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Chesco. The latest variation of wearable lanterns. Was made prior to the release of skse 64. And utilizing it through a script extender mounted.

Now have the right to be a little problematic this video will certainly identify the problems and present you how to make corrections. Keep in mind. That chesco is publicly stated that he is functioning on up gideon s more well-known mods for the unique edition and also skse 64. So this video might be obsolete at a later on date.

But many of you desire the fix currently and that s what we are going to deliver alappropriate. Let s obtain began below you know what we re talking around best. Now is wearable lanterns by chesco on the distinct edition. And it was released on january 2017.

And it was basically done before skse 64. Got done the old variation is future complete. Everything s done on it. And it supplied the old skse so like i shelp this one was done before skse 64.

It still has a lot of pieces and also parts to make it work-related for us. But we re gonna have to attempt and solve things. It has actually some difficulties via that mind let s go take a look at it i have actually an in mod organizer. Two ready to go.

Most of these fixes will be usable for nexus mod manager or vortex. But you re just gonna need to recognize wright here your records are retained and also you re gonna have to go ago in and try and also retrieve things so just remember what things are doing right here we re gonna install wearable lanterns however not into my dirty weasel media primary profile. I m gonna go earlier to test ii. And this is my test profile.

It has actually a pair things that i constantly have actually installed for every test profile. But the majority of from our decaused you ll alert a couple points best ameans papyrus energy is a modest reresource and you need that to make the settle i m around to describe work for you as much as meters and also whatnot irish util. Underscore se. So simply remember i set up that in a previous episode of this guide.

And i constantly have actually it installed on my test profile along with skse the any tweaks. The unofficial patches memory loose patches skies ui ui extensions and also add item food selection. Which enables me to grab points extremely conveniently without having actually to go into the consingle to find things this is my test profile. We re going to install it into my test profile hands-on read meas.

I don t require the check out meas. But you view it has a textures that bsa a lantern bsa and an esp i m gonna click ok going all the method down below the bottom i m simply going to activate it i don t care around wright here it it s it s because it s my test profile. I deserve to check out it s at the bottom. And that s perfectly appropriate for trial and error let s go in the game.

And check out what happens ok right here we are at the major menu and we were simply going to hit our console. And we re going to kind in coc. If you ve never done this before this is one method to quickly obtain right into game coc space. Rivertimber od.

It s gonna take me to river lumber through a test character nopoint s going to really occupational as much as conserves or any kind of that stuff goes. But we do view the first difficulty and this is a message from wearable interns. Basically is message from chesco saying. Fail to review from or write to your settings.

Profile settings. Profile store. All of your wearable. Lantern settings.

This is most likely because of not having folder. Read write perobjectives to data skse for mod organizer. Users that d be us. It would certainly be your montour ghen iser.

Overcompose skse catalog. You have the right to likewise create a run skyrim as administrator. Don t do any of this stuff. I know he s being beneficial.

But i ve gained a much better solution for you you should deal with this trouble. Before proceeding ok we acquired that that s ok now right here we are in game..

I have actually a test character right. Tbelow is the dovahkiin so let s open up. We re gonna wait for the mod configuration menu. There is tbelow it is and we ll open that up and also take currently under mechanism.

We hit mod configuration and also the see we had wearable an turns you re gonna watch the first difficulties will certainly also have actually appropriate currently you have some weird message going on here and also you click each one of these the message is all scrambled and also each among those categories. The message is all scrambled. It s messed up it s acquired a bunch of weird icons going on you don t recognize just how to regulate things so we re gonna try and resolve that so that s trouble number 2. I just go ahead and also go back.

And we are going to qq out of right here and also we re back at our desktop computer now. You see problem number. Three. You re going to get a folder insert it into your override take a look at it.

As skse. Plugins. And nothing else is in there. You ll watch this take place with wearable lanterns and also an additional mod from chesco simply.

Not what this is telling you to carry out if you remember the attributes of your override. It s basically taking anypoint that is being produced by a mod or by an exterior energy prefer ts5 modify ideal anything else. And it s throwing it into your override as a generated file and also it s informing you you should really do something with this but in this situation. You check out the mod that we ve been making use of wearable lanterns.

Has developed an skse folder and also plugins. But it faicaused compose to the plugins folder. Since it s not erected properly that s problem number three. But we re gonna settle that initially and also i ll actually deal with problem number one i m gonna need to delete that folder reason you always desire to have actually your overwrite empty resolved.

Number. One. I desire you to go right into your primary skyrim brochure. And right into data remember it s trying to create somepoint right into your information folder.

Which is wright here we are and is trying to compose right into sk sc. But there s nothing in below for to write to so we actually need to create some brand-new folders go ahead and also just ideal click anywhere. And you re going to create a new folder and also we re going to speak to it sks crucial. Okay currently inside of that folder.

We re going to develop a you watch it s empty. We re going to develop a new folder in below too and you have the right to create a brand-new folder and also we re going to call. It plugins remember that s the same structure. That the override folder.

Had currently ago right into your information folder. You have skse and plugins. Right. Now.

It is completely empty. And that s okay that s solved number one so. What carry out we need to perform through wearable lanterns to make it work-related well the second problem. The interconfront concern is what we re going to attend to.

So i m going to go ahead and rerelocate that mod because i should make some transforms. I m going to go right into my downloads and delete that mod because i have to i have to fix stuff on my desktop computer. I have the skyrim one-of-a-kind edition variation of wearable lanterns. I m going to set that aside for ideal currently bereason this is not the settle we have to perform initially over on this side.

I have actually the legendary edition of wearable entrance. And that is mod number one salso four one six on the skyrim nexus. Not the special edition. This is the legendary edition.

I went and also out that from my file section and simply download it manually and also put it on my desktop. Tbelow it is what s inside this well let s extract that folder the wearable androids. 402. Police one seven four one 6 is the old mod and also we have actually it on our desktop open that folder up you can view we have actually read me s skse plugins storage util dll.

So we re going to collection that off to the side. The first thing we must execute is extract that bsa remember we usage bethesda archive. Extractor for extracting all these and also you deserve to go back and also look up that video that i did on bethesda archive. Extractor and also view the basic devices.

But i m going to show you exactly how it works best currently. And we have bethesda archive extractor..

So we re going to highlight that bsa and we re going to drag it over and drop it into the test archive. Extractor and also we re going to extract it out ago right into the folder. Four one seven four one 6 extract go to our desktop computer look for one. Seven 4 one 6 open up that up you can see the readme x and also the sks view it will not identify the esp or the bsa.

But this is the correct folder choose that folder and it s going to drop. All the stuff right into it okay. We re done with bethesda archive. Extractor for appropriate currently.

We ll come ago to it. We don t have to delete anypoint. This is not a mod that we re going to transform over to the unique edition. We re going to pull some stuff out and also i have to develop a new folder for that stuff to go right into i m going to brand-new folder on my desktop and also i m going to name it wearable lanterns interchallenge then you say i put underscores underneath every little thing so it all mod organizer will recognize to read it appropriately.

What carry out we have in this folder nopoint best currently. But we have to drag some points over and also the first point. We re going to carry out is the interchallenge you open up the interface on the old mod. You ll view exported widgets wearable lanterns metered swf in translations.

It s obtained a bunch of translations alideal that s fine and also then wearable lanterns folder under interconfront. It has the title that s simply to make the mcm work-related appropriately so we re going to copy that folder and also paste it into our new wearable lanterns interconfront folder now we re also going to grab out of this we re going to grab the whole skse folder inside of which as plugins and also the storage dot util. We re going to copy that and paste it into our brand-new folder or wearable lanterns interchallenge. And tbelow you go you have among two alternatives you now have a wearable entrance interface you might either package this up right into wearable land also routes interconfront dart rar put it into your mod organizer and also have it all set to go.

And as soon as conjunction via the one-of-a-kind edition. Mod you deserve to currently install these together and points will certainly occupational double click to install actually first will query this eexceptionally yep that s the correct name tile i desire to check out you could simply double click to install hands-on and install this will certainly change the name simply a little bit that s fine. I m just going to put it wearable lanterns to make it basic for me okay okay. So that is mounted.

It is dvery own here at the bottom. That s the original mod. Without the interencounters. So you have one of 2 options you might either install this as a sepaprice mod and soptimal below wearable lanterns or you can merge them together interfacing skse.

I just making it wearable lanterns okay and it will certainly ask you if you desire to merge it and rearea it i desire to just merge them together optionally sp still tbelow you go to your file tree. You now have interchallenge that we added skse the original textures bsa and a bsa for just arrest them file. And then you have actually an esp. Okay.

Those are the two alternatives mainly in this one. I would go ahead and just install this one individually and also it would sit listed below it wherever before in your priority list on the left hand also side as much as plugins go. It s gonna be best where we want to be you have the right to use luke to execute whatever you know that s the solution for many people is to simply do it that way and also it will certainly occupational it will certainly work-related simply fine. But you know me i m going to go ahead and also execute things my very own way back to our desktop.

We have actually the wearable lanterns interconfront the folder through the interchallenge in the skse. We also have actually on our desk. We currently have the brand-new mod from distinct edition. Mod number salso 5 6 zero.

This is the one via the to be sas from chesco. We will desire to incorporate these two points together so i m going to have to extract out wearable lanterns. There s the folder appropriate tbelow. You have actually the read suggests the lantern textures bsa and the wearable lantern bsa.

I m going to go ahead and also usage bethesda archive. Extractor aobtain and also i m going to extract out both of these bsa s back into this folder. I m not going to bore you via reflecting you all this stuff. But i ll come back to you when i m all done okay.

I m all done i ve extracted every little thing out i currently have to bereason of extracting. The contents of both these bsa s because i ve acquire one protectors and one for the remainder of the stuff that the other issues. Oh you have to delete both of those bsa s bereason. I m going to create a brand-new mod that is a loose papers mod of wearable lanterns.

Now this is a loose file setup. I go back right into my wearable lanterns interchallenge and we re going to include interface in the skse folders from the interface folder. We develop on our desktop just control click both of these and drag them over and drop them into the mod seven 5 6 zero for a distinct edition. Close that folder now we have meshes read me s scripts seq textures the esp.

The interconfront that we gained from the old mod and also the skse folder that we acquired from the old modern-day. But this one has actually plugins. We now close that. Dvery own we currently have actually a brand new fixed variation of wearable.

Lanterns. 403..

I m going to change that name so i can remember what the. Heck it is i contact it. 40 three underscore resolved eextremely gilt wearable enter its 403. Fix i m going to now produce a archive for wearable.

Enters. 403. Fixed and will certainly produce my desktop computer take that one the addressed variation and also drop it right into design organizer. I m not gonna try and also query this and see what happens we re simply going to go ahead and also install it as is given that i know what it is i can readjust the mod number later and also we re simply going to double click to install you see.

Wearable lanterns i deserve to change the name to wearable entrance. 40. 03. Fixed.

And that s perfectly fine for me. I m going to click hand-operated right click set information catalog. And we have the right to have actually whatever in the contents that i just verified you in that folder that would develop. But it is a loose file setup.

We press. Ok so i deserve to currently go ahead and also install that mod activate it and also you deserve to check out wearable lantern esp. Is the only thing being included right here brings us to our next suggest you can check out tright here is a problem. Okay.

Wbelow is that problem let s go them take a look. It s papyrus util dot se. This is a brand new variation of papyrus util and also it has actually some scripts in tbelow that are a tiny various than the variation that we developed for wearable lanterns. 403.

Fixed and this is one of those instances. Where you have one of two choices you could either slide. It up and put it over papyrus util se. Allowing the files that were conflicts.

Allowing the new version of papyrus you tilt as e to overcompose those papers. Option. Number. Two you might have actually various other reasons.

Why you want to move this thing roughly. But it will certainly work perfectly fine here your various other option is to go ahead and double click the mod go to your problems. And it s going to display the files that are being overwritten and these are the four ones you need to be conscious of you can compose these all dvery own and also that s what i m going to carry out i m gonna write. All.

These pe x. Pe. Esc. Files create them down.

Kcurrently. Wbelow they re gonna be situated. And i m going to hide them through mod organizer and also that s what i m gonna perform right currently standby. Okay.

I ve made notes of the four scripts. I have to deal with so in wearable lanterns. Just go ahead and also double click on the mod. We ll simply go ahead and open this all the means up go right into your file tree.

And under scripts. We are in search of storage. Util. Dot.

Pe. X. Storage. A util dot pe.

X. That s file. Number one. In this that we must look for we deserve to appropriate click on it and also we deserve to hide it.

The various other one that is exclusively in scripts. Is json..

Util. Dot pe. X. Do the same point through that and hide.

It now inside of resource. You have actually two other files. We are trying to find these storage util ps check out file storage util dot psd file. We deserve to hide that one and then the second one we re trying to find is the jchild util dot ps.

See we can hide that one also and we can currently close that mod down you can check out that the overwrites are all gone. Everything s been fixed so this mod can be put farther down or all over you want to put it because you ve readdressed the conflicts. Due to the fact that we ve surprise the files inside of wearable lanterns papyrus util is currently the major. It doesn t issue where this one goes currently it can be farther dvery own.

And however there s no problems because we ve concealed those records. And that s the method i use it let s go back in the game. And double examine to make certain whatever is working all best here we are at our primary food selection. And i m not going to make any type of deletes or cuts in this modify.

So you can view it functioned entirely. I m going to open my console put in coc riverlumber and we ll simply let it fill in i m not going to make any cuts or any type of edits so you recognize this is functioning effectively and also we open up up right into a river timber that doesn t have any warning messeras about the skse stuff or any overwrites. Okay. We re doing pretty great.

The mcm is up so we can go ahead open up. Our mechanism go toor mod configuration wearable lanterns. We re getting looking great and we look at general and also this is exactly what we desire to see under meters whatever s looking awesome and also under profiles you have the right to view every little thing and also i ll tell you ideal currently whatever operated perfectly fine. All the meters.

All the hotsecrets everything operated the only point that didn t occupational genuine well for me was the profile mechanism. So simply so you know tright here might be some problems through this that i have the right to t figure out right now it might involve the skies ui by suggest o. And having actually to add in a blank esp. So it will certainly referral.

It i think that is an too much settle for somepoint that chesco will certainly be resolving. So if you just desire the mod to work-related whatever will occupational simply fine. I m gonna put this on a lantern toggle to my l vital bereason i favor light tbelow. And we ll go ahead and also click on out.

We ll grab a lantern. We ll go ahead and equip that lantern wright here is it at flip the lantern inspect out the dragonborn. Tright here is and hit our hotessential for l for light and also it goes off basic psimple. I can tell you appropriate now all the meters occupational whatever else functions simply beautitotally and also tright here s no significant worries.

I m just gonna qq out of right here. Obviously bereason this is something brand-new and wearable lanterns has created a document come dvery own to your over ideal. Now you have the right to view it s the very same points before you have an skse folder plugins. But inside now you have wearable lanterns that you didn t have prior to wearable lanterns.

Data. Then you have the startup test. File. Jboy and the profile.

One jchild and that s perfectly normal go ahead and open up that up again go to wbelow you kept wearable lanterns. Tright here it is right there hit that file and the reason why i closed it down then open it earlier up and your overcreate because occasionally it doesn t want to drag and drop conveniently simply now that you ve obtained skse highlighted drag it and also drop it into wearable lanterns so inside of that we have actually file tree skse plugins wearable lanterns in addition to the storage util dll and the 2 profiles. So every little thing will work just fine. I hope this video helps you out and permits you to usage wearable lanterns in the future.

I m gonna try and deal with frost fall and campfire. All at the same time. So we have the right to use those both of those mods. But those take a small more tweaking and a pair added measures.

I think that bereason they are type of go together. They have to have their very own video that defines whatever so that s it for now males. I hope you gain it i love wearable lanterns. It s one of my favourite.

Mods and i just had actually to have actually it i had to make it job-related. I m passing that information on to you many thanks for watching my name is kal. I m ” ..

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