Looking for some XCOM 2 advice or a guide to XCOM 2: battle of the Chosen? We’ve gained you covered! among the reasons theXCOMfranchise is sogood is its tactical depth. As well as lofty manufacturing values, theturn-based strategy gametiestogether a fantastic array the abilities and mechanics to develop an interlocked system of exceptionally polished goodness. It’s additionally a game that may seem simple after you get the hang of it, yet there space a lot of advanced tactics and also strategies that the tutorials don’t cover.

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That’s only the basic game, too. The battle of the Chosen growth adds a entirety host the gameplay changes. There’s several completely unique systems to keep track of, alongside brand-new character classes, gear, gadgets, weapons, and also enemies.

War that the Chosen expands the base video game in every single way, and also with new content comes brand-new tactics, and with new tactics, comes us. Below, you’ll find tips because that the base game, as well as a dedicated guide come the war of the preferred expansion. No sure exactly how to finest use Mimic Beacons? Can’t decision which exclusive right you have to be taking? tired of losing all her favourite formation members? read on.

XCOM 2 formation TIPS

Mimic Beaconsare extremely beneficial for luring out enemy forces, together they pressure every extraterrestrial in the vicinity to attack them before your real operatives. One an enig feature, however, is the you deserve to throw the beacon close to an obstacle to have actually the projection take cover come avoid adversary fire, considerably extending the beacon’s lifetime.


ThePhantomperk enables Rangers to start objectives concealed also if the rest of the formation didn’t, which makes a world of difference in the realm of intel. Use your surprise ranger as a scout come anticipate extraterrestrial patrols, climate ambush lock by shoot them in the back.

Most levels have exceptionally destructible environments, permitting for a wide selection of tactical options. You can ruin roofs to relocate landing zones, take it down walls to deny foe cover, and level houses to create a quicker path to her objective. You’re additionally able to transaction direct damages with ecological interaction, such as blowing the end the floor under an enemy. This causes fall damage as well as explosive wounds, and also works specifically well against turrets. Simply remember: the aliens have the right to use the same tactic against you.

You deserve to order her soldiers to monitor a details path to gain somewhere by hold control and also left clicking, which places waypoints for them come follow. This is especially valuable to protect against overwatch arcs throughout engagements and enemy fields of vision/breaking through windows as soon as concealed.


Soldiers left behind can usually be rescued. When an XCOM operative is not extracted for any reason, they’re recorded by arrival forces and taken right into custody. There is a opportunity that castle won’t it is in killed and can sometimes be rescued, i beg your pardon takes the type of a VIP rescue mission.

If you complete a mission before the timer ~ above dropped item expire, you will certainly pick them increase automatically. That additionally works in the unfortunate occasion where a soldier dies and you have to reclaim your gear.

TheTeamworkbonus from external inspection squadmates is much more useful 보다 just giving extra shots to complete enemies. It permits one member come dash ahead and also scout, yet still get in Overwatch, hunker down, or execute anything rather in situation they discover an opponent patrol.

TheDual Strikebonus from bonded squadmates causes the bondmate come fire their major weapon, nevertheless of restrictions, as long as both have ammo. That method sharpshooters can fire your sniper rifle even when they’ve already used it the turn.



If aViperhas got one of her operatives ~ above a choking hold and you’re not confident ~ above your capability to shoot prior to the revolve ends, you can throw a grenade in ~ it. Carefully aimed explosives can hit the vipers without damaging your soldier, enabling you to damages or outright death the reptile and totally free your soldier unscathed through one action.

The enemy usually calls under reinforcements as soon as the main objective is complete, and the timer is regularly as tiny as one turn. Use that to anticipate opponent deployment and the placement of evac zones, if you have actually the chance.

All psionic status results can be neutralised by killing the adversaries from i beg your pardon they source or hitting them with a flashbang. This consists of theSectoid‘Mind Control’,Chosen’s ‘Daze’, and also all offensivePriestabilities. Curiously, it likewise worked withSpectres’ ‘Shadowbound’, even though they room not psionic units.



While constructing a room have the right to take days, upgrading castle is instantaneous.

The adjacency bonuses are less pronounced than they to be in the ahead XCOM , but they still matter; building rooms near a Workshop permit them to it is in staffed through the small Gremlin bots, releasing up valuable engineers for various other duties. The biggest efficiency factor this time around, however, is their location; as well as the power cores that should be revitalized to functioning order, placing strength generators top top the bottom floor grants them a bonus to strength generation.

Less the an advanced tip and more of vital strategy, theGuerrilla tactics SchoolandAdvanced warfare Centermust be built as fast as possible. The GTS permits you to field much more units, level them up quicker, and get an ext items per mission, amongst many other beneficial perks. The AWC permits your soldiers to acquire one extra ability outside of their class, and also while you have the right to retrain high level soldiers come unlock them, building the center early minimizes the amount of time soldiers will be off duty retraining their skills.


War that the chosen tips

XCOM 2’s best DLC increases the base game in every single way, and with new content comes new tactics, and with new tactics, come a new guide come walk you through the basics. Because the development radically transforms how the video game can pay, top top both the tactical and strategy layers, we’ve placed together a specialized section for battle of the Chosen details advice.Enjoy!

