Criminal mental Season 13 episode 6 Review: The Bunker

After all, they had to gain inside the mental of the loony-tune survivalists who had actually been kidnapping females throughout Virginia.

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Having a pair of dozen ladies disappear over five years didn"t cause any red flags amongst local regulation enforcement. No wonder the BAU is in together demand.

Even though they were nuts, Coleman and Irene were smart together well. By kidnapping females from 2 wildly divergent groups, pregnant teens and professionals, they produced a pattern an overwhelming to discern.

Except, of course, by Garcia. Once she started spreading a vast net, looking for women in Virginia who had disappeared over the past 5 years, then the two teams became much more apparent.

Once again, things came together a tiny too easily. The BAU members threw a couple of phrases in ~ Garcia, and thanks to the wonder of the search function, she had the surname of the two unsubs and also several possible locations before the finish of the scene.

While i love Garcia, she gets far too many of the "a-ha" moments on this show. Let"s have the big brains on the team certain up points a lot more before handing turn off their concepts to Garcia because that the coup de grace.

How around allowing Lewis or Daniel execute something, anything before the instance is solved? (Tara was there, right?)


Now ~ above the unsubs. They were a boring pair.

They were both supposedly true survivalists that were persuaded the end was near.

I think Irene was greatly operating from a decent place, when you gain past the, girlfriend know, kidnapping. She feel she was offering her clients a possibility at a much better life. Whether they wanted that possibility was a completely different question.

Coleman, top top the other hand, simply wanted to be the last guy on Earth, bordering by, in plenty of cases, attractive young women. He was a typical doomsday cult leader and also was simply using Irene for her contacts and also her actual estate.

Yeah, that was type of a dick. Ns mean, killing a pediatrician they necessary just since she wasn"t sufficient of a true believer.


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So let"s not save them a clues in the Criminal Minds room of Unsubs. Just go lock them increase in a feet in the floor somewhere. 

Were we supposed to think that many of these ladies were fooled by that 1950s civil Defense video clip into believing the the world was a radioactive mess? Really?

I might understand why the women couldn"t escape since that to be a well-designed bunker. However I don"t gain drinking the Kool-Aid and not even trying to obtain out. I know the unsubs were preying on down-on-their-luck teen girls, but they should have had actually some typical sense.

It to be gratifying to view Chrissy finally snap the end of it and also conk Coleman top top the head, freeing everyone.

This was a worthwhile JJ episode, based on her conversations v Joanna and also her decision to cost-free Chrissy and the various other captives.

Too negative she had to be a downer around how challenging it was going to it is in to conquer Coleman"s brainwashing that the captives. She and also Reid gained through come Chrissy, so possibly the others could be convinced as well.


Also she and Reid, favor cops on any type of TV show, violated the cardinal rule. Repeat after ~ me: Let"s wait for backup. After ~ all, they were standing with guns at the escape hatch, so just how were the people in the bunker going come elude them? Instead, lock hopped down inside the bunker and got trapped by Coleman. What?

While we"re on the subject of dumb moves, why to be Coleman lumbering about in a hazmat suit? simply for effect?

Yeah, this wasn"t one because that the ages. You had actually two villains that were just following the doctrine of their religion, survivalism, in trying to develop a better world. It would have actually been nice come ask because that volunteers, but where"s the drama in that?

It renders you yes, really wish for a twisted mister through a true wait of menace.


Much of the BAU seemed to be there just to get exterior the Beltway for a pair of days. Besides Garcia, JJ, and also Reid, did anyone else contribute anything, other than maybe Rossi"s sublime fantasy for his last day ~ above Earth?

While I"m in ~ it, where has Reid"s lingering PTSS gone? Or is he simply so advanced that he"s handle it already and moved on?

SPOILER ALERT: Criminal mental Season 13 illustration 7 appears to have actually potential, through an unsub in Austin, Texas, targeting prominent ar members. One of the underclass taking out the overlords can be intriguing.

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To monitor Reid"s re-integration come the team, watch Criminal mental online.

What did you think the the villains? were the captives mindless sheep? Who amongst the BAU stood the end for you? Comment below.

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