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Walk turn off the Earth, Canadian music team that obtained a reputation for their playful videos of covering songs and also unique mix of folk, rock, pop, and reggae. The band got an international following in 2012 with their sheathe of the Gotye track “Somebody that I offered to Know,” i beg your pardon the 5 band members performed all at once on one guitar.

Gianni (“Luminati”) Nicassio (vocals, multi-instrumentalist) and also Ryan Marshall (vocals, multi-instrumentalist) started playing with each other in Burlington, Ontario, in 2006 and gradually met the remainder of the Walk turn off the earth lineup through other local bands. The name “Walk off the Earth” (WOTE) mirrors their desire for fans to forget about their problems and to “walk turn off the earth” when listening to your music.

For the first two WOTE albums, Smooth favor a stone on a Beach (2007) and also My Rock (2010), Luminati and also Marshall were joined by Pete (“Pablo”) Kirkwood on drums. Both documents were produced by Luminati and also released v his independent label, Slapdash Records. Kirkwood left the band adhering to these two albums.

Luminati and also Marshall were then joined by classically trained pianist and also multi-instrumentalist Mike Taylor. In 2011 Joel Cassady left Humber College’s music regimen to come to be a drummer and multi-instrumentalist because that WOTE. Buy it Blackwood was the command singer of the Burlington punk tape The Creepshow as well as a solo artist prior to joining Walk off the Earth. Blackwood ended up being a continual contributor to the tape in 2010 and joined permanently in 2012.

The band began uploading videos the cover song to YouTube in 2009. After comes up through an idea to have multiple human being play one guitar, Luminati heard Gotye’s “Somebody that I offered to Know” in 2011 and thought it would be the perfect fit because that their following video. The performance was filmed in Luminati’s kitchen the day after a new Year’s night Party. The video clip received 35 million views in less than three weeks and also attracted an international attention.

WOTE’s significant label debut, R.E.V.O. (an acronym for the band’s motto, “Realize Every victory Outright”), to be released in October 2012. The four-song EP was produced by Justin Koop and cowritten through producer-songwriter cutting board (“Tawgs”) Salter. The an initial single, “Red Hands,” to be the an initial song composed by the band’s existing lineup. That went double platinum in Canada and also reached No. 1 ~ above the Billboard Adult alternative Songs chart and also No. 9 in the Canada hot 100 chart.

The full-length album R.E.V.O., released in in march 2013, contains the EP’s four tracks, six more original songs, and also the band’s covering of “Somebody the I provided to Know.” R.E.V.O. was certified gold in Canada and earned the tape Juno award nominations because that Breakthrough team of the Year and also Pop Album that the Year in 2013 and also 2014, respectively.

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The band’s second full-length document with Columbia Records, Sing It every Away, to be released in June 2015. The two lead singles, “Rule the World” and also “Sing It every Away,” to be released in March and also April 2015, respectively. Sing It all Away also features “Home we’ll Go,” a participation with producer Steve Aoki. In 2012 WOTE exit compilations of their YouTube cover songs in the 16-song albums Vol. I (2012) and also Vol. II (2012), with Slapdash Records.