XCOM 2: battle of the favored Soldiers Guide

Rotate her soldiers to protect against Combat Fatigue. Don’t argue, just do it.

Skirmishers’ grappling hooks are a special capacity that doesn’t cost anything; they can relocate using the grappling hook and also still store both your actions.

The grappling hook constructed in the ‘Spider’ and ‘Wraith’ armours also works the very same way.

Reaper’s zero Mode ability keeps the reaping machine concealed, however increases the opportunity of detection with every extr weapon. Together they start with zero chance of detection, death a target top top the first shot keeps detection opportunity at 0%.

Only wounding a target increases the Reaper’s detection radius from onetile to fifty percent the screen.

Templars never miss a melee attack, and giving a Templar the Ranger’s Bladestorm ability through the cultivate Centre enables them come clean entirety waves of lost by themselves.

Soldiers assigned to covert Actions together will see their shortcut strengthen, just like operatives in typical tactical missions. Surprise Actions space a good way to rise cohesion in between two low-ranked formation members also dangerous to walk in the field.


The participation bonus from external inspection squadmates is an ext useful 보다 just providing extra shots to finish enemies. It allows one member to dash ahead and scout, yet still go into Overwatch, hunker down, or do anything rather in situation they discover an foe patrol.

The double Strike bonus from external inspection squadmates causes the bondmate to fire their major weapon, regardless of restrictions, as long as both have ammo. That way sharpshooters have the right to fire top top the foe with your sniper rifle also if they’ve already used the rifle that turn.

AP is deserve by soldiers that perform tactical maneuvers during combat, favor shooting targets native elevated positions, landing a flanking shot, ambushing an opponent from cover, or death an enemy with the aid of squadmates. The greater a soldier’s Combat Intelligence, the higher their possibility of obtaining AP because that those maneuvers.


War that The chosen BASE TIPS

The advanced Warfare centre (AWS) native vanillaXCOM 2has been changed with the Infirmary and also the training Centre. Develop the Infirmary first.

The Hypervital Module update in the infirmary is way less helpful than it sounds; it supplies one Elerium core to instantly (and temporarily) reclaim a soldier to complete combat status, but that just lasts because that one mission before the results settle in again. Worse still, every soldier deserve to only use the Hypervital Module as soon as in the entire game.

Supplies are method more usual in the expansion, therefore feel totally free to be more adventurousin how you invest them.

The Resistance Ring should be construct quickly, together it permits you come field an ext resistance orders which give you many passive bonuses every month.


War the the Chosen enemies Guide

If a liked dazes one of your guys, you have the right to kill or drive off castle offbefore reviving the soldier, instead of rushing to your aid. The best defence is a good offence.

ADVENT Purifiers have actually a opportunity of exploding ~ above death, together their flamethrower tanks can be ruptured by incoming damage. The explosion radius is slightly smaller than a traditional frag grenade and damages friend and foe alike, so use it come your benefit and keep your distance. No melee attacks!

These fiery deaths can likewise attract the Lost, like any other to explode in the game.

ADVENT Spectres’ Shadowbound ability behaves likewise to mind-control, however you can damage the zero copy there is no dealing damages to the unconscious trooper. In fact, girlfriend can even revive the soldier while the shadow copy exist on the field, through zero disadvantage effects.

ADVENT Priests can shield themselves v stasis when around to die, deflecting any and all incoming damages for a turn. Shot to have at least one unit with totally free actions after delivering the “killing” blow, in situation of stasis.

Priests space subject come the very same rules of any kind of other Psionic being in the game, so death them is often the best method to totally free your soldiers from an unfavorable effects or acquire rid of any type of boosts to arrival troops.Curiously, the same applies to Spectres, also though castle aren’t Psionic units. Killing them destroys the shadow copy borne of their Shadowbound ability and revives the unconscious XCOM soldier.Priests and Spectres often tend to strike and run, keeping your formation in disarraywhile hiding. Hunt them down through high mobility troops like Rangers or shooting them through a sharpshooter as soon as possible.


XCOM 2 The lost Tips & Tricks

Be aggressive — unlike typical rules of engagement in the game, getting closer come the Lost often brings more bonuses 보다 risks. Keep cool and maximise your hit chance to methodically choose them off, weakest first.

Avoid making use of explosives, as the according to noise attracts shed swarms. Swarms often tend to appear close come the source of the noise, so friend can reason an explode on height of development troops to try and drown castle in walkers.

The lost are enemy to human and also aliens equally, so usage them come your benefit when fighting introduction forces.

If her soldiers are not concealed, The Lost have a 70% chance to strike XCOM soldiers matches 30% of attacking alien targets.Lost regularly target the the next enemies, so store the aliens in between you and also the swarm.The Lost constantly take their turn after the Alien activity phase, so they have the right to be provided to create enemy Overwatch and also overall crash right into ADVENT’s strategy, allowing you an ext breathing room when handling everyone involved.

While explosives can lure the Lost, it is regularly not worth fighting introduction without them. The tide comes sooner or later, and explosives can be the difference between the life or fatality of her squad.

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Follow this tips, and you’ll be fine on the way to mastering among the finesttactics games of every time alongside. Don’t forget to check out our finish XCOM 2 DLC guide, and our guide to XCOM 2 classes. Simply don’t reprimand us when you’re favourite grenadier gets headbutted to fatality by a raging muton.