile application Friday, a week before the very first episode is presented on television.

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It shows up to it is in a milestone in the fast-moving human being of technology changing traditional tv content, lot like once Netflix made whole season that House of Cards available at once through the streaming service. MTV make its totally free app available on iPhones, iPads, iPods and the Xbox 360 in June, and practically 2 million have actually been downloaded.

The series, Wait Till next Year, is a 12-episode docudrama around a high institution football team that had actually lost 43 games in a row and the neighborhood surrounding it.

“It will be funny to check out if us can get them to come ago and clock on television,” stated Kristin Frank, MTV’s executive, management vice chairman of associated content.

That’s always been a worry among networks around content distribution forms, since the jae won underpinning of the service is still mainly dependent on vikatifund.orgers watching program – and their advertisement – top top television. Yet MTV figures that many world who watch the collection on the app will come to be promotional vehicles themselves, dispersing the word around it on social networks and encouraging rather to watch on TV.

MTV additionally experimented freshly with its “flock to unlock” promo on Miley Cyrus. The network exit “extras” from its Miley: The Movement documentary ~ above the app, provided a certain variety of vikatifund.orgers tweeted requests. They walk and, in effect, the pan who effectively “unlocked” the extra material listed MTV with cost-free online publicity.

During the Cyrus experiment, MTV witnessed an 82 percent increase week to week in the number of people downloading the app, the network said.

VH1 recently made that application available. The network aired reruns of last week’s famous documentary around the tape TLC specifically on the app for a week prior to it aired again top top television, candid said. The CMT and also Logo networks are additionally readying apps come be available in the following months.

So far, a little much more than half of the download apps have actually been for iPhones, and 31 percent have actually been because that iPads, MTV said. It is expecting to do an app for Android solution soon, a spokesman said Thursday.

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MTV figured Wait Till following Year would certainly be a an excellent test case for exactly how many world are interested in utilizing the app for content, due to the fact that it’s a series that’s starting without any established stars. Beyond the soccer team, the series focuses top top cheerleaders, fans, parents and others trying to keep up enthusiasm for a routine that hasn’t winner a video game in 5 years.