Sin Cities: A Life less Ordinary was a sexually-oriented take trip television collection produced in the joined Kingdom and broadcast ~ above various channels including Bravo in the UK and Showcase in Canada. Sin cities 1 and 2 were produced by intuitive Voodoo (a division of ITN) if Sin cities 3 and also 4 were created by class Films.

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Ashley Hames uncovers weird practices anywhere the world. In this episode Ashley becomes a glamour photographer because that the day, working with Brazil's premier porn couple. He it s okay a Brazilian wax top top the back streets that Rio, drags up for the carnival and also visits a feminist erotic company.

Ashley Hames uncovers strange practices everywhere the world. In this illustration he meets a team of girls who make money out of peeing. He also goes ~ above a photoshoot through Sydney's Bombshells and also gets a nude massage v a Kylie lookalike.

Ashley Hames uncovers weird practices anywhere the world. Ashley takes component in a Tantric sex class in Maui, meets the black guy who has actually sex with white wives, and also wrestles a mrs bodybuilder

Ashley Hames uncovers strange practices everywhere the world. Ashley returns to his roots, whereby he bring away a pasting from 2 bare-breasted boxing babes, looks in ~ the UK's very first stripping school and its disrobing diploma course. He also goes back to school for the thrashing of his life and goes secret to uncover some the London's saucier concealed hotspots.

Ashley Hames uncovers strange practices all over the world. In this episode Ashley eats forbidden fruit turn off the naked human body of a sacrificial virgin. That is also trained together Mistress Sofia's slave and also acts the end a bizarre postmodern roleplay scenario involving suspenders and a feather because that a regional magazine.

Ashley Hames uncovers strange practices almost everywhere the world. Special the ringside thrills of one erotic circus and pubic hair-torching naturists. And Ashley has syringes thrust through his human body by a man who drags people roughly a stage with his genitals.

Ashley Hames uncovers strange practices almost everywhere the world. In this episode Ashley transforms his name to Bubba the Buck, place on a bridle and also gets ridden ~ above a ranch. He additionally makes one erotic CD, take away the starring role in a 'Messy Fun' adult film and also meets some naughty bikers.

Ashley Hames travels the world uncovering weird practices. Ashley heads because that Manila whereby he attends a lesbian sex class, learns to chat up Filipino girls v the assist of miss out on Philippines, it s okay his penis moulded right into a cake, and also gets to perform at a traditional drag club.

Ashley Hames uncovers weird practices almost everywhere the world. Ashley it s okay a gruesome piercing, goes come a bar where women dive because that money, and has his manhood cast in stone

Ashley Hames travels the human being uncovering strange practices. Ashley travels to the Czech capital, whereby he it s okay his debut in a porn film shoot, hunts for a likely Miss Sin urban Prague winner and also finds a brand-new use for power tools. He also eats off a local beauty and visits a business station where the focus is firmly on 'service'.

Ashley Hames uncovers strange practices anywhere the world. In this illustration Ashley observes a swimsuit calendar photoshoot, walk scuba diving - naked, and learns the art of sensual massage.

Ashley Hames uncovers strange practices everywhere the world. In this illustration Ashley days twenty ladies in one hour and also meets Fetish Diva Midori, the human being famous SM specialist. He also poses because that a fetish life-drawing class, learns exactly how to wrestle ladies in jelly and also meets part gothic balloon fetishists.

Ashley Hames uncovers weird practices anywhere the world. Ashley war it the end in the naked Olympics, meets the sadistic women who run the Melbourne mediate Centre, and auditions to be a male escort.

Ashley Hames travels the civilization uncovering strange practices. Special a porno paintathon with France's best X-rated artist, an exercise in flashing about the city's optimal tourist spots, a lesbian can-can extravaganza, naked fun with horses and also the dubious pleasure of see Ashley's testicles obtain nailed come a item of wood.

Ashley Hames uncovers weird practices everywhere the world, including naked flamenco, more porn shoots and also a trio of rampant nymphomaniac swingers.

Ashley Hames uncovers more strange methods in international climes. This mainly he travels to Budapest, where he make the efforts out some chat-up present in the street, and also goes on collection at a erotic shoot.

Ashley Hames uncovers an ext strange practices in foreign climes. This main he travels to Jamaica, where he learns to dance v a dancehall queen, discovers just how local guys are payment by women to have sex, and also gets a distinctive fruit massage.

Ashley Hames uncovers much more strange techniques in international climes. This mainly he travels to Seattle, wherein he meets a man who renders a expert film of her lovemaking, investigates weightless sex and also gets a small component in one erotic horror film.

Ashley Hames abroad. Ash meets Derek in ~ a swingers club. He climate visits a fetish chamber whereby a man has weights hanging indigenous his bits, and also dresses up as a baby.

Ashley Hames uncovers much more strange methods in foreign climes. Ash meets English porn actress Eleanor. Then he heads throughout the border to Rosarito in Mexico and also enjoys a spa v a Mexican prior to meeting Miss orgasm - a dominatrix who is do the efforts for 5 orgasms in ten minutes.

Ashley Hames uncovers an ext strange practices in foreign climes. Ashley meets some lap dancers and also tries to guess your bra sizes. Once he stops working the check he needs to dress increase in drag. Climate he meets Victoria who wants to give him a prostate stimulation massage - which pipeline him howling. Finally he tries the end a male chastity belt and also road tests it in a lap dance club.

Ashley Hames uncovers much more strange practices in international climes. Curtis and Virginia rental a aircraft for fun in the air. Scarlet and also Lush complete in one amateur strip contest. Ashley puts eye on his manhood to clock it shrivel.

Ashley Hames uncovers much more strange methods in international climes. Ashley meets Fernandez, who have the right to orally pleasure self - and also learns exactly how it's done, then meets one art group who base their work-related on S&M.

