HyperX, the gaming products department of Kingston technology Company Inc., and a leading gaming and eSports brand, has announced its an initial “We"re all Gamers” advertisement campaign that will certainly air on television, digital media and social media top top 2019.

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The HyperX project will star a range of influencers including article Malone, Joel Embiid, Shroud, Gordon Hayward, Pokimane, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Daigo, De"Aaron Fox and Cloud9"s Rush. This campaign, which has been occurred by the Envoy agency, mirrors the gaming spirit of each of the participants with their video clip game characters.

As the brand-new sponsor the Saturday"s prime-time NBA broadcasts, We"re all Gamers TV point out will start airing on January 19 and continue through the NBA playoffs and finals, which will air on the American network ABC and ESPN. In enhancement to airing throughout commercial breaks, the HyperX brand will appear at video game timeouts. For its part, ESPN"s SportsCenter will likewise include photos from the HyperX project during the NBA season.


The “We"re every Gamers” project is designed because that the dual-screen world: both because that a huge screen and for those individuals who enjoy the game on a mobile machine or consult it during breaks in between games. Here is an example of a 30-second campaign with 4 influencers and also their characters.

“I to be excited to be working v HyperX and also helping to development the gaming community. Grab her headphones and also rock and roll! ”- Post Malone, award-winning music artist.

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“It doesn"t matter what I"m play at, I choose to win. HyperX has captured that heart with mine character. See just how I understand the game. " - Joel Embiid, skilled NBA basketball player.

“I am very happy to have the ability to share this avatar the HyperX has created for me. Ns hope to continue sweeping in 2019. » - Shroud, top streamer.

“Seeing just how HyperX changed me for this project has been great. Gaming brings the end the challenger in me, and I"m excited for anyone to view it pertained to life here. " - Gordon Hayward, experienced NBA basketball player.

“HyperX helps me carry out what ns love every day! ns look forward to what awaits united state in 2019! » - Pokemane, the ideal streamer.

When i am not competing on the field, ns am playing. HyperX has produced an amazing character because that me that records this passion. They even included Boujee on my chest! "- JuJu Smith-Schuster, skilled NFL football player.

“It was good to watch HyperX carry "The Beast" approach to life in this campaign. Us all have actually a spirit of the video game that arises as soon as we compete, and also HyperX has actually done an tremendous job capturing the idea We"re all Gamers. " - Daigo, champion that Street Fighter.

“HyperX has been v me because I remained in the 2017 draft and also has always looked the end for me. I"ve had actually fans who have actually made me their very own avatars before, so it"s pretty to have actually an main one the I"ve participated in to develop it. " - De"Aaron Fox, skilled NBA basketball player.

“Fighting to it is in the best at CSGO is something special. Ns attribute my nickname to the adrenaline rush I get from win at an essential moments in the huge games. It is very difficult to enhance that feeling. HyperX helps me feeling the thrill the winning. " - Rush, experienced CSGO player

In enhancement to ad breaks and ESPN integrations, project exposure can include VOD and social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and also Facebook. The campaign is designed come be perceived in multiple layouts of 6, 15, 30 and 60 seconds. HyperX will increase the campaign to Europe in the coming months. The European part of the project will include Dele Alli and other outstanding athletes; every one of them passionate about the game.

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"The We"re every Gamers project is designed to introduce HyperX come the most passionate pan of the NBA and the games," stated Paul Leaman, angry President, HyperX EMEA. "The creativity of our influencers in the gaming civilization has helped us build their avatars for the 2019 campaign."

HyperX is the champion of every gamers. That doesn"t matter if lock play top top the console or top top PC, they are NBA or NFL athletes, renowned streamers or eSports professionals, or also music icons - the excited of the gamings is what yes, really brings them all together, and HyperX assist them be the finest at playing. The an international We"re every Gamers campaign is expected to be the first of many tasks to take place in 2019 with the score of cultivating the HyperX brand to every consumers.