Fortniteis a completelyfreemultiplayer video game where you and your friends have the right to jump into battle Royale.

So usually We favor Fortniteis a collection of video clip remixes that came to be so well-known on social media. The expression becomes so well-known in the mid that 2018 the it trends on Twitter, Facebook, and also other society sites. Over there is a channel called “FortniteAddict” the uploaded a video clip on 20th September 2018 on youtube in i beg your pardon several youngsters in a class dancing and chanting “We likeFortnite.”

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Origin of We prefer Fortnite

We can’t say the exact origin, however the expression likely originates from a video of a group of children and an Adult. Therefore it’s choose an adult, or college teacher asked: “Who likes Fortnite?” and the youngsters responded, “We prefer Fortnite“.

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The video wasrepostedbya YouTube channel namedFortniteAddict ~ above September 20th, 2018, and also become suddenly viral. The video has because received an ext than 1.7 million see (shown below). This clip was the We prefer Fortnite meme’s key origin and also caused a major roar in the Fortnite community. Practically every player play the game knew about this clip and started playing in-game.

We like Fortnite

Why it become so Viral

YouTuber Toronto Transit Cavemen posted a video featuring himFortnite dancing, on February 27, 2019. In that video, he suddenly emerges indigenous behind a door chanting We prefer Fortnite and Dancing choose crazy in Fortnite Skins. Together of now September 2020 the video is taken under by youtube, or that made it personal we don’t know. The original video is unavailable for now. However someone re-renewed again that video or component of that video clip (shown below).

On September 15, 2019,Cyrakekposted a sound edit of the original video fromSoundClouduser Zukesers.As that September 2020, the post has gathered 70,783views (shown below).

We favor Fortnite Memes

The netizens love to create and share mim on any kind of hot viral trend. So as the trend goes viral over there are loads of memes accessible online on assorted social media platforms and also forums. Few of the viral mim on we favor Fortnite are discussed below.

Credits Beano

These are several of the most renowned GIFs we find online.

Some famous Videos on We favor Fortnite

The tendency starts indigenous a video so it’s obligated to display you males some viral videos top top this renowned internet mania.

If you just search top top youtube prefer we favor Fortnite. There are 100+ videos available. But we tried to cumulate several of the finest videos because that you guys.

10 hrs Long We favor Fortnite Video

One that the netizens uploaded a video on Youtube named We choose Fortnite 10 Hours. This video was uploaded top top Jul 6, 2019, and currently has much more than 60k+ views together of now(September 2020). He simply played the video on loop and also uploaded it.

Many that the users are liking this video and playing it overnight as they love this video game so much. The 10-hour long video clip is presented below.

Ninja top top We favor Fortnite Trend

We favor Fortnite Ninja

Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Grayslake, Illinois, U.S. Richard Tyler Blevins (born June 5, 1991), better known through his virtual aliasNinja, is one American streamer, YouTuber, skilled gamer, and also Internet personality.

He is among the most famous Fortnite streamer he additionally reacted on We favor Fortnite trend. And it becomes so Popular. The clip is watched by 400k customers on YouTube!


Fortnite became an especially popular through children and kids, that made that their daily ritual to play through their friends. The “floss” run – provided as a taunt in the game – also became a worldwide phenomenon. The “L” dance was embraced by footballer Antoine Griezmann together a celebration and also Jesse Lingard supplied some of the other dances after ~ his purposes – the 2018 world Cup showcased these to a bigger audience.Fortnite’splace together a social phenomenon was plainly cemented.

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We like Fortnite is among the instances of something bizarre or random can be viral anytime top top the net we never ever know. Expect you like our study on this particular topic. Perform share our website video game Specifications v your Friends.