In this write-up I will evaluation Wedding document Divas wedding invitations together with the pros/cons of how to buy stationery from them.

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Overview has grown established in 2006 by three friends that were all in the an innovation field. The company was subsequently obtained by Shutterfly in 2011. Through an infusion the a brand-new corporate structure, together with accolades from wedding sector leaders such as theKnot and also Martha Stewart Weddings, it appears that Wedding record Divas is enthusiasm to overcome the online wedding stationery market.

As you can see native a screenshot of your homepage below, stationery assets extend to categories favor shower & parties, thank you & save the dates, together with favors & gifts. Browser their big selection that vintage, modern, whimsical and also rustic wedding invitations – every the formats Love & Lavender love the most!


Order A Sample

At the time of writing this article, you can order up to 8 free samples because that a restricted time making use of code FREETRY. This may change in the future, but an excellent to understand that you have the right to receive sample invitations for free.

In addition, Wedding document Divas has actually a an excellent sample pack that you deserve to order within the United states for complimentary – fabulous!! that comes complete with wedding invite samples, color, and record swatches, envelope samples, and also special offers.

Personalize & Edit

Let’s look at the personalize choices from Wedding paper Divas. A straight forward page permits you to an initial enter particular event details. There is no live preview top top this page, but don’t issue as friend will have the ability to see her wording on the following page.

In step two, girlfriend can edit the size, font, alignment, or shade of any text within a text box. In addition, you can choose to add accessories to her wedding invitations in the form of self-assembly pocket cards, pocket folds, or layered invitations – one up-sell that may be precious it to some couples that don’t mind payment the added fee and time required to assemble.

Back that Invitations – Don’t issue if friend can’t include text come the ago of her invitation. See the red arrow in the image above? girlfriend can always click top top Add Designer Request in order come ask a design question or customize your certain design. Send a keep in mind to a WeddingPaperDivas designer for any kind of text, layout or picture changes and they will do their ideal to accommodate her request!


The third step in the order procedure is to choose the envelopes the you want and also the envelope format. For an included fee you can also:

Choose a various envelope color besides whiteInclude published return addressOrder extra envelopesChoose a various envelope liner style

In our instance invite, we went v the an easy white envelope without any upgrades. Ill obtain a cost-free e-proof that the design within 2 service days. In the 2nd example (above) you space taken to a devoted live proof editor where you deserve to see both the prior and back of your design. Don’t problem if friend do happen to make a little mistake or edit error. PaperStyle has skilled Type Stylists that will review and also touch up her order for alignment and also spacing before it prints.

Design review is contained for totally free with her purchase. If you are satisfied, simply inspect the ‘proof watch great, next’ switch to walk to her shopping cart.

Review and also Digital Proof

THe last step is to testimonial your invitation. Go with each stationery item. As soon as you room happy with the method it looks, click ‘I have reviewed mine design’ and climate add come cart. After your order is placed, a skilled designer will testimonial your stationery and you will receive a complimentary digital proof native the designer via email.

Checkout Process

The shopping cart page will perform your entire order. If you space satisfied that every little thing is correct, click checkout.

Checkout – friend must first create a cost-free account with WeddingPaperDivas before you have the right to checkout. Log in in to your account or create a brand-new one, and also you can proceed with last payment, shipping and also billing. The last checkout page is directly forward and also all perfect on one page.

Shipping Costs – typical (8-10 service days) is $9.95

Stationery Price

We looked at few of the least and also most high value wedding invitations for sale ~ above website. A amount of 100 wedding invites can cost as low as $169, with more expensive choices costing as lot as $409 because that letterpress format invites.

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Of course, you have the right to buy equivalent items or upgrades which will increase the overall cost of her stationery suite.

Closing Remarks

I hope this short article has provided you sufficient information to decide if purchase stationery indigenous Wedding document Divas is right for you. Ours opinion is that they supply a seamless experience among the optimal online wedding stationers around. Fantastic designs accessible from a wide selection of styles at reasonable price … wedding stationery nirvana?