I hope this doesn't break any kind of rules. Last night I was stuck on the part of The New Stselection pursuit wright here you have to synthedimension the 3 elite arid lancers. After watching a couple of YouTube videos I wanted to make some clarifications that I discovered out.

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So I made (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgWT66fs71s&feature=youtu.be) explaining exactly how to do it. This took much longer than I care to admit bereason I didnt have enough scanners, I was attacked by the stalker, and also i necessary to be on the perfect tile collection for this video to make feeling.

to give a brief summary for those that don't desire to watch the video.

You do need to complete the mission on Ares for the scan to count toward your 3.

The pursuit is not bugged, and the Lancers generate every time.

If your scanner is leading you to a closed/locked door you have to finish the objective for it to open up.

I hope this helps anyone who was stuck choose me.

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This was extremely exceptionally useful and I wish you gained more upvotes. Thank you!!!

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I'm glad it aided. It took me so lengthy to figure it out and none of the various other videos on YouTube seemed to be helpful!

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