Former president Theodore Roosevelt"s words regarding the assimilation of immigrants right into Amerihave the right to culture.

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Published12 April 2006

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A text reproduces Theodore Roosevelt"s words regarding the assimilation of immigrants into Amerideserve to society.

Theodore Roosevelt’s concepts on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

“In the initially area, we should insist that if the immiprovide who comes here in excellent faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an accurate etop quality through everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate versus any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or beginning. But this is predicated upon the person’s ending up being in eexceptionally facet an Amerihave the right to, and nothing but an American … Tright here deserve to be no split allegiance below. Any guy that states he is an Amerihave the right to, yet something else also, isn’t an Amerideserve to at all. We have actually room for but one flag, the Amerideserve to flag … We have actually room for however one language right here, and also that is the English language … and also we have room for however one sole loyalty and also that is a loyalty to the American people.”

Theodore Roosevelt 1907

Theodore Roosevelt was around to complete his first two-year term as governor of the state of New York when the Republihave the right to Party made a decision him as its candiday for vice president in the 1900 nationwide election. The Republicans were victorious at the ballot box that year, however Roosevelt held the vice-presidency for much less than a year before he was elevated to the White House upon the assassicountry of President William McKinley on 14 September 1901, thereby becoming the youngest perboy ever before to host the office of President of the USA. Roosevelt was chosen to a full term as president in 1904, and also among his many type of remarkable success was his selection as a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for his part in the negotiations causing the Treaty of Portsmouth that ended the Russo-Japanese War in 1905.

Although Roosevelt did not organize public office aget after leaving the presidency in 1909 (his efforts to reget the White Housage as a 3rd party candiday in 1912 proving unsuccessful), he remained energetic in the public political spright here. In the waning years of his life, as World War I raged in Europe and America gotten in the dispute on the side of the Allies, he commonly spoke of his idea that immigrants taking up residence in the U.S. should assimilate right into Amerideserve to society as conveniently as possible, learn the English language, eschew hyphenated nationwide identities (e.g., “Italian-American”) and declare their major national allegiance to the USA of America.

On 1 February 1916, for instance, Roosevelt supported actions for strengthening and ensuring the “loyalty” of American immigrants:

Theodore Roosevelt, speaking at a luncheon provided yesterday by Mrs. Vincent Astor for the National Americanization Committee in the Astor Court Building, claimed that among the factors why many German-Americans have presented higher love for their aboriginal land that for their embraced country is that the Germale mechanism requirements higher loyalty than is demanded in this nation, and a better contribution to the prevalent welfare. “And every one of you understand I am complimentary from a taint of neutrality,” he included, “so I can say this without suspicion.”

The encouragement of better housing problems and a obsession to learn the English language, Colonel Roosevelt shelp, would aid the procedure of Americanization.

“We cannot make the Americanization movement a success,” Colonel Roosevelt sassist, “unmuch less we approach it from the financial standallude. It is true that governmentally Germany kind of is an autocracy. But tright here has been a great deal more commercial flexibility there than many type of of our old commercial communities. The Germale Government claims we intend you to occupational out great results, to gain in addition to the laborer, and also yourselves decide what you are going to pay to the physicians that are to pass upon the health and wellness of the employes, and the amount of dameras any kind of employe merits. The Government insists upon a good amount of self-government by the human being themselves.

“I feel that by insistence upon proper housing conditions we shall indirectly technique this. I want to see the immiapprove know that he has actually gained to spend a details amount of his money in decent housing; that he will not be allowed to live on $2.50 per month board basis.

“Let us say to the immigive not that we hope he will certainly learn English, but that he has obtained to learn it. Let the immigive that does not learn it go ago. He has actually acquired to think about the interemainder of the USA or he should not remain here. He need to be made to see that his methods in this nation depend upon his discovering English and observing Amerihave the right to standards. The employer cannot be allowed to regard him just as an industrial ascollection.

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“We must in eextremely way possible encourage the immigive to increase, help him up, offer him a chance to help himself. If we try to carry him he might well prove not well worth moving. We need to subsequently insist upon his showing the very same conventional of fealty to this nation and also to sign up with via us in elevating the level of our common Amerideserve to citizenship.

“If I might I would certainly have actually the type of restriction which would not allow any immiprovide to come here unmuch less I was content that his grandyoungsters would certainly be fellow-citizens of my grandkids. They will not be so if he stays in a boarding home at $2.50 per month through ten various other boarders and contracts tuberculosis and also contributes to the next generation a body of citizens inferior not only ethically and also spiritually yet likewise physically.”1