A watering can is a tool that useswater to irrigatefarmland also and speed up plant expansion.

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A watering have the right to can be filled through waterby making use of it on blocks of water while sneaking. This clears the blocks and adds1,000 mB of water per block to the watering deserve to.

When provided, a filled watering can irrigatesfarmland and also increases plant growthin a space, in cycles of 4 ticks (5 times per second). Eincredibly cycle, eachplant-favor block in the area has actually a chance to be compelled to update, which mayreason it to flourish. This chance rises via the watering can’s tier.

A fundamental watering functions in a space of 3x3 blocks as soon as provided. This can be increasedby upgrading it to a higher tier. When using a watering can of a higher tier,the location can be adjusted by pressing “Cycle Item Mode” (V by default) whileholding it.

When utilizing a watering can, a specific amount of water is consumed every cycle.This amount counts on the dimension of the watering area.

Area Water per cycle
3x3 50 mB
5x5 150 mB
7x7 300 mB
9x9 500 mB
11x11 750 mB


A watering have the right to have the right to be dyed by combining it with adye in a crafting grid. The dye have the right to beremoved by placing the watering can in a crafting grid.


A watering have the right to can be enchanted through Holding torise its capacity.

Holding level Capacity multiplier
I × 1.5
II × 2
III × 2.5
IV × 3


Watering cans come in six tiers.

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Tier Capacity Plant development possibility Max. watering location Keep in mind
Basic 4,000 mB 40% 3x3  
Hardened 12,000 mB 50% 5x5  
Reinforced 24,000 mB 60% 7x7  
Signalum 40,000 mB 70% 9x9  
Resonant 60,000 mB 80% 11x11  
Creative N/A 100% 11x11 Holds an boundless amount of water.

Thermal Cultivation (Minecraft 1.12)