Ashley Hames uncovers an ext strange techniques in international climes. Ashley enters a bikini contest and comes last. He has photos taken of self half-naked on top of one obese mrs by her photographer boyfriend. Climate he access time the Atone people who suspend your bodies top top meathooks in mid air.

Ashley Hames uncovers much more strange practices in foreign climes. Ashley attends a biker convention, mud wrestles three women, and loses. That takes a stroll in a wood famous for voyeurs and exhibitionists, and visits a restaurant wherein you deserve to spy on human being having it off.

Ashley Hames uncovers more strange methods in international climes. Ashley decorates part pubes - then has actually his done. He meets gang bang champion Claudia Figura, gets pissed ~ above vodka v her, however backs out of an invite to a foursome.

Ashley Hames abroad. Ashley attends a fetish night, takes component in a one amateur strip contest, and also meets a group of corridor bangers - black males who sell their services to women for cash

Ashley Hames uncovers more strange techniques in international climes. This mainly he travel to Stockholm wherein he meets a woman who makes erotic art, walk on a design shoot v half-naked girls, help body-paint a woman and meets a guy with three wives that he spanks frequently with birch.

Ashley Hames uncovers much more strange practices in foreign climes. This week he travel to Hamburg, where he it s okay on plank the 'Hot Bus', access time the world's very first sex opera, find a stripper virtual to marry and visits a bondage club.

Ashley Hames uncovers much more strange methods in foreign climes. This main he travel to Montreal, where he meets Sweet Dominique, the most downloaded non-nude model, walk cruising down the docks top top the swinging Love Boat and checks out a sex machine.

Ashley finds self in Los Angeles in the thick of the West coast porn industry. Below he meets a number of desperate wannabes, hell bent on a career spent on your back.There’s the poverty stricken first-timer, eking out dollars to salary the rent. A nineteen year old whose desires of reputation & fortune involved a sticky end and, well, the 3 amigos… a triumvirate of young studs that are given the chance of a lifetime to shot out through a major porn star. Your resulting humiliation is tangible.

It’s the period old excuse… darling it’s no porn, it’s art.Well is there any modicum of truth to this? Ashley Hames travel the world on a mission to uncover out.His journey will take him come Seattle and also a sculptor that builds furniture out of trussed-up women. In California that witnesses naked choking and also near drowning displays that take expressive art to brand-new levels.And in Australia, Ash place his very own piece come canvass painting still life nudes with… his penis.

Ashley sets up house with 2 married couples in Los Angeles’ infamous San Fernando Valley, the spiritual home of the porn industry.Here he resides with peak US adult star Taylor method and she husband of 15 years. How has actually there marriage lasted so lengthy when every work she commits the ultimate betrayal of your vows, whilst he films? that a bizarre arrangement indeed.The second pair stretch things even further. Ash meets a married mommy who for her fiftieth birthday has determined to come to be a porn actress and go anal for the very first time with three young studs.Ash city hall the activity with her doting husband the thirty years and also tears are lugged to everyone’s eyes.

Ashley tackles the American West shore in quest of few of the strangest people in town.Sadists, masochists, body piercers and also genital tramplers are simply some that the oddballs he meets top top a journey that can only finish one way. With Ashley in a whole heap of pains himself.

Ashley visits Japan for the first time and also is blown far by what he finds there. The complex eastern id systems of our eastern friends make it challenging for Ash to obtain his head ring the bizarreness of their sex-related attitudes.Sex on windy transport, tentacle porn, and a hotel complete of rubber sex servants await him.Ash is likewise invited to show up as a referee on a national TV stations find for the markets latest erotic actress, and also the tables room turned together his performance is judged in the Tokyo air Sex championships.

We always thought the Aussies were a relaxed bunch, but we had actually no idea…Travelling the length of the eastern Australian coastline Ashley uncovers pockets of watch normal folk who harbour weird sex-related urges.In this show, Ash is invited right into the suburban dwellings of Adult Babies, a pair who think they are dogs and a group of mates who love nothing more than to spend their night filming team sex.

Ashley travels the globe to seek out a really dark human being indeed. The human being of the sex-related fantasist. Weird men and women who’ll prevent at nothing to live the end their wildest erotic dreams.Orgies, torture victims, bizarre sex pigs… Ashley encounters castle all before succumbing to his very own dark fantasy: that attempts to give himself breasts.

From Europe, come Australia, to Japan.Ashley go on a global spending main actor to check out what’s on sell from the people of prostitution.He cleans the sheets in Australia’s busiest brothel, visits a state of the arts bordello in Prague, and also samples the delights in a 5 million Euro luxury German knocking shop.The line is ultimately crossed together Ashley sell his very own body for hard cash.

Since the fall of the stole curtain, eastern Europe has adopted capitalism and also millions now flock there every year to invest their difficult earned cash.Most go to enjoy the beautiful scenery, others because that untold pleasure and sexual gratification.Even pornographic film makers from as much as America room taking benefit of the financial benefits of shooting there.Ashley jumps ~ above the tape wagon flying to this land of possibility to fulfill some of this ‘artists’.He gets connected in an orgy party consisting of 100 beautiful Czech girls, and has to hold his breath together he witnesses first hand, the old sexual ritual of Bukakke.

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Ashley heads to Seattle to do Sin Cities first ever pornographic movie. Under the watchful eye the America’s best schlock fear porn specialist, Ashley struggles to straight his ensemble that zombies, nudes and sexual vicars.Scorcese he is not yet with only 4 days to shoot will certainly Ash success in getting anything at every on film?

Grub Smith and Ashley Hames inspection the fetish for dressing up and also role-playing in people's sexual fantasies.