Waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof and shockproof instance for iPhone 4/4STouch display screen and also all controls remain completely practical through the caseCompact form adds minimal mass - the ultimate all-weather, go-almost everywhere iPhone case

LifeProof Slim and compact Waterproof Case for iPhone 4/4S

Ultimate iPhone defense - LifeProof provides the safest way to keep and use your iPhone.

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Description: The absolute pinnacle of iPhone protection, LifeProof is without a doubt the safest place to save and usage an iPhone. For starters, LifeProof situations carry out a completely water, sand, dirt and dust proof enclosure. Second, the situation is constructed from an ultra rigid, crush proof and practically unbreakable molded Polycarbonate and elastomer shell. And LifeProof"s advanced shock-soaking up enclocertain protects an iPhone from extreme effects, drops and also G-pressures - drop tested to a elevation of 2 meters / 6.6 feet.

Fully functional: In enhancement to remarkable security, LifeProof iPhone instances enable finish manage of the mounted iPhone by means of a challenging, scratch-resistant membrane aoptimal the iPhone"s touch display, and versatile regulate surdeals with over the iPhone"s buttons and also switches. Fully sealed audio jack and docking port indicates your phone continues to be clean and pristine - no matter what you drag it through. An optical-grade, dual-sided anti-reflective glass lens covers camera and also flash to supply crystal clear still images and also video - even under water!


Life-enhancing: In addition to all the over features, LifeProof situations greatly enhance the iPhone user experience: Sound-enhancing channels course speaker and microphone audio routes towards the bottom and front of the phone - improving what you hear, and also how well you"re heard. All case materials are selected via real-civilization usage in mind; the shell is both non-stick and non-staining - constantly looks great and never before sticks to your pocket. A full-suite of ultra-challenging holsters, armbands and mounts seamlessly combine LifeProof right into your life.

On land also, sea or air, LifeProof iPhone situations provide premium security and lifetime peace of mind for your digital lifestyle.

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Superior defense from all peril - waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and also drop-proofTouch screen and all controls remajor completely useful through the situation Compact form adds minimal mass - the ultimate all-weather, go-everywhere iPhone caseCamera and also flash extended through anti-reflective optical-grade glass - perfect imaging over and also listed below water Audio channels direct sound to bottom and
front of phone - boosts what you hear, and how you"re heard Non-stick and non-staining materials - always looks great, never sticks to your pockets or clothes 2 meter / 6.6 foot drop-test rated Waterproof to a depth of 2 meters / 6.6 feet


Materials:High-Impact PolycarbonateNon-Stick ElastomerDimensions:129x66x13.3mm / 5.08x2.6x0.52inWeight:28g / 0.98ozOperational Depth:2 Meter / 6.6 ft underwater maximumTested Drop Height:2 Meter / 6.6 ftColor:PinkFits:iPhone 4 & iPhone 4SOrigin:Designed in USA - assembled in Taiwan
Model/Colorkatifund.org SKUManufacturer SKUUPC
Lifeproof for iPhone 4/4S - Pink15-301LP-IPH4CS02PK851919003015